Dog Days of August, 2015

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Yesterday, August 1st, was kind of a steamy one here in my neck of the woods. The corn is looking beautiful out my windows, and the soybeans are lush. Most of the 3rd crop hay is either already made and stored, or laying in windrows waiting to be baled or chopped as hay silage. Love the smell of freshly baled hay. A chopper wagon being pulled past our place on the road, filled with hay silage............ummmm............smells almost good enough to eat.

Mowed the yard on Friday and I'm beginning to see that we could use a good rain. The grass isn't quite as lush, but of course some of that is just because summer is starting to think "hmmmm..........we're movin' towards fall, time to not grow as much".

We've got 21 heifers down in the home pasture. They still have some grass to munch on as the SU brush-hogged it about a month ago. New growth is always tasty, I guess. They still get supplemental feed every day; a mix of hay silage and corn silage. The 41 up at the other farm also get that mix daily. These are beasts we are feeding for the neighbor, who also rents our cropland.

The SU is trying to sell one of the tractors he doesn't have a use for anymore; a 1973 John Deere 4230. Had some calls, and one guy came and looked at it last week. Don't know if he is serious or just a "tire kicker".

Well, Porkpal, is it just gonna be you and me again this month???

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