Mock Orange Recommendations

Huntington, MA

It's time for me to "shovel prune" the Fuzzy Mock-orange (Philadelphus tomentosus) due to its weak fragrance and sparse flowering—nothing like the Mock-orange shrubs I've grown before in different Northeastern states (that were probably Philadelphus virginalis.) I'd appreciate any suggestions for very fragrant Mock-orange shrubs (species or cultivars) that grow well in sun/partial shade. I'm in Western Massachusetts (zone 5b). Thank you!

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

If you can hold off on the shopping until the flowering season, go to the store and test sniff. Buy the ones that smell the best.

Huntington, MA

In our zone (5b), it's best to plant shrubs in the fall. I was giving the Fuzzy Mock-Orange one more spring to bloom well and to have a strong perfume. No on both counts. (By the way, I've pruned the shrub via the directions given to me by Forest Farm, not just stupidly hacked away at it. But the shrub is still very disappointing and will be shovel pruned.)

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