Do Morning Glories need morning sun?

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

I have a spot (house wall and window I'd love to shade, right by a covered patio to admire the flowers with a glass of wine!) where it's in full shade until late morning/noon then it's in full sun until the sun goes down. It will easily get 6+ hours of sun, but it will be afternoon intense Texas sun. And as I said, no morning sun at all.

Will this work? It's the perfect spot for a trellis and self-seeding vines.

Gautier, MS

Larissa, The morning glories might do well till noon on the spot you like to grow them, but I think they will be very unhappy with the full sun for six hours or more. They will wilt, so you will probably have to water them everyday and maybe cover the soil with straw to give them some relief. You might try one or two vines to see how they do, most morning glories start to close their blooms by late morning too. So you might want to research for vines that can take the heat and sun and stay open all day too. The only mg that I know that stays open all day is the little red ones. They reseed a lot too! Good luck!

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