Who gave me these 10 stawberry plants at the spring RU?

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

I can see your face AND the truck you drove, but I can't pull a name out of this 74 year old memory bank. ;))

Could you please tell me what type of strawberries these are? I'm ground zero on strawberries--never tried to grow them, so any info would be appreciated. I understand there are Day-Neutral, Everbearer and Junebearer.

These little buggers look pretty healthy to me, except just now when I took the picture, I notice there's some browning around the leaves on two of them. What's that about? And the cure? I've tried to let them dry out a bit before watering. Is that good?

From what I read, these plants don't die out, but bear year after year, putting out new runners. Please explain.

Ok, strawberry person--I'm counting on you!

One more thing--I'm planning to put these in my regular garden plot as soon as I get the squash vines pulled out and do a little weeding there. It seems all of a sudden the squash bugs just took over, after I was able to control them all summer by dusting with Sevin every couple of weeks and squishing the few of them I would see. I notice some of the vines I've checked have the eggs under the leaves as well as something that looks sort of like the white flies I had on my hibiscus one time. I'll rake all the old plants up and discard, but will any remaining bugs in the dirt bother the strawberries?

Fort Worth, TX

I did. The heat is causing the browning. The ones I planted in my garden and am trying to compensate for heat by overwatering aren't doing well so I am about to rig a white piece of that plastic lattice over them a couple of feet up, and if they still seem to be suffering from heat tomorrow I will put a sheet on top.

The ones I have in partial shade are doing better. I have them in a north side front flowerbed and they are spreading like wildfire and still tossing off a few berries, it doesn't get the intense 12 hours of hot sun. I planted them in March 2013

Bug wise not much eats strawberries! I know you are glad to hear that

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Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks Gypsie, but what kind of strawberries are those you gave me? You said they had just come in.

Fort Worth, TX

I believe I do not know. Ozark are a good option, Eversweet is another good option. Could be Festival. And there was a 4th and 5th variety whose names escape me.

So for the moment, can I just say I gave you strawberries? What came in were the warranty plants, and I had a LOT of the Festival, and some of each of 4 other varieties.

Burgess had them labeled, the falling down was all mine.

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Hahahaha. I hear you, girl. Not knowing anything about strawberries, I didn't know when I should plant them.

Fort Worth, TX

I would up pot them to larger pots and keep on a porch well watered but with good drainage until the heat breaks. That is where all my RU plants are, my north porch is shady, I rigged a shelf so the water drips through everyone gets some morning sun and some very late afternoon sun but not much of it. I won't put in ground until weather breaks it cools and a little rain.

well established strawberries live for years

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Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Gypsi.

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