Is the cold summer in Maine record breaking?

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

It has rarely gotten over 75 this summer. The tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are barely flowering. (A few tomato fruits). The garden has never been so well weeded. Great for human beings!

I'm guessing NH and Vermont have had similar weather.

What think you all?


Thomaston, CT

Well, I was in central NH...Enfield....from Sunday to Wed. It was hot, close to 90, but the heat broke on Wed. Here in NW CT it has been like a roller coaster.....many days in the 70s, but many days in the 80s.....not too many 90s. My tomatoes ripened by mid-July, & I'm getting tons, but my sister & son's gardens are way't know if this is unusual or not.....I remember some summers I was already back teaching when the majority of my tomatoes ripened.

Rockport, ME(Zone 5b)

I just moved to Maine about 2 1/2 years ago (HI ex fellow Connecticut-er!!), so I thought this summer was fairly typical of Maine, maybe a little wetter than usual? I'm surprised to find it's unusually cool. I'm renting a plot in a community garden and have been very disappointed in the eggplants, only two little eggplants out of 6 plants! Only three melons out of almost 12 plants. I just picked the first tomatoes yesterday, late August. Lots of carrots, but just getting big enough now to pull. I started rather late, in late June, so next year I'll start a bit earlier now that I know about this community garden.

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Thomaston, CT

Hi Drumlin....aren't you the lucky one to be away from CT's high cost of living! The Rockland area is lovely, but I'm afraid the winters would send me south in a stepson is in Kport for the summer....he'll go back to Sarasota in Oct. My veggies matured very early this year.....tomatoes ripened in early July......I didn't plant any eggplants or melons, but my okra has been producing steadily....only have 2 peppers, though.....

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