Alaskan Chickens-How much to feed?

Palmer, AK

Hello, I purchased a property and inhereted 22 chickens. I know nothing of chickens. They lay very well but they seem to eat a lot and the feed is expensive. We put some in there and often it ends up all over the ground. How much should one feed a chicken each day? Also, there is rhubarb planted all around the coop but I thought it was poisonous. The chickens nibble the leaves through the fencing, should I be concerned?


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Richmond, TX

Judging from what I feed, I would expect your 22 hens to eat about three to four pounds of layer pellets a day. Mine are pastured with plenty of grass and other things to eat and, therefor, consume less feed. I don't know about rhubarb, but your hens would definitely appreciate a variety of greens added to their diet.

Palmer, AK

Thanks, Porpal, we put some chickweed and other greens in and they loved it as well as some Black Oil seed.

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Congratulations on the new property!

I was reading an article the other day and it said that people in Alaska claim to be happier than people in any of the states. Wonder why that would be.

New York City, NY

Hi! Congrats on moving!
Unfortunately, I am not sure about Alaska chickens, as I believe how much they eat depends on the surroundings (like whether there is grass where they can find food by themselves). Be sure to give them up to three pounds of coarse grains per day. Good luck with your chickens!

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