4 Obstacles to Decluttering & How to Beat Them Part 4

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No, I have seen those too and reported them with a link to the posted ad to admin and they were removed. That is not their reasoning for these changes. They said it was because it was too broad - too many forums. Now, you have to know what a plant is to find posts and learn about it....go figure?? Is very counterintuitive for someone like me that doesn't know much about plants, gardening, etc. Forums were changed, files were changed and as a newbie to gardening, I no longer know where to even start to look for anything that I WAS reading about. Ugh!

That is what I tried to explain in the forum about the changes. I wasn't alone, as most people posting there hate it too. The only ones posting that they think it is great, are those who have a wealth of plant knowledge. Good for them. I think I will have to do Google searches for stuff or pick another hobby to learn.

What I wanted to say - was I got another email from Ruby. She posted earlier about her having a low grade Lymphoma in her groin. Weird, as it was not there one day and then was, not a slow growing thing as usual. However, her doctor said if she had to have bad news it was the best bad news to get. Still, she had a full body CT scan and goes to her oncologist tomorrow to find out if there are any other places in her body. I thought y'all would want to know so you can keep her in your prayers and thoughts for good news tomorrow. Hopefully it is just the one isolated spot and it can be easily addressed. I will let you know when I know more. Hopefully she will be back here soon too.

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Thanks for the update on Ruby. Praying

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I hope Ruby's tests come out OK. I know how axiety provoking tests and the associated waiting for results can be.

I guess Holly and Ric are having a ball on vacation. I hope she posts photos.

I never know this thread have part one and two. It looks like most members who posted here are really know each other well. I hope you are still open for new members like me.

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Absolutely, Bailey! Jump right in...the water is fine.

Rich and Holly aren't home yet. They are in Vancouver now. On the home stretch.

My closet is still neat...then again it hasn't even been a week since I moved stuff back in. Heehee

Newark, DE

I hope Holly and Ric are having a blast too, and that Holly has kept her back in check to enjoy the trip! Like you Rosie - I am anxious for pics. Alaska has always been on my "want to do list"...but...at my age, guess I should change that title to "bucket list" now.

Congrats Jan! "They" say that if you continue something new for 2 weeks, you have started a new "habit".(I have heard that to be a month for things not done daily so somewhere in that timeframe) If true, then you are halfway to making it a habit to keep that closet organized!

Welcome Bailey! Yes there is a part 1 and 2, but also a part 3! We "talk" a lot. LOL Jump in here or go back and catch up on everyone to get to know us, if you care to. If so, to make it easy, here is a link to the first part;


At the end of that thread is a link to part 2 and at the end of that one is a link to part 3, then at the end of part 3 is a link to here. Don't feel like you have to read it all, I just linked it in case you were interested. Jumping in here is fine too. We are not picky nor persnickety. Before all the forums got lumped together, this was the "Clean and Clutter Free" forum. So, yes we usually talk about some de-cluttering we need to do, or accomplished, and even toss around ideas, but we don't keep it so restricted either. It is my opinion that life, with all of it's ups and downs, is what will cause clutter so to me it is all related and why we also discuss many, many topics. Welcome to our "sandbox" - come and play!

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Welcome Bailey
glad to have you
We do get off topic but in between are "pearls" borne from trial and error and experience.

We find that to clear the physical clutter clears the mental clutter

Jan..it sounds like your closet set up like mine. Done when we did our bed and bath redo.
It has been a year and mine held. Long..short and then color coded. I added a few baskets and slipped them into these modules I found at Walmart DIRT cheap. Stacked and Screwed into the wall. In those I keep stretchy cami tops ( can fit in a lot since so thin and small but takes up a lot of space if on hangers. The other stuffed with purses and the last with those stretchy exercise clothes. Can jam a lot.

What I found helps A LOT to keep closet in order is that when a nightgown or a blouse or shirt is removed and worn....I NEVER ever remove the hanger. Then when laundry is done...or when I am done with wearing the item...I take the items straight to the closet and hang them up right then and there. There is always the right spot with a naked hanger winking at me just waiting for the item that belongs in that spot. I just scan for the color and length and where that ole blouse goes is its hanger....plus if it is a slippy blouse..the hanger is a non slip...just like it is supposed to be because I am not hinting for a hanger and grabbing any old one I can find...robbing Peter to pay Paul

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Good idea. Jeff still has to make the shoe and some folded things like sweaters shelves which will be quite nice. Going to paint the back a bright color so that it pops a bit.

Now I have to figure out what kind of window treatment I'd like. Baby steps. We picked up one door today and we are going to put on an ebony stain to see if we like it. The casings and baseboards he made are stained mahogany. We kind of like the black door with it. We have a door in the kitchen like that. I have taken to using black some. I rather like it.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I LOVE it. I have it on the stairs..
In a lamp shade
On a painting frame,

Black settles the brain.

I LOVE LOVE black window dividers and sills but I have not had the guts.....

These modules are dark ebony/ coffee colored cubes. I stacked above a knee high safe (which is a royal pain in that closet) I could fit 3. So ended up with 3 "holes" for baskets and the top of the last module acts as an open shelf. Maybe 24 inch wide by 24 in square modules??

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Hahahahahahahahaha. This is hysterical.
I decided to take a photo....the models are one big module!!

I asked my husband what happened to the individual cubes and he said the next day he returned those and got THIS one single piece... Made for folders and he just stood on side. It was 50 dollars he said. Same brand and material ( assembled at home ) but not individual cubes as we had originally. He screwed to the back closet wall. But felt less screwing than with individual modules and more stable. By the way...they do weigh a lot. Sturdy.

It has been a year! I use every day ! And there are more shelves than I thought! I could buy more baskets!! Hahahahahahahahaha

Closet tight and so hard to get a full shot.

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Still chuckling....

Here is the black paint on steps

I am thinking of paining door inside foyer with surround black.

What do you think ? Some kind I used on wood steps ..not a lot of luster.

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Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Ohhh, the modules(hehehe) look great. I also like the black stairs and I do like the idea of black around the door.

We nailed up the boards on the feature wall in the guest room that is under reno. It used to be the wainscoting in our bedroom before we took it off. We are planning on whitewashing it a bit. I'll get pics tomorrow.

Newark, DE

Jan, I vote yes on the black door too. And yes Rosie, I think you should paint the foyer door black as well. Your touches of it throughout the house are lovely and by painting the foyer entrance, it will pull it all together.....however, a thought I might like better....if you are not sure and think it might be too much, then paint the surround and door casing black, leaving the door white like the closet door and baseboard. I think that might be pretty as well, since you have the black on light colored walls below railing and also as a second color (wood) to the stairs. Your rug is both black and white already. LOL

BTW - love the modules. My closet floor and shelf just has see through plastic bins - not nearly as pretty!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Pretty?? Hahahahaha. I didn't even 'see' what they were for a year until I took a photo for Jan!
Hells Bells...HE could have hid a woman in there and I woulda missed her ...all she had to do was hold a basket for me!

That is a good idea.. Paint the window door casing and hold off on the door. This way I can creep upon it If I don't like the casing I won't haveto redo the entire door. I just think black makes things "disappear" and only the outside world will show and I am all for that.

Jan, I have one wall and I keep saying I am going to put up wood on it-- like an outside sidewall lapping ..or even a cedar shingling of wood. But it is one of my "back to the bottom of the line" projects, my husband says " if I do it...it is done!"

The reason....it is a stairway...and where the floor on the upper level ends..there is a crack. It opens up in the winter and closes in the summer....I tried to cover it with thick drywall tape..and as it moves it buckles and/ or then stretches depending on the season. I thought if I put the wood siding or shingling over it –-it would add texture and if only nailed along the top of the wood or shingling it would " slide" with the seasons and get rid of that gap. Does that make sense??

In these photos I will show you the wall I want to clad
The TWO splits (now closed because it's summer but they BOTH open up about a 1/4 inch--like I can slip a nickel sideways into it like a slot
I think I can leave a big enough space between the wood pieces so that it will look OK - like a 1/16 in. especially if wall painted black beforehand..would just look like darkness between each level.

There are two separate cracks - if you can see the photos

I also thought of two chipper strips and nailed or glued along top -- those would slide or more with wall...

My spouse says hang a big painting...but there is an electrical outlet there that is I the any. I would like to preserve that even change fixture if need be, a friend made that and so it has sentimental meaning,.

The floor to the upper level is equal with the stained brown strip over the black painted part near the ledge. Meaning there are beams which I think expand and contract behind the wall..causing that sheetrock to crack.

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The top coach is along both sides of the glass shade

The bottom only seen well I one photo isadjacentto bottom of the forged black hand holding the shade and actually runs BEHIND the shade too. The electrical Bo's helps form that crack I guess. It is a mess,

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

That is an interesting fixture. Those hands are cool. I'm sure you'll come up with a good idea for the wall.

Here is the wall. Jeff has to cut the top row of boards down so it will fit. It is tongue in groove. This is the before shot. It will probably be awhile to get the after shot. School stuff takes precedence.

Newark, DE

When cracks show up in the winter, it is due to dry air from the heater. It can usually be eliminated with an addition of an air humidifier, which also helps with heating. However, that can be expensive to add to your HVAC system, may not be what you want and the tape tear is still there. One thing is, it's hardly noticeable and being on the stairs, anyone would usually be looking at their feet not the wall. LOL.

My thoughts on the wood.... I like wood so don't get me wrong but I don't like the idea of the shingle thing because they usually have a rougher surface and become dust traps. Sure they can be dusted but the roughness makes it difficult (in all I have seen). If I went with a wood, it would have a smoother surface. Of course bead board is a possibility but just regular wood on a planer would be great. You could stay with a matte finish urethane to keep the "natural" wood look, but dusting would then be a breeze.

Here is another thought - cheap, fairly easy and something I did. When I bought my house there was this horrid wall paper in the foyer and sand texture on the wall of the connecting hall. No biggie - I thought. It seemed I could remove the wall paper, sand the walls and ta-da. Ha! The wallpaper however was on bare sheetrock and no way would it come off without pulling chunks out. My choices were to knock out all the sheetrock and replace it or figure out an option. I bought a couple 5 gallon buckets of joint compound and made a non patterned texture with a sponge. This covered both the botched sheetrock from the wallpaper and the sand texture so it all matched. It has texture but a dust mop is all I need to keep them dust free because there are no real rough edges. It added interest, hid the mess and was not dark and confining that wood walls can do. It may not be anything you like but it was what I did and the reasons why. Here are a couple pics of the walls

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Newark, DE

Yes Jan is right - sorry I meant to mention the light as well. Very interesting, I like the hands holding it.

Oh and I just had another thought. If you like the textured thing I did you might consider a trial. I have seen on Pinterest where people make a design with a line of Elmer's glue, let it dry and then paint over it. Okay suppose you make a line of Elmer's on something and let it dry and then see if it has stretch to it once dried. If so, you could,

1 - put into the crack and it might expand and contract or
2. - add it to the cracked area when you texture to give elasticity that would blend with the texture anyway.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Jan...no photo??

Debbie...no this crack is not a humidity thing. The beams MOVE THERE IS SHIFTING. WELL IT IS A HUMIDITY THING... expansion and contraction....but NO AMOUT OF TEXTURE WILL FIX IT. I can fit a finger in it. That is why I need strips of something that will accommodate a slide ...movement if one strip laps over the other...and is nailed at the top only will allow that movement. This is post and beam construction and some engineered movement. I think. But where the upper floor meets a wall....trouble. It is not an uncommon problem. But.......

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)


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Victoria Harbour, ON

Dropping in for a sec..you could purchase or make a stencil, trowel on 'dap' cement type compound, in random fashion work the design as part of your crack, you could actually dry brush a tad of color of the finished raised portions

Everyone would then be looking at the design and thinking how creative you are.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Jan. Love the wall. It looks so good.,

Betty, is this a flexible something?

Because anything that stiffens will crack.

Think of it like the earth in an earthquake. Quake opens fissure. Then another quake closes the fissure.....and then another opens it.

The photos happen to be now --- summer -- fissure closed. In winter....fissure will open. That is why I thought shingles....they slide over eack other.

Newark, DE

Oh okay, my bad Rosie, I read "nickel on it's side" and thought you meant it's thickness, not diameter. No, you are right, no amount of the compound would fix that problem. Sorry. I see what you want to do and some kind of shingle "action" would hide the hole when opened because it would slide. Perhaps just search shingles and see what options there are besides the rough cedar shake style, unless that is what you like? I know you have some SW influence paintings so maybe terracotta tile? They have them in other materials besides the tile but look the same. If you want to go with a more Mission/Lodge style, then maybe stone or slate? Something to consider it to simply paint it! Before you pffft the idea....LOL...I am not talking about just solid paint but painting stones, be they round river rock, flat slate type or whatever. Make the "mortar" black and have it run along your cracks. Start there and paint up and down. Rocks are never perfect and symmetrical so you are free to go however the cracks dictate. You can brush it on, dab with sponge, airbrush and even a combination. Search painted faux stone for a multitude of ideas. As long as the mortar is black or dark gray the crack will disappear. If you want a more authentic stone look you could do the same with rock veneer. Again making sure your mortar aligns with the cracks, so when it opens, the stones move on the respected sections of wall above and below the cracks and does not disturb the "stones". Just tossing out more thoughts.....

Jan I love that wood wall! It is smooth and easy to dust too! I have seen the tongue and groove wall boards at Lowes &/or Home Depot before and really liked them in person, so I know they are gorgeous on the wall! Many people use wood flooring on the walls too. It would be fairly inexpensive to do so with the laminate type and there are so many options with it.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Does have some give, if randomly stencilled your eye will not go to the crack

Tree limb coming down corner of rec room wall..I sanded mine so some of the white comes through..mine stencil was grapes and a smaller leaf stencil

Photo doesn't do it justice

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi All very happy to be home. Place looks great, well taken care of while we were gone. Son Jamie mowed yesterday, how nice for Ric to come home and not have to jump right into mowing. Daughter Julie had us Flocked while we were gone. We came home to a big sign on the lawn that said "Our Flock missed us and welcome home". There were at least 30 pink plastic Flamingos on the front lawn. What a laugh LOL. I have tons of pictures and will be going thru them to post later. The back held up really good. Between the cane and benches everywhere I really did a lot of walking. Had a few rough nights, but that didn't stop me from getting up the next day and starting out again.
So MissingRosie, I agree, I hate shopping in malls, well I don't like to do much shopping period but we braved the stores just before we left to get JR new school shoes.
Lovetopaint, I must say that I just love my cell phone. Makes it so easy to keep track of everyone. When JR comes to stay he either brings his or takes Ric's and calls me to let me know which friends house he is visiting and what they are doing. Helps keep track of Ric, too. Especially when we are traveling, he would wander thru the flea markets and fairs at a different pace than I do and it is so easy to just call and say where are you, rather than spend 5 min trying to find him. LOL I up graded just recently and really like the navigation app. It really comes in handy.
Jan, The Grands look great and what a great time camping. They will always remember these times with you and the fun they had. How wonderful that Jeff gets to share this childhood spot with his Grands.
Ruby, How great bet you and John just loved the trip and the Grateful Dead concert. I was thinking of John when I heard that they were going to stop doing concerts that must have been one of the last concerts. What a time you must have had.
Ruby so sorry to hear that you are having this health issue. Good luck with the treatments and please keep us informed as your treatments progress.
Bailey40, Welcome to the group. Yes we have been talking to each other for a long time but are always open to welcoming new friends. Just jump in with whatever questions you have or discussions you would like to start. As you have probably already seen we pretty much talk about anything here.
MissingRosie, Love the black accents your steps look beautiful. My goal for this winter is to go back to the stairwell and get it finished plus finish the stairs. I have the same type of turn at the bottom of my steps as you do, but mine haven't been finished I have unfinished oak treads on most of the stairs but the turn at the bottom is plywood. We are planing to put down an oak parkay. Houzz website did a whole pictured article on black doors they were just beautiful.
Jan very nice walls.
So here are just a few pics from Vancouver. We spent 4 days in Vancouver before we headed home. These are from the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Yes I really did go across that bridge and back not to mention all the Tree Top Trails. This was logging territory and there was at one time a cantilevered from the cliff 7 mile long log chute, to get the trees down to the bay.

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Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Looks like you had a blast, Holly!!! Glad to hear your back held up enough to have a ball.
A flock of flamingos!! How cool!!!!

Here's a before and after of the wall

Thumbnail by Jan23 Thumbnail by Jan23
Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

That wall would fix that crack of mine. great job

Holly.....ummmm. No.
No. I was on the upper level of the mall and there was a plexiglass half wall that one could look through down to the lower level. I got too close to that thing and glanced down and had to sit on the floor.

It looks very pretty ( the view ) but I would have to decline.

Post your vacation photos when you sort thru them. Glad your back held up.

Photos of the pink birds too!

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Newark, DE

Betty - How pretty! from what Rosie described, I am sure that would not work either. The crack would be too big, but it is pretty!

Holly - so happy to hear your back hang on and didn't ruin the trip. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! That suspension bridge looks awesome. I bet it gave a great and different perspective for photography shots too. Looking down on tree tops is definitely different. LOL Oh and I love the totem poles. Can't wait for more pics!

Jan - nice! That finish really brightens the room I bet. I like it.

Rosie - yep that might work. You'd have to nail the boards at the cracks first and not completely connect the tongue and groove part. That way it could expand on the wall parts separately. Then when it contracted it would look like it was connected. I don't know how that would look with the rest of the line of wood wall though, because you have an expanse to cover without a crack. That part would remain straight while the end would move? I think something like you were thinking where it hangs over the crack and allows it to move might be the best way to go. Painting rocks or a rock veneer would move independently too. It will sure take some thought.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I know a gal that paints loooong landscape scenes on a piece of hardiplank

I could do something like that and nail it over the first and top crack -- let the damn thing slide up and down. I would have to give up the light socket thing.

Betty that work is beautiful...can see it around a chandelier like in the olden days. That plaster work is so rare.

Newark, DE

Rosie, that sounds like an easy fix that hubby will appreciate. I don't know how the wall socket is made, but they have things that screw into a light bulb sockets that you can plug into and some that fold flat, too Perhaps you could find something that will work in whatever light socket type you have, then use an extension cord behind the hardiplank to a light shining down on the landscape painting - or reposition the light you have?

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I can mess with it and see.... But the plank will have to slide and so for sure nothing can go thru it. Yes, a cord behind may work if I want to illuminate the plan art.

Newark, DE

Rosie, I have been thinking and have another thought...... I was looking at your pics again and I see two cracks, one above the light and a smaller one below it. If both expand, then you need to cover both.

Okay this thought could preserve the light (although you'd have to move you beautiful light cover elsewhere), cover the cracks with something that will move and can be added to, if there are more cracks, or more develop. The idea is to find a thin, longer light that goes into the outlet you have. I have one that the glass is about 6"x14", hold 2 light bulbs that go outward in opposite directions so it doesn't stand out from the wall much more than the light bulb's width. It came from Lowes - but something along those lines or something smaller yet and illuminating is what you want. With the LED lights now, small should be even easier to find and give you choices.. It would light the top of the stairs, shed light on you art works and look like it was intended for those purposes. Okay once that is found then, if you don't want to do so yourself, locate from any friend that paints, or flea markets 2-3 painted hand saws. You could make a grouping. Cover the cracks first and add more to balance it. Throw in a round painted saw blade to break it up. Mount the saws so that they are on the upper side of the crack, when it expands it will then be behind the saw blades. In my mind's eye, I can see it and it would be quite lovely and blend in with much of your décor you already have. What ya thin?

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

See...like ME the cracks are making you crazy. The photos are deceiving.....the cracks go allllllllthe way across (the top one anyway) and the bottom one goes way behind that fixture.

The saw as you describe it is not fat (top to bottom) enough to cover both cracks and not long enough to cover even one. BUT a piece of Hardiplank panel 3x4 could be cut to fit (or maybe a 12 inch wide lapboard style Hardiplank ). . That is why I said I could nail it along the top edge and as the crack opened and closed it could rise and fall with nothing securing it or hampering it along the bottom.

There isn't a light fixture that would cover it all unless some huge rectangular light panel ( like a florescent!! ) and then the outlet would need to be centered on the wall and not way to the right as it is now. And that light would need not to run into the slanted ceiling ( Debbie that light does not exist)

I could get creative and paint TWO panels or one big and put a hole in it for the light fixture in its present position. (Hardiplank is HARD to drill into ) but paint it in such a way that the design ( (as Betty suggested ) would be random like her plaster effect. But now you can see why something like Jan did is so appealing.. All I would need is a wee bit of space between the rows and those cracks my become invisible. The cracks open up pretty good but not much overall wall movement. Has not worsened in 16 years...perish the thought. Here is painted Hardiplank. Takes color nicely. - bad lighting and excuse the cows....And you see where that angled ceiling is in relationship. This is a stairway with a ceiling that serves a pitched roof. The crack at its worst goes way out to the edge of the ceiling trim -- but it is very narrow at that point.. AND my other issue is an art piece of Hardiplank would have to be cut and angled to run along ( fit against ) that slanted ceiling!!! Again, Jan's treatment would work best. Think she'd visit?? I could go nuts and use and paint roofing shingles on the wall...copper panels...cottage wood siding .....cedar shakes painted....flip,flops....john deer hats......metal roofing with a design like these birds....

Thumbnail by missingrosie Thumbnail by missingrosie Thumbnail by missingrosie Thumbnail by missingrosie
Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Hehehe, of course I'd visit.

The room is coming along. Jeff got the baseboards and casing around the bookcase and closet finished. BTW he mills his own woodwork. I'll go take a pic.
A question about the place where the boards and wall meet pic. Should he put a strip of 1/4 round on the wall vertically as well as around the ceiling? Like in the last pic? Or not even put the 1/4 round around the ceiling?

Thumbnail by Jan23 Thumbnail by Jan23 Thumbnail by Jan23 Thumbnail by Jan23
Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

WOW Jan, That is just beautiful. Jeff is a real craftsman.
Right now it is all about the big party. Things are coming along really nicely. Josh came over to finish my raised bed with the brick and wine bottles it sure looks nice and made a huge difference in the secret garden. I will take pics when he is finished. I need to give the public rooms a good cleaning on Sat. I called the housekeeper that I had to see if she could come on Fri morning but she is not available. But because of the work we had done earlier things are still looking pretty good and it will not take much to make it all look presentable.

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Looking forward to seeing the blue bottle garden. They looked MIGHTY fine even when it wasn't finished.

Thanks, Holly. He really enjoys working with wood.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Yes, I love photos and it wouldn't hurt to take a photo of the blue egg.

Jan vote no trim because unless I am looking at the wrong thing, the ceiling trim will come too close to the bookcase top casing and distract and detract. Are you worried the corner where the wood wall meets the sheet rocked wall is not 'clean' enough? Would not a bead of caulking fix that? If you NEED trim in that corner to make it finished....do it and paint it the color of the wall. Then you won't need ceiling trim.

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Ric wants to put up a sign " The Wino's Garden". LOL I told him quite a few of our friends have contributed to that garden.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

You could put a cot for those that can't stand straight!

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

LOL Got a good chuckle out of that one.
Think I am just about done for the day. Got myself a teenage boy......... One of the neighborhood kids was looking for some work. I had him move the leftover bricks from the Wino Garden back down to the brick pile in Ric's "Industrial Area".
Now he is moving the ash pile from our burn pile back into the woods at the edge of our pasture. He is going to bring me a half wheelbarrow load of mulch before he leaves. So I can mulch the one bed I was working on. Ric is paying him $10 an hour good wages and so far I am very pleased with what he got done in the first hour. I am thinking 2 hours tonight and hopefully he will come back for a couple more hours tomorrow night. Ric is edging and Stevie can pick up the sod that Ric is cutting and wheelbarrow it back into the woods with the ash.

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