Name confusion again!

Scott Bar, CA(Zone 6a)

This plant was identified in this forum several years ago as Echeveria purpureum. I was doing some research today and noticed that not many sites seem to list it. Many more sites list E. Purpusorum but not purpureum. In neither case are they listed as synonyms for each other. Many more images for purpusoum than purpureum and those don't show much difference compared to each other. Am I missing something here?


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Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

I have not heard of E. purpureum. The original description (1911) of E. purpusorum called it Urbinia purpusii but when later transferred to Echeveria, the species name changed to purpusorum because the other name had already been applied to another plant (now under E. amoena). I think the original reference was to the brothers Purpus and not the color purple.

It is a pretty plant. Yours looks maybe a little desiccated? Hard to tell from the photo.

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Scott Bar, CA(Zone 6a)

The plant was buried behind some others of my collection. Although I set my plants out according to water needs this one somhow got behind the daily water crowd and ended up not getting found until this morning. It had previously branched and looked great. When I found it one branch had died and the roots had rotted off. There were a lot of dead leaves on a healthy stem with 2 inch roots at every node. I cut off the rot and think I'll save it. I did stick it in the dirt for the photo but it's now uner the bench to callous.

Thanks for the information. It confirms my suspicion.


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