Training twining vine's multiple stems to go up same trellis

West Newton, MA

I planted some Cardinal Climber seeds (a twining vine in the Morning Glory family) a bit late in the season but now have two plants growing fast and ready to be trained to go up a trellis. I'm a first-time grower with flowering vines. Each of these plants is sending out probably three stems in different directions and the growing tips of the different stems are now probably two feet apart. Since the stems are growing in different and even opposite directions and the tips are now far away from each other, how do I train them all to go up the same trellis? It seems that it would take some gentle but serious bending and moving to get all stems to grow up the same trellis. Thanks for any advice.

Mulberry, FL

Hi i take string with a nail that i stick in the ground. It will climb the string to where you want it to go

West Newton, MA

Fabulous, thank you.

My situation is probably a little harder than most because the trellis is off to the right side of the plant rather than behind it. So I have to coax all the stems to go in that one direction -- someplace they wouldn't ordinarily or easily go to.

Thanks for the tip -- it's brilliant.

Mulberry, FL

Lol I'm a vine freak there fun! Heres Hawaiian Sunset your welcome!

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