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Treating moldy cold frame windows... the organic way?

Colchester, VT(Zone 4b)

Here's a question for you organic gardeners out there! The insides windows of my coldframe windows got quite moldy over the last year with all the moisture buildup inside when they were closed up over the cold months. I've wiped the wood down with diluted bleach a few times and sanded them down a bit, though they are still quite stained from the mold. I was going to paint them with a bin-type primer to prevent it from happening again - BUT - now that I'm thinking clearly, I don't really want potentially toxic paint on the insides of my frames hanging out with my veggies over the winter. I'm thinking perhaps to make a natural sealant with beeswax and coconut oil... maybe even throw some tea tree oil in it as an extra fungicide. Any thoughts or experiences? Might this prevent the mold from regrowing or is it too late? I just want to keep the windows happy and intact so they last as long as possible.

Hobart, IN

Hmmm - my daughter has a huge planter box - about 3 ft high and maybe 4 or 5 ft long - to grow veggies on her deck while she was renting. If I remember correctly, she used beeswax combined with something else to make it more water resistant. If this sounds like what you want to do, I can find out the exact recipe.I don't think it contained tea tree oil or coconut oil though. I have a tall cold frame that DH built for me last year with a thermostatically controlled 60 watt light bulb inside and a little computer fan to keep the air circulating. I used one of the Penofin penetrating oils on mine and it worked well at keeping mold/mildew at bay but I doubt that it's OMRI.

Little Compton, RI

One of the best cures for mold is direct sunlight, so you can turn your windows when the season is over. If you paint, once it dries the paint won't off-gas into the plants. More, mold is ugly but mostly innocent; the real enemy -- dry rot -- won't occur unless temps at 50F. or higher. If the wood is bare, try boiled linseed oil on it.

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