4 Obstacles to Decluttering & How to Beat Them Part 4

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I bought four 4 foot rolling bins. ?10 inches high?? And my seasonal switches go in there and roll side by side hidden under the bed. The sweaters and nightgowns /jammies stay year round in the closet ( I freeze no matter the season) The coats go upstairs. No way I am truckin all tharcstuff up there. majority summer clothes Fresh Produce / cotton shifts and skorts/skirts..and tees. Just toss in a rinse beginning summer and hit with an iron. They do get smooshed in the bins.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Iron? not me! rinse & dry, or for lesser wrinkles, just toss into the dryer for 20 minutes with a damp towel or two. :-)

those rolling bins are nice! Our master bed is a sleigh bed, though, so I can only fit one of those really low bins under there... good for wrapping paper rolls, not for a lot else LOL.

Newark, DE

Hi all! Long time no post and I apologize for being MIA. Thankfully nothing serious going on - just very busy with the family's medical needs as you are aware of and my own back pain issues keeping my sitting time limited. Thanks Rosie for the Dmail check in. Nice to know someone cared and checked. LOL

I knew it had been a while and I just looked to see when my last post was...geez..Oct.18th!!! Well, since I type like I talk which is a lot I know (my bad), I may not get everyone/everything addressed, but I will move forward from that time. I'll try to keep answers/thoughts short and make another post later if needed, for the rest.

Rosie - Thanks for telling us about the posting for your brother. I very much enjoyed the Hawks stories. I also signed the guest book as your friend. I have to admit something similar. Mom loved birds. Before she got so sick, one thing she wanted to do was create a "family tree" using a tree branch and birds she would buy. She started by asking all the family members what their favorite bird was. She was going to put all the birds on a tree branch on the back porch above the door and whatever our favorite bird was, would represent us. A different but cool idea, I thought. She'd made her list and I was going to start looking for the birds when she got too bad and went into the hospital for the last 6 months of her life. Interestingly, almost 14 years later I get little messages from her in the form of feathers. So I walk down the long driveway on a NO wind day and there is nothing there. Halfway back right in the middle, I might find a bright blue jay feather. Coincidence? Possibly. Even without a breeze, one could have flown over at that time and lost one at that moment, in that place....except this happens often. Two instances I cannot explain - I have a truck and it has bucket seats with a center console. The top of the console has a rimmed edge. I was at Dad's helping him one day and when I got into my truck to come home, there was a feather on the console. My windows were up so it did not blow in. I do believe it was left there. Was it a thank you for taking care of Dad as I promised Mom I'd do? Another time I went to Kohl's for only one thing, not shopping the store so I was not inside long. When I came and got into my truck, there, with the "stem" tucked UNDER my windshield wiper, was quite a large hawk feather. It was not there before because it could not be missed....plus under the wiper? I took it as perhaps a warning, so I came home the less traffic direction even though it as longer, and drove very carefully. I take it as her way of saying I am with you and watching over you.

Okay, so what's an e-cloth? I use microfiber cloths to clean but I am not sure what an e-cloth is....?

Holly - my SIL had an ivy growing all over a trellis at her front door. When they came back from the summer trip it was overgrown and she was complaining about having to cut it back and not feeling like it. I told her I it were me, I wouldn't have it by my door. It was a great place for snakes and spiders that would have easy access anytime the door opened (especially since there are no steps for my brother's wheelchair). She must have given it thought and they called a friend to come and just cut it all down and pull it off the arbor. Funny thing was in the process a HUGE black spider came out and actually chased Bill across the parking area for about 20 feet! He was not as big as my tarantula I had many years ago but he was at least more than half as big - as most spiders go for around here? HUGE! Needless to say she is now happy it is gone and the spiders too. I doubt your grandson would have liked that experience. Bill didn't and he is a grown man. LOL

Rosie - liked you sketches and ideas for your daughter's landscaping... great job! Pink carpets? Whoa, I'd have to get rid of that too. When I was in real estate I showed a listed house to a couple and it had pink everything! I mean even the basement concrete blocks were painted pink! Oh yeah, that would appeal to a lot of people.....NOT
I liked your idea of the cable rails too. If I were going to build (have built) a deck these days I would go the extra $ and have it made from the composite wood with recycled plastic. No rot, no warp, no bug damage AND no stain or paint ever!

Holly - I am so hoping to get back to more purging here. Good going on the 33 year old's toy box. It makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one that takes forever. I have been doing a lot of purging lately, but unfortunately, not here. :-( I have been busy at Dad's clearing out a couple catch all bedrooms so he could get his new windows installed. He had the porch done this summer as you may recall. Then he ordered them for the whole house. Cleaning, moving everything away from the windows in all rooms was enough but the 2 catch all rooms? I had my pickup bed (with tonneau cover) filled twice of stuff that went to donations. The windows are in and I got the last of the curtains/drapes washed and rehung last week. All of that kept me busy for a couple weeks and then to the couch and heating pad on my back was all I got done here. (Another reason I have been MIA) but the windows are now done. Each room could use a good cleaning and there is still more stuff to go through over there in the 2 catch all bedrooms, but I took a break to tend to other things once what had to be done, was done.

Okay I have covered a week of my absence up to about 10/25 and I need to get up a while. I promise to return shortly an catch up on more...

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Loves so nice to hear from you.
So have not gotten a real good start to my goal of 5 trips to the second fl. I have been working on the front door and it is finally finished and then started cleaning up the living area. So the last 3 days I didn't get upstairs at all but I did today, carried up a few decorations and put several pieces on the steps to be carried up on the next trip. I also cleaned out one of the drawers, boy it was hard there were several things up there that I really liked but had out grown and it was hard not to keep them. There are two bags, not big trash bags but smaller store bags of clothes that have been carried out to the car for my next trip to town. A start at least, maybe I may make another trip or two up there.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Holly..may have said this before somewhere.....but don't forget real long long screws on the plates for the locks. Sons metal door had the crap kicked out of it....the frame bent...door was not salvageable....but that lock held and they did not get in. Officer told me your fancy door or plain door only as good as the screws in the frame and lock plate.

Debbie - glad all is well

Critter- I like ironing..the steam and the laundry an occ blast of starch ( rare ) all combines to remind me of my mom ironing when I got home from school...saltine crackers with grape jelly....TV...and that fragrance takes me right back to being safe and a kid. 😊...
Course nowadays it is not Lassie or Leave it to Beaver or Ozzie and Harriet...( Casper or Mighty Mouse ) ...it is investigation ID or something I have recorded.

Did your dad replace the glass window inserts or did he replace the entire frame? I think soon enough we will need to do...windows work fine...no rot....perfect but the argon gas and vacuum between the panes has been breached causing them to get foggy/ spotty.

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Just the glass needed to be replaced when the windows lost their seal, no need for new frames.

I was curious so looked up "e-cloth" and found this: http://www.e-cloth.com/

I'm not sure how different those would be from "regular" microfiber cloths. I used to get a bundle of those from Sam's or Costco, but then I found thinner but far more absorbent ones on Amazon. The Costco ones never seem to want to start soaking stuff up, although once they are damp they do fine... the Amazon ones are just much better IMO. All of them have an unfortunate tendency to snag little twigs etc into their weave if they get a chance -- impossible to remove other than picking them out one at a time -- so I end up with a few designated for outside or garage uses.


I keep the white ones separate for use on face/hands. The yellow and blue ones get used for cleaning.

Off topic, they also make good hot packs... fold one and put it into a quart zip-loc freezer bag. Wet thoroughly, then microwave for a minute or until hot enough. I leave one corner of the bag top open while heating, so I don't burst the bag.

Newark, DE

My bad..."later" is now this morning...well I guess that is just later-later. ^_^

Back to catching up..... I left off at 10/25.

Rosie - I can't address threads years ago since I only found DG in Sept.2012, while in the waiting room during Dave's back surgery. I will say this - I occasionally used to post on the Trash to Treasure forum where everyone was welcoming and fun. I'll get back there whenever I get back to having some time to do my own creations. I used to read a lot of forums and threads in an attempt to learn about gardening, but since the admin dumped everything into only God knows locations, I gave up even trying to find the forums and threads I was reading. It is easier to just search Google for an answer. In one forum there was a discussion about Fireweed and what was the bloom color. I posted an answer and offered to post some photos I took of it out in the Canadian Rockies. I was answered with rather reprimanding language because someone (I won't name) had already answered the question. They posted no pics and apparently their word is gospel for me to be called down for even posting an answer. The person was correct, there was no dispute, so I did not understand the attitude in answering me that way, especially since I thought they might like the pics since it doesn't grow everywhere here like out there. Needless to say, I never posted there again, heck I quit even visiting the forum. Being a newbie I guess I was not welcome to the years old clique and what knowledge I had with PICS was unwelcome. Shame too, because many of those there I had met at Jan's spring swap in May 2013. Whatever....As Jim Morrison says; "people are strange, when you're a stranger" and so it is!! I must say, this forum and all the girls here have been most welcoming and kind. It's the only place on DG I go anymore.

Critter - good to see you here. I too see someone else has typed what I was thinking so I don't repeat it. Oh and that one hand typing is horrid! When I shattered my right (of course) wrist a couple years ago, it was tough doing anything. Hope whatever is going on with you is improving.

Pink - well, some like it, some don't. My bedroom when I was growing up was a bright cotton candy pink. I loved it then, but I don't want it in my home now in any shade. When I bought my house, my dining room was even worse than pink, dusty rose or mauve. It was a dusty....no more muddy peach. Yuk! Burp! Puke! I don't know how anyone could eat in that but I guess they liked it. The answer to all of it is simple - everyone is different. That's why they make vanilla, chocolate and strawberry along with "forty eleven" other flavors.

Built-ins - love those! I think in part that is what attracts me to Craftsman style homes. I don't own one it's just a brick rancher, but I love so much of the design. Storage of precious items from travels or loved ones is something I need for those treasures. Has anyone ever read the poem "Vagabond's House" by Don Blanding? I don't have all that stuff, but always loved the poem and think of it with my own things. If interested here's a link. I think it was written in the 30's


Susan - welcome to the thread!! It's always good to see new people and you are most welcome here. I started this thread some time ago which has been expanded to multiple parts due to a lot of activity. Yes, the main thing is decluttering, but as the article I linked to with part 1 says, there are many obstacles that cause clutter and prevent us from decluttering too. So this thread is open to anything, because it is all connected.
It sounds like you have a good plan. Honestly I think that is sometimes the hardest part of anything is to plan it out. Once you know what you are doing it becomes easier to achieve. I know you are looking forward to the retirement move, but the duality now, will help you to make that transition easier than if trying to do it all at once. Congrats! Please do keep us informed as to what you are up to. We're here for anything we can do even if it is just a cheering section.

Jeanne - praise God the tornadoes did not affect you! Glad you got some cleaning done but don't overdo yourself. You need your rest too! Hope those "nanners" were good. Yummy!

Okay I am up to Nov. 1st but before I go again for a break, I want to update you on Ruby. I had emailed her a few times with no answer. I called and left a message but she didn't return my calls. I was really worried since they had discovered the lymphoma in her leg and she was going to have a full body scan and get back to me. Well, with the only other option being snail mail, I did that. Her birthday was 10/25 so I sent her a card and a note. She called me. She apologized for not getting back to me, but she said she was just "not in the mood". She said she had not really spent any time on the computer at all and for me to feel free to update you gals about her. She said the doctor said the type of her lymphoma was a mild kind and people live with it for decades. She did not need chemo, but he suggested she go with a mild course of chemo because the lump in her leg might press again her blood vessels and cause problems. She is halfway or so through that. She won't lose her hair or anything and she said she feels okay after the treatments because it is so mild. It has however decreased the lump size in her leg which pleases both her and her doctor. They still have their resale store and she spends time there often. Like all of us there are other family issues with kids going on, but she is overall doing well. She laughed and seemed in good spirits and said she'd keep in touch better. Whenever I hear more, I will let you know.

Okay my back says "GET UP" so once again I am off here for now - more later ....or later-later. LOL

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Loves, thanks for the update on Ruby dear.

With written responses it is impossible to see the poster's facial expressions and hear their tone of voice both of which can change my reactions to something. Maybe we need those cute, little emoticons. Hehehe.

We had a leaf tag party yesterday and so the kitchen island was cleared of stuff. But, now I need to clear off the bed in an extra room. ugh!!! Just need to get down and dirty and sort through it. Tomorrow

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Loves Thanks so much on the Ruby update she is such a special person as you are yourself and it was much appreciated.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)


Glad your treatments going well and happy belated birthday

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(Susan) Xenia, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks, lovetopaint!


Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I have decided that I am going to think positively and not worry when I am feeling ignored ..there have been times I gave an answer or offered info with no response only to have a forum regular continue on saying the very same thing I just did with lots of responses. I have also been scolded for getting off topic ( guilty ) by someone who is the queen of getting off topic...but then again --- it is her topic 😝😏 ( snort) .

I really would love to replace the window glass only but would like the option of a different brand. I think the house pressure wash should not have done that to the windows so universally. I wonder if that could be possible - change vendor glass. I will have to explore. Ours are Weather master. I would LOVE not to have to paint and to keep my grills.

I will check out that poem. I learned to love poetry in my older age.

Clutter....I continually clean out what is best described as a utility closet...it is in my laundry room and under the stairs. Make it neat. Everything in its place. I keep hangers in there and I like to keep that shelf under the hangers clear so they don't get hooked / tangled up. Then little by little my darlin hubby filllllllllllls it up...gets my stuff all out of whack. He SNEAKS stuff in there. Well, he said HE was going to straighten it up ( uh oh ) I keep the most recent cans of wall paint used in there..so if I need a touch up..I dampen a sponge with a bit of water and pat pat pat ..a no show touchup.. Well he decides to move those out ( huh??) and from there all hell broke loose....all the stuff came out...cleaners, boxes with my zip bags...garbage bags... Laundry stuff, spare cleaners, waxes, Vacuum, steamer, ironing stuff......MY STUFF....That I use...nothing is 'stored'...it is all active....then when all was out .....as planned..... Joshua came over to finish up the last bit of reinforcing the insulation under the house...sooooooo......the dining area (which in our house is one big room - kitchen, dining, living ) is covered with stuff...stuff...stuff....and the work week starts tomorrow...then Joshua's insulation is planned next weekend....then we go to Pa for the Thankgiving holiday. That stuff is going to stick like glue unless I put it all back because I am not hauling it out to the shed. And besides, I like to keep that paint handy. Now...the car oil and filters and waxes can go...😝...and the drill cases....and the sander....and the boxes of ratchets...and chisels ...

No Critter, e cloth is not microfiber. Microfiber to me has a sort of hairy feel..and it has a clinging nature. Like if you had chapped hands ..the microfiber would cling. This won't cling. Also microfiber can come in multiples. Maybe e cloth can too, but I have not seen. I have seen kits with different sizes. Would be expensive too. I got on discount in Marshall's for ...well I forget...maybe 12-15 dollars. These are large cloths...sleek ..smooth... When you need to wash..no soaps allowed. Hot water or boil. No streaks on glass. No elbow grease needed. These you buy by the one...IF you buy in a set there may be a microfiber as part of the set. You can spray or use water on the glass and then this polishes it...NO streaks whatsoever ...no lint. It is not really 'absorbent' as a main feature.

E cloth also comes in smaller sizes for eye glasses...mobile device screens...

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Oh, missingr, I'm sooo sorry he decided to clear that space out. I couldn't help but chuckle, though, at your description of the process.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Jan...he has a history of self destructive behavior -- he must because he receives multiple bodily threats from me and proceeds anyway.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)


Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)


Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Appreciate the update on Ruby, Loves... and missingrosie, thx for explaining e-cloth to me! sounds like something I might find on sale at kohls... :-)

The 1 arm thing is because I use a machine on the other arm for additional "massage" therapy to reduce swelling -- lymphedema, related to cancer surgery and another wardrobe challenge.

Thinking more about all those "just in case" clothes... I think we tend to keep clothes that fit the body we'd LIKE and not necessarily the one we have. However, I do go gain & lose often enough that it's worth hanging onto stuff that's a size in either direction... but it could at least be boxed and out of the way!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Don't read this...it is a rant! Fair warning.

This is what I am down to in the dining space. Now the paint...it seems like a lot but stored on back wall (the slanty wall under the stairs ) has two shelves and distance between each high enough to stack 2 cans so out of the way. I 'dip' and use paint as needed. So back wall ok for episodic use. It is more space than the photo shows..that black thing on right is a freezer for perspective.

The cleaning stuff usually goes on the longer side walls, plastic trash bags, etc. When we designed this house - our small retirement last house...the one thing important to me was the laundry room...place to hang damp clothes...place to iron..(sort of like a man-room but to me a laundry room that works, is a better choice of use than a foyer space or a separate dining.)

Well, can you see where the battle is brewing? The male half moved my paints out...and put the cleaning stuff and stuff I need to access routinely in the back. The former cleaning stuff racks are now holding screws and hooks in boxes...car stuff...handyman stuff. Oh yeah, and some hangers. BECAUSE the dry cleaning is hanging where the hangers supposed to go...

In the photos you will see cabinets..those do hold paper towels, toilet paper ( COSTCO sells bulk so need a place to store ) but the majority is GLOVES...lots of outdoor work gloves...and gloves that are car mitts, and car waxes and car shampoo..and flashlight - lots of flaslights - with no batteries...and lightbulbs...lots of lightbulbs..lots of lighbulbs because "soon the old style won't be available ...." and the racks to hang the clothes...the first few items are damp..but the rest is dry cleaning. BECAUSE no room in my Honey's clothing closets (neat but no room)

Listen, I have an oldish hand vacuum (a shark) with a beater bar that works GREAT but it is a hand vac so good for furniture not rugs. My mom gave it to me when we had carpeting on stairs....I will never get rid of it. I am asked at least 4 times a year if I really want that. It takes up 16 inches of space..!!!

He kills me. There is enough space in this room to house my stuff... I am going to bring my stuff up to that damn loft where the TV, electronics, recliner chair..man desk, CDs, DVDs ad nauseum are ....and store my cleaning stuff right behind the doors where that huge TV lives...he is gonna open that door and find BOUNTY towels and CHLOROX wipes!! Grrrrrrrrr
And...under the "Ts" in the DVD and video drawers will be TOILET paper.

And look at the floor on the left...the bath rugs that I wash and rotate weekly are IN the closet stacked on the floor instead of in the towel closet where I keep them. I just saw that....if there are air filters and auto oil in my towel closet.... .... I'm gonna...gonna....

I feel better....😊😊😊😉😇😇😇😇😇

Damn, I just saw something in the photos ...my ironing board has been moved out of the closet and placed next to the laundry sink!!!! (YES that is a tool box in taking up hanging space ...the shed is cramed with man stuff....)

This is ......war..........

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Crittwr..crossposted. I have those clothes too...less than I used to because I know I ain't gonna get no skinnier and women's styles change...although I mostly stick to classic stuff --no fad items. But it is hard to let go of favs. I try to focus on the good will do for a skinnier somebody or one still in the work place.

Thought I would post a photo I took of shoe rack. I got this via Amazon. It is the best rack I have ever found. Shoes stay on it even with that door moving. M friend saw it and loved it (each one of thoses shelves swings up...not fixed ) and she stores her handbags ...and ties into the rack bar her various scarves.

I believe it was 20 something dollars ( free ship with Prime ). It has velcro that attaches all along the frame but I think a fastener would be better. More permanent., I bought one for granddaughter and she has it back of her bedroom door holding the menagerie of stuffed animals.

Grrrrrrrrrr. I just noticed that my spare laundry detergent now sits side by side with the one currently in use.

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Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

My shoe rack isn't a good one... I'll check out that Amazon version. Sorry about DH's mess-making attempt at "organization."

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Missingrosie, Your rant has supplied me with a good chuckle this morning. Oh I can see you beating your Male Half over the head with that hand vac, all the while shouting I want my space back. Yes I have had some of those same moments especially when I found Ric's clothes in my closet. He has his own closet every bit as big as mine and I told him if he can't fit his clothes in the closet then he should get rid of some of them or take the extra up stairs. Talking about clothes he doesn't put his clean clothes in his dresser. It is a big dresser and I'm not sure they will all fit. He has a ton of clothes way more than he needs and he doesn't wear most of them. I must say that I do to but I don't leave piles of clothes sitting on top of dresser and piled on the Grans bed.
I noticed your spray window cleaner and was wondering if you like it. I started using it a little while ago and think it does a good job.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I use sprayway. Introduced by the guys that installed mirror in bathroom. They left me can. $5 if I wanted more. They relabeled. I peeled it back and it was Sprayway. Used tobe $28 a case. Now $36 with shipping via Amazon. But it will last year or more. Love it no streaks and no elbow grease. Great combo with e cloth.

If measured linear foot of hanging space throughout house and finished small attic....hubby would win 3:1. Women get bad rap. But I wear my clothes...he wears same stuff....but the rest in dry cleaning bags...neat...JAMMED but neat. He doesn't leave stuff on dresser more than two days. Sometimes folded in laundry basket for 3 days. Funny thing tho...all those clothes...they all look the same. And, like Ric --- no tossing. He has stuff I bet from early days of marriage and we were married in 1971. And I have shoes ( too many ) but he is a close second....but HIS ARE ALL THE SAME! Maybe that is why he has had just one wife all these years..he finds the model he likes and sticks with it!! Maybe up in that attic there are 3-4 of me on hangers!!

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

ROFLOL Just in case the original wears out. I know I have more shoes and I only wear one pair most of the time. Clothes might be a toss up but all my extra stuff is upstairs. I could seriously take just about all clothing and shoes from the second floor and donate them. Most of what is up there hasn't been worn in years. This pile never goes away, last time it was cleaned off was when Ric's Dad came to visit and he used this room. Ric cleaned off the top of the dresser so he had a place to put is things. That was more than a year ago. Things get added to or removed from the pile, but it doesn't change much in size. Really are there even shoes in those shoe boxes? Why is that old fishing reel sitting there? What is under all those clothes???
Ric does much more work around here than I ever do, he shops, cooks, does more outside maintenance and gardening, cleans inside as well. So I feel like it is wrong to complain about his messes but really how long would it take to go thru his closet and get rid of some of these clothes. Most of this stuff is old stained and holey. How many work shirts do you really need.

The cleaning lady I had come introduced me to the glass cleaner and left a can for me to try. She buys it at Sam's Club but I found it on Amazon. I got 6 cans but am still using the same can she left here. Sure goes a long way.

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Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Thx for recommendation on Sprayway. I just got windows cleaned on the outside, wasn't looking forward to cleaning the insides... really good glass cleaner should help me "just do it."

I've had a handyman & his helper working on a bunch of projects, mostly outside, and when the helper wasn't busy on the main project he did all sorts of other things to help me get things cleared away and tidied up outside.. Holly & some others know how much the yard needed that! It's like the whole deck & patio area got a big spring cleaning, plus we got 6 yards of mulch/compost mix spread around, and you know how nice fresh mulch looks. That's just the jump start I needed out there, I think. :-)

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Do you Preen the top of mulch?

I think it helps with spring weeds. It poured and poured after I put it down this time and I think barrier likely got broken ... After we blow leaves off will have to do it again I think.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I don't, but I think I need to start using preen, corn gluten, something.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I get huge bin of it at Costco...much less cost than retail.

It is sesonal on the shelves

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Yes you can preen on top of mulch. It will disappear with in a few days and you won't see it.
Oh, now I feel so bad about my rant on Ric's clothes. I was looking for clothes and couldn't find them in my closet or in the laundry and here Dear Ric washed them for me and they were in the clothes dryer.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

He's a keeper 😊👍

Woodbridge, VA

Itís a great suggestion. Iíve encouraged loved ones, friends and even online followers toward the minimalism path. But letís face it, uncluttering is not easy. I was highly motivated to reclaim my time. Yet like most, letting go was challenging and I wasnít sure how to begin. I was frustrated, discouraged and emotional when going through my sentimental items.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I find that when going thru sentimental things. .....frame of mind is everything...some days it is good and other days .....nope.....nothing is moving on and out.

The clutter and stuff that has no sentimental connection....well for me it is energy, time, and opportunity.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Headed upstairs today to make room... More organizing than dumping. I need to get the chairs that we will use for Thanksgiving out and the old bed in. There is a good bit of stuff between the door and the back wall where the chairs are and the bed will go. Starting with the top of the stairwell where the Halloween and Thanksgiving decoration boxes are. Got one Halloween box put away in the attic and I am determined to get rid of the old Halloween costume box. It is big no one is interested in what is in there any more. I asked DD Jen a few years ago if she wanted it. She said no at the time but as I look thru the box I keep thinking maybe she will want this or that. I have decided to ask one more time and if not it will all go. I have old riding boots, hard hats, Doctor gowns and masks, Graduation gown with cap, panda bear costume too small for her children, and odds and ends of pants, shirts and fabric used to make many costumes over the years. She is very imaginative and comes up with the best costumes. I am going to put the tote back in the attic till next Oct and then get rid of it before Halloween when the things will possibly be used. Wish me luck I am going back up......you my never hear from me again. LOL

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Holly, Holly. Are you there? Did you make it out of the attic?? Holly. Hehehehehe. That sounds like a great costume box!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Holly -- if you discover any riding boots size 1 and up, riding pants size 7/8 and up, etc., I'd happily purchase them from you for Joyanna. We didn't manage to do it last summer, but next year I'm determined to get her in a local horse camp for a week or two! Boots that are already broken-in are the best!

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Yes I did get out of the attic LOL
I did make a good size hole in the bedroom big enough to get the chairs out and the bed in. I hope to go back up tomorrow and get more done. I also did some houseplant cleaning and potting. All and all a mildly productive day.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I don't know about all of you BUT when I am getting ready to leave town---WHAT A MESS!
Clothes to take ( it is cold in PA ) christmas gifts for kids, still need to wrap... Lists...food for dinner preparations...wine.......stuff saving for Jackie -- linens..comforters, curtains.... Turkey pan, my fav...spices...lists.... Laundry to fold......suitcases partially packed....chargers, medications....and why buy apple vider vinegar, when I have it! Stand mixer!! Splenda.. A big pomegranate... Silicon pot holders ...Oh boy -- do I think PA has no food?? No shops?? But who wants to deal with supermarket last minute holiday...and why ask Jackie to buy forvone time use...she foesn't cook! The pottery rooster to mske her yard sign...christmas wreaths that are. brand new..,she could use....no?? Christmas outdoor lights... Lists...lists....

What a mess....and I still gotta clean!

(Susan) Xenia, OH(Zone 6a)

Missingrosie, I circulate between cold N Ctrl PA and warm southern OH 4 times a year. There are several tricks I rely on to reduce the transition-chaos!


A too-early wake time today led to the second such foray into the defunct home office which is centering my winter declut project. The first was preceded by checking on recycling options, and resulted in a banker's box full of paper to recycle, 10 pages to binderize, and space to work created. Ewwww.... and a half bag of items to repurpose downstairs.

Today's foray created a small can of trash including a broken pot left from a 2012 nursing home stay.... lovingly wrapped by the best ally I had there, in huge chux. Chux!!! I need chux under the dog crate!!! Ydy's $1.00 piece of plastic (thrift shop), 2 chux, now under said crate.

In Ohio we don't stockpile, but there is still a lot of value to be shopped out of the 3-fam-sized PA house.

Another example of the flow principle I posted about upthread-- the ofc item of the day to repurpose is a pretty zip bag, one size larger than a less sturdy zip bag that is part of my purse system, which needs to be replaced. The old one will hold a diabetic resource kit in one of our cars--it's still serviceable but too ugly now to carry as a purse.

Our two midsize cars now must function like my dear minivan did before it died-- complete 3-day survival stuff to facilitate crisis ministries and spontaneous vacay-days with sleepovers, for two ppl variously health-challenged. ( I used to have everything onboard in fullsize versions, but TBTG can now travel much lighter.) That flow is headed eventually towards a one-car household (plus bike and ADA scooter).

I look forward to the memories the repurposed items evoke, like the time I spent this AM remembering ally Erin of the chux. It's all good!


Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Safe travels, missingrosie, once you get everything done. Hehehe

Chux!!! Haven't heard that word for awhile. Lol.

I kinda/sorta moved a dresser into one bedroom and filled it with yarn and things I've crocheted for some of the grandies for Christmas. Yay!!! That made room on the bed in that room for us to sleep next week whilst company is here. Slowly getting things done.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

LOL Missingrosie, Have a great trip.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Jan is today your birthday??
It is mine too --- but for some reason not showing DAVES G

Happy Birthday to US!

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