2015 'End-of-Summer' (EOS) Hosta Swap is Up and Running

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)


Well...We Will Give this a Try...
A lot of Our Die-Hard Hosta Folk Have Moved on to Other Sites or Have Just Not Renewed Their Membership...and...The Late Spring Swap Went Very Well...So...

It's Time for the Last Hurrah of the Summer 'Hosta Trading' Season!
Time for the... 'End-of-Summer(EOS)...Hosta Swap'!

The 'End-of-Summer - Hosta Swap' is Open to...
All 'Dave's Garden Subscribing Members' Residing with an Address in the United States or Canada.

2015 'End-of-Summer' - Hosta Swap Rules

If You Wish to Participate in the 2015 'End-of-Summer(EOS) - Hosta Swap'...
You Need to Sign-Up by Thursday, August 27th, 2015.
Please Also D-Mail Me All Your Mailing Information Before the Closing Date/Time.

I Will be D-Mailing the Name of Your 'Hosta Swap' Participants Name that You Will be Sending Your Hosta(s) to...Saturday, August 29th, 2015.

This ' E-O-S Hosta Swap' is for Sending...
at Least One(1) 'Named' Variety of Hosta Plant
(You are Allowed to Send More if you Choose but...You Must Send at Least One(1) Healthy, Disease Free, Named Variety of Hosta, with at Least One(1) Eye with Sufficient Roots for Planting).
There has been Much Discussion Here and Other Forum Sites on HVX and Foliar Nematodes. If You are Suspicious of Any Hostas You Have...Please Do Not Share those in Question with Your Fellow Hosta Friends. Please Only Send a Hosta(s) that You Would be Happy to Receive and Plant in Your Garden.

Information About the HVX Virus Can be Found Here;

All End-of-Summer 'Hosta Swap' Packages...
Must be Mailed/Sent out by Monday, September 14th, 2015.
(I am Trying (Fingers Crossed) to Get All the Hosta Boxes/Packages Mailed to and Received by Participants Just After the Labor Day Weekend Holiday)
If there is Any Problem in Getting Your Package Sent Out on Time...
Please D-Mail Me so I can Contact Your Secret Hosta Swap Mail Recipient.
This 'Hosta Swap' is Set-Up so that No One Knows Who is Mailing to Who.

All Secret Hosta Swap Packages Must be Sent/Shipped by USPS Priority Mail, FedEx, or UPS with a Delivery Confirmation(DC) Number. Once You Have Mailed Your Package Please D-Mail Me with Your Delivery Confirmation Number or Tracking Number.
This Will be Used to Track the Package if there is Any Problems with the Delivery.

Please Remember to Send Me that D-Mail with Your Information.
Make Your D-Mail Subject Line...'Hosta Swap' and Include the Following Information:

...Your Full Name (First and Last).
...Your Full Mailing Address (Including Zip Code)
...Your Personal E-Mail Address.

I Will D-Mail You with a 'Confirmation D-Mail' that I Have Received Your Information and that You are a Participant of the 2015 'End-of-Summer(EOS) - Hosta Swap'.
A Very Important Sideline Note...
Hosta Secret Swaps are Always a lot of Fun and We Can Avoid Disappointment by Making Sure that those who Sign-Up for the Hosta Secret Swap are Committed to Following through and Mailing out their Packages on Time. Please...Do Not Sign-Up if You Can Not Complete Your Obligation.

NOW...If You Wish...
Post or Link Your List of Hosta(s) that You Have Currently in Your Collection/Garden Below When You Post to Participate. Wish Lists May be Posted Below Also.
(This DOES NOT Mean that Your Trader Has to or Will be Sending You a Hosta(s) from Your Want/Wish List. It is Just a Guideline so People Will Know What Hosta's You Have Currently in Your Garden and the Varieties of Hosta(s) You May be Looking for...or Like.
Any Hosta(s) that are Sent...are Totally Up to the Individual Who is Sending the Box.
This 'Hosta Swap' is as All Hosta Swaps that I Host are...For the Fun of Sharing New Hostas and...
Making New Hosta Friends!

So Let's All Have a Good Time...
Celebrate the End of Summer.
The Summer of 2015 is Soon Coming to an End!


Following are Links from the HostaLibrary.org and Individual Reference Sites.
(The HostaLibrary.org is a Wonderful Source and a Wealth of Information on Hosta)

Simple Instructions for Dividing Hosta.

Simple Instructions for Shipping Hosta:

Hosta Virus X - (HVX )

Another Very Good Source with Visuals for:
Digging-Dividing and Shipping Hosta.

Important Dates to Remember in this Hosta Swap:
Sign-Up Deadline: Thursday - August 27th @ Midnight.
Names Sent Out to Participants: Saturday - August 29th.
Deadline for Shipping: Monday - September 14th.


I Will also be Posting Below the Participant's 'Screen Names' as They Sign-Up.
If Your Name Does Not Show Up on the List Below...Please D-Mail Me to Get this Corrected.

Participant List

'Tracey8165' (MA)- Hosta Box Sent-
~Hosta Box Received from .

'ZZTOPSOIL' (OR)- Hosta Box Sent-
~Hosta Box Received from .

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Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

OK We Have Our First Sign-Up!
Don't be Shy Now...
...Just Make a Post Here to Participate and...
and Send Me Your Address Information.

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