Dallas, TX

Is it too late to get some very healthy looking coneflowers to transplant to my garden? I ask b/c Brumley Gardens is closing their garden center (they have 2) in the Bishop Arts (Oak Cliff) area and all plants are 75% off. Yesterday I got a couple quart size coneflowers (you're welcome, Frostweed, as that's 2 more quart size pots for you) and am thinking about getting more. They have both quart size and larger, and aside from the $1 Pentas I just scored at Lowe's, 75% off is hard to beat.

This garden center will close on Sat. or maybe Sunday. I could easily go pick up some more coneflowers before they sell out - - - someone ahead of me bought 6 or 7 of the gallon sized ones. Most of the plants have buds that are starting to open.

What say all of you? Is it too late - - - almost August! - - - to transplant coneflowers?

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Not too late, but be sure you water them everyday if you set them out at this time with all the heat.

Dallas, TX

Got it. Thanks. With this heat seems like all I do is water! The plants and the birds.

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

It is just too hot to plant anything, unless you are watering a lot.
I will buy the plants and try to keep them alive in the container, maybe in the shade. Then transplant them out in September.
Coneflower is a perennial and it will keep coming back year after year.
I am not planting at this time.
I bought many plants from NHG during their 4th of July 25% off sale. They are all alive, but in their container still, in the shade of my back porch.
The garden is just toasted this year!

Fort Worth, TX

I just bought 2 bags of potting mix to up pot all my porch babies.

Dallas, TX

I'm keeping mine in their original containers w/in slightly bigger (but more solid) pots. Little sun but more shade. Everything is getting as much water as I can handle. Need to hook up soaker hoses to water my trees.

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