Trappe, MD

Does anyone use an aerator in their pond/water garden? I am planning to get an aerator for our 1000 gallon pond that does not have a bottom drain. I want to prevent stratification, increase oxygen, and keep an opening in the ice during the winter.
I want to be sure that it's quiet.
Are there benefits to submersible vs out-of-pond pumps for aeration? Any preferred brands?

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

I love my aerator as it has made my fish much peppier. In Fl. our water gets quite hot during the summer so I got one a couple months ago. The fish love swimming in the bubbles. Mines out of pond and I put a 1/2" hose out into the pond where fish can enjoy it. I think I bought it from Drs. Smith & Foster. It's very quiet.
I just searched out aerators and ordered one I felt was best suited. My pond is 3,000 gals. so I bought one for 5,000 gals. and it works fine. Came with a forked like outlet and I just bought the clear tubing attached it to it and put a brick on it to hold it to bottom and plugged it in and away it goes.
Don't know anything about submersible aerators.
Never had one before for ponds but I got concerned about oxygen drop due to warm water and much larger fish.

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