Dog Days of August, 2015

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Yesterday, August 1st, was kind of a steamy one here in my neck of the woods. The corn is looking beautiful out my windows, and the soybeans are lush. Most of the 3rd crop hay is either already made and stored, or laying in windrows waiting to be baled or chopped as hay silage. Love the smell of freshly baled hay. A chopper wagon being pulled past our place on the road, filled with hay silage............ummmm............smells almost good enough to eat.

Mowed the yard on Friday and I'm beginning to see that we could use a good rain. The grass isn't quite as lush, but of course some of that is just because summer is starting to think "hmmmm..........we're movin' towards fall, time to not grow as much".

We've got 21 heifers down in the home pasture. They still have some grass to munch on as the SU brush-hogged it about a month ago. New growth is always tasty, I guess. They still get supplemental feed every day; a mix of hay silage and corn silage. The 41 up at the other farm also get that mix daily. These are beasts we are feeding for the neighbor, who also rents our cropland.

The SU is trying to sell one of the tractors he doesn't have a use for anymore; a 1973 John Deere 4230. Had some calls, and one guy came and looked at it last week. Don't know if he is serious or just a "tire kicker".

Well, Porkpal, is it just gonna be you and me again this month???

Richmond, TX

Well, I'm still here. In this area the corn is all done - dried stalks standing in the fields. They are harvesting the sorghum and the cotton is blooming - quite attractive! The hay growers did really well this year, but I doubt the prices will drop to former levels.

I am done shredding pastures, for the time being, anyway. (I managed to break the shredder once more yesterday, but it just needs me to replace the tail wheel hub.) We have had no significant rain since June, so things have stopped growing and are getting a bit crunchy. There is still plenty of grass, and all the stock are fatter than optimum so no extra feed except for the racehorse pensioners.

I haven't decided whether to mow the front "lawn" or to treat it with a herbicide to kill everything except the Bermuda Grass which will be more uniform and stay shorter - less mowing (?) It will be really ugly for a while if I go with that option.

Today's job is to replace one strand of the hot wire on the west fence line on the pasture we call Lake LeBlanc after the previous owner who dug an unsuccessful pond in the middle of it. The worst part is removing the old stuff!

The past few days have been hot but slightly less humid than is typical here - amazingly more comfortable!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

The SU cut down a couple of trees that have been growing in the cracks by the steps where the cows used to go up into the barn. I suggested to him a few days ago that perhaps that should be done so it didn't crack the cement any worse, and I had seen a bottle of brush/stump killer he could spray on what was left. The stupid heifers were chewing on those branches. LOL

We could sure use a nice, soaking rain, but it doesn't look like we will get anything soon.

Other than that, I haven't had anything interesting happen here on the farm. The SU gave me his hours to figure out for the billing for the neighbor we milked for and the SU has been helping him with hay and oats combining. And I am SO behind in bookwork.

Richmond, TX

Bookwork? I seem to have forgotten about that too. It may be more appealing soon. As of tomorrow the long range forecast predicts temperatures over 100 for the foreseeable future, added to our high humidity, it sounds as if it will be pretty undesirable to work outside all day.

I started a little tree removal here similar to what you describe. I grow roses along several fence lines and the birds are probably to blame for the trees that are growing up through quite a few of the bigger bushes. I decided to cut them out and treat the stumps while they were still small enough to handle. Things were going swimmingly until I began finding resident wasps guarding "their" bushes. I was out of wasp spray so the job is unfinished. I ought to get it done this AM before I tackle the rest of my "to-do" list. On it are the words "fence brace" and I have no idea what I meant by that... I must be getting really old!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Hmmm.............must need brace wire or a metal brace for corner posts???

Richmond, TX

Words of wisdom too late for today: don't duck through a hot wire fence with a pair of pliers sticking out of your back pocket.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Bwahahaha....I can do ya one better than that.....I crawled under one when I was about 7 months belly did not allow me to clear the wire. It was a high-line fencer to boot. Thought the kid was gonna jump outta me right then.

Richmond, TX

Yup, that would be worse...

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

You two! You really are supposed to know better! Nothing like a jolt walking into a wet milkbarn and discovering loose wiring somewhere that bites when you wash the cows, slap the milkers on, or touch the bars!!!
Went thru nw Illinois and corn was still everywhere. Not quite ready I guess for harvesting there. I didn't keep my pictures. Wasps have been so bad in s Tx the wasp sprays won't kill them. My sil mixed up peppermint spray to protect the porch. Smells so good! But not to the wasps! We went from floods back to drought, but the trees got a little water this spring at least.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Well, PorkPal, here is the new month for you...........and any lurkers that I really wish would post........Kittriana, please join us and bring your farm friends................:>)

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