September - the year is flying by!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Thought since we went two months on the old thread, thought that it might be time for a new one! :) Can't believe it is September already!

So sad to hear about that young man. Funerals are SO expensive!! I have told my crew to do something VERY SIMPLE and keep the cost to a minimum if something happens to me. Even though I have life insurance where I work - and they will be ok, I don't want them spending a bunch of money just to bury me. In fact, if the law would allow, it would be fine with me if they would just put me in the ground at my parent's place and that be it.

Charlotte, glad that they found your problem and that thankfully it didn't start a full blaze! Good thing they stayed with it and located the cause. I guess they did give you a start on cleaning out those shelves... but probably not what you had planned for right now.

Kyle and Maddie are staying at Alex's thru October because he will be gone to Lexington for the month of October for a visiting rotation there. He didn't really want Natalie to be home alone all that time, so they are just staying there. They have found them an apartment down in the rebsamen ? area - a new apartment complex called Liv that is just being opened. It was one of their favorites all along, but the rent was out of their range. The woman called them to tell them they had a special this past weekend and they would waive the extra fees for them not being able to sign a 12 mo agreement, they would also waive 150 of application fees, and the first month's rent. They just had to take possession by October 31, so they decided they would start moving in on October 23. I think Alex will actually be back on the 23 or 24th so that should work out good.

Charlotte, by the way, he did end up meeting with your friend about that job as well. It paid REALLY well for a part time job - more than he is making now, but it was only about 20 hours - so when he got the chance to do this, (and it will help him more I think on his med school applications for next year) so he took it. He had three job interviews in 3 days! LOL and has had two calls about applications he completed since he took this last job - one of them at another retina clinic. He really likes where he is working and he thinks he is rich with the difference in hours and pay - and I am trying HARD to make him realize he needs to save a BIG portion of that because next year their incomes will stop except for loans - which won't be as much as what they are making now! If they stay in LR for med school and PA school, they will probably want to try to buy a house so they are trying to save some for a down payment. Not sure how well that will go - but maybe! .

IF you all would please keep Alex in your prayers I would really appreciate it. He will not find out his test scores until 9/16, but unfortunately he has to complete his residency applications by 9/15. Without those test scores - or even knowing if he passed - he has no way of knowing how he stacks up at the various different locations. Normally, if he knew his test score was above average for a particular place he was interested in, he would definitely pay for that application fee, or if he knew he was quite a bit below their average he wouldn't apply. Now, he may have to apply to almost of all of them - which will be several thousand in fees, plus then he will have to travel to any that want to interview him as well which can really add up in travel fees. He had hoped to cut the application cost down to about 1500- 2000 but it doesn't look like that is going to be possible because there is too much unknown. So, please pray that God will help guide him to the places that he is supposed to apply.

On a positive note, Alex really enjoyed his rotation that he did at UAMS and seemed to make a lot of good contacts! He even got invited to Journal Club - the only "student" that was invited so that is a good thing! He had 4 of the residents come up to him and tell him they were going to personally speak on his behalf when it came time to select residents. He was definitely encouraged by that as well. One of them will probably be chief resident for next year, so he will carry a lot of weight.

And, for all you close to LR - my nephew posted a pic of gas prices at Kroger in NLR for 1.40..... its been a LONG, LONG time since I have seen anything close to that! Of course, here in Camden it is 2.15!

Have a great day everyone!

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Wow, Genna, your guys are really busy!! I do hope Alex does well with his test scores. It's a real shame they don't let them know but it sounds like it's a way for somebody to collect money for all those application fees. I swear, the higher education business is almost a money pit these days. Meredith is always complaining about a fee for this or that in grad school all the time (she is in grad school for Nurse Practitioner degree, which is like a Masters in Nursing). That is wonderful that he has made such a great impression at UAMS with the residents. You can't help but feel proud and hopeful that he will be ok there for sure. And I can't even remember if I replied to your thread about Kyle getting the great job he has now. I know he was probably disappointed he didn't get picked up for med school this year, but maybe he will look at it as a breather and he'll be ready for next year with the experience he's getting. And thank you for starting a new thread.

Charlotte, I'm glad you and Richard didn't have any damage due to a fire. Good thing you came home and called the fire dept when you did. So sad about the young man being hit too.

I'm still not over those 2 news people being shot in Virginia. Just sickens me. And the deputy in Texas. Scares me half to death thinking what could happen just anywhere. I read a really good essay on FB the other day. Should have shared it but I'll look for it and try to post a link here. Really it was almost a prayer for what we're all feeling with bad things going on.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Yeah, fees are crazy! Jessica only applied to UAMS for Pharmacy school - at least on the front end, she did what is called an early admission application to only the one school. Then if she is not accepted in the round of early admissions, she can go back and apply to other schools. But, if she is accepted it is a binding contract. Well, we had to pay a fee for the initial application on Pharmcas - then immediately they send out a secondary application from UAMS - there was not a SINGLE thing on the secondary that had not already been asked on the pharmcas, but you have to submit $ 100 with it. Maddie just completed a secondary to UAB for PA school and it was exactly the same way - NO additional information, just reasking the same questions and send 100.00...... They have sure figured out how to milk the money out of them. Her original fees were close to 700, and then she will probably have a secondary application at 75 or 100 each for each of the 7 schools she applied to. But, if you don't complete the secondary and pay, then your name is dropped from their list. :( They have you over a barrel.

Just a few years ago the pharmacy program at UAMS was only a 3 yr program. Now, it takes 4 yrs to obtain the same pharmD degree. I figure they just decided they could get an entire year of tuition payments by extending it.

Alex said all along he thought Kyle needed to take a year off before starting med school because they had just gotten married. I didn't really agree - but I guess this way they get to work for a year and get used to married life before the stress of both them in grad school kicks in.

Elaine, how is your friend that had the cancer surgery? Is she back to work yet? My friend and hairdresser takes her last chemo treatment on Thursday! then hopefully she plans to be back to work soon................. I can not tell you how grateful I will be to get my hair colored and cut! :) It is looking pretty rough!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Genna, my friend has had her last chemo a couple of weeks ago. She came down to the office last week and seemed much like her old self but she has lost a lot of weight and of course has lost all her hair now. But she is feeling much better. Her doctor, as a precaution, is going to do a couple of radiation treatments in the next couple of weeks and then she will have a PET scan sometime in mid-to-late September to see how things look. She is very optimistic that this has worked.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine the news reporters that were shot also sicken me! There are some sick people in this world. We've actually had a couple of similar things happen within a mile or so of mile house. There is an Amy Recruiting office about a mile from my house in a shopping center. A few years ago a guy drove by the office and intentionally shot and killed a young man standing out front in uniform. The shooter was making a statement about the mililtary! Then about a mile in the opposite direction a bank in the shopping center with my Kroger was robbed and the robber shot and killed a young teller in his twenties. Totally uncalled for!!

I know Jeff paid a lot of fees for the boys to just get in college. Especially for Justin and Clint. They both wanted to go to schools that are hard to get into. He paid $4,000 ($2,000 each) for professional help with the application and essay process. They actually got the help at 1/2 price as the gentleman that helped them is a client of Kristi's. They applied to lots of schools. They wanted to make sure they got into the caliber of school they wanted. They got accepted to a lot of schools but not all they applied to. Justin didn't get accepted to the school Clint is going to and Clint didn't get accepted to the school Justin is going to.

I know the area Kyle found the apartment. They are building lots of new apartments in that area. In fact they are building LOTS of new apartments all over LR. I'm just amazed at the number they are building. Can't imagine that many people need apartments. That may be the reason they got some breaks. It may be getting competitive to fill all the apartments. He may think he is rich now but wait until he starts paying rent and other expenses! LOL

I can understand that the retinia clinic would be a better place for Kyle to work. It doesn't surprise me that the job I told you about pays very well. My friend the owner is a very fine person. His wife is a good friend of mine. They are both fine people. She is an investment adviser with her own company.

I've got to get back to painting furniture! I have a garage full I'm working on. Sort of am assembly line today!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine the news reporters that were shot also sicken me! There are some sick people in this world. We've actually had a couple of similar things happen within a mile or so of mile house. There is an Amy Recruiting office about a mile from my house in a shopping center. A few years ago a guy drove by the office and intentionally shot and killed a young man standing out front in uniform. The shooter was making a statement about the mililtary! Then about a mile in the opposite direction a bank in the shopping center with my Kroger was robbed and the robber shot and killed a young teller in his twenties. Totally uncalled for!!

I know Jeff paid a lot of fees for the boys to just get in college. Especially for Justin and Clint. They both wanted to go to schools that are hard to get into. He paid $4,000 ($2,000 each) for professional help with the application and essay process. They actually got the help at 1/2 price as the gentleman that helped them is a client of Kristi's. They applied to lots of schools. They wanted to make sure they got into the caliber of school they wanted. They got accepted to a lot of schools but not all they applied to. Justin didn't get accepted to the school Clint is going to and Clint didn't get accepted to the school Justin is going to.

I know the area Kyle found the apartment. They are building lots of new apartments in that area. In fact they are building LOTS of new apartments all over LR. I'm just amazed at the number they are building. Can't imagine that many people need apartments. That may be the reason they got some breaks. It may be getting competitive to fill all the apartments. He may think he is rich now but wait until he starts paying rent and other expenses! LOL

I can understand that the retinia clinic would be a better place for Kyle to work. It doesn't surprise me that the job I told you about pays very well. My friend the owner is a very fine person. His wife is a good friend of mine. They are both fine people. She is an investment adviser with her own company.

I've got to get back to painting furniture! I have a garage full I'm working on. Sort of am assembly line today!!

Ripley, MS

Hello September, amazing how fast the growing season passed us by, isn't it !!
I have also heard Amanda talk about having to pay to take certain tests, not sure what they were but everything has a price these days. Susan's husband was going to have shoulder surgery, he has insurance but the doctor wanted 1500 before he would do the surgery.

I have started trying to clean out some of the beds, the ground is so dry I can't get a shovel in it at places. Really not a good time to do it but looking to get a surgery date any time now and when he has the shoulder surgery, he will be back to one hand for 3 weeks. It will be round the clock nursing again for a while. Then will have to drive him to therapy 3 times a week until he is able to drive again.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I need to do some work in the yard too. It seems I can never find time for all that needs to be done. The Preen and mulch did help control the mulberry weed in my front yard. I still have some but just in areas that I did some digging . It also killed the creeping Jenny I had all over the front bed. That is a good thing! I had pulled up most of it when I cleaned the bed and put down the Preen. But usually it comes back with a vengeance but with the Preen and mulch it didn't!!

I've been painting a lot of furniture this week. I sold several pieces and need to get replacements ready. I seem to always have furniture in my garage that needs to be painted but can't seem to get any painted ahead. I just finished two really big French chest. When I have my guy come to move them, I have another French chest in the back of my truck I'll have him take out and put in the garage. Then I have another French chest I bought from a lady a several hours from here. She had the piece in her shop and will deliver it to me when she come to LR in a couple of weeks to set up for a big antique show here. She had already painted it so I'm going to have her deliver it to the mall!! The type pieces I bought are usually hard to find but I got lucky and found bunch!

I'm going to a class reunion in El Dorado next month. I have someone that's going to stay with Richard for 24 hours. So I'm looking forward to it. It will be a nice break and I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends.

Ripley, MS

Charlotte, so glad you are going to get away for a little while. I don't know what a French chest is so how about a picture ?

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

The first chest has a mirror that goes with it . The second one is a small cabinet. My neighbor across the street and a couple of doors down does estate sales. I happened on one of her sales just as she was ending it. Her prices her very high but she will give me some really good deals at the end. I got several pieces from her. Some I'm not doing anything to. The last piece is EXTREMELY heavy! There are drawers behind the door in the front. I'm still working on it but the paint is supposed to be coming off!!LOL. It's called distressed look! It looks white but it's actually a mocha color.

My neighbor in addition to the estate sales goes all over the country doing the major shows (New York, Georgia, Texas, etc). She has a guy that helps her. We were talking and I learned she has two warehouse one a 15,000 square foot warehouse in addition to a large space she rents where she holds sales sometimes on the weekend. She has been doing it for years. Just loves doing it.

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Ripley, MS

So the curves are why it is called "French".
I am resting today, we have to go to Birmingham tomorrow, hopefully for the last time.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yes and all the carving. The two big pieces are going in my new space at the other mall. It's a high end mall. He is very selective about who he rents space to. No flea market type stuff at all. All high end antiques and nice decorator type items. A lot of decorators shop there. I had a booth with him when he first opened 21 years ago. We got to be friends and he helped me with the colors, etc when I opened my store. I have found I can sell big fairly expensive decorator items at it. I have sold a number of new decorator pieces that I've had at my old mall for a long time. At the new mall they have sold in a few days. The malls have totally different clientele so I can switch things back and forth.

Ripley, MS

Well, our plans for tomorrow have changed. Birmingham rescheduled for the 17th
Then the surgeon called and has the surgery scheduled for next Thursday.

I know you enjoy your booths, I am ver uneducated on antiques, I have always enjoyed early poverty with my furniture.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Glad to hear they have Jerry's surgery scheduled Sandra! Will he be able to ride to Birmingham a week after his shoulder surgery?? I guess a week out he will be doing better.... I am trying to remember how Leigh and Alex's pain went after a week out....... but I can't really remember. I don't think we went back to the doctor until 2 weeks out.........
Was the 1500 their deductible on their insurance policy?? Seems like that if they had met their deductible and the insurance was paying they wouldn't require a payment up front - but a lot of places are changing the way they do their billing and expect you to pay a big portion up front in case they don't get the insurance money. Then often they take months to reimburse you. :( I am frustrated with some bills that Leigh has been receiving from the Arkansas Heart Hospital clinic because they just send him a bill and don't even state what it is for....... and I haven't seen an EOB yet from our insurance even though it has been a couple of months since he saw the heart dr for a check up.....then he went to the heart hospital in August for a sleep study and goes back next week for a follow up sleep study to get a cpap machine - but they just send these bills with no explanation and I don't like that. It gets too confusing with multiple things going on from the same provider with no explanation.

Charlotte, looks like you are staying busy! Where is your new booth located? I still regret not buying those lingerie chests that you had a couple of years back! I really want one for Jessica to put all her jewelry and accessories in ...... I have been kinda looking as I go places but haven't seen one that I like. I know you will have fun at your reunion! I am glad you will have the chance to get away and relax a while!

All my beds look horrible......... once it got really hot, I just couldn't keep up. :( So, now it is almost back to square one again! Hopefully we will get some cooler weather and I can get some of it done before a frost!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I know you all are glad to get the surgery scheduled so Jerry can get on the road to recovery!

The mall I'm in is at the bottom of Cantrell hill next to Sonic. Here's the link to the FB page.
If you scroll down the page a little until you see a link to a Picasso web album titled August and click on it you will get an idea of the type thing sold there.

I started out with a small space to get a feel for how I could do with it and the type thing I could sell. I've been pleased and I'm expanding my space. Or that is I'm moving to a larger space as soon as the owner sells a few more pieces out of it. The owner of the mall is using the space I'm going to move into but he has to have some place to put what he has in there now. After he sells a few more things he can move what he has into the space I have now and into some other space he has. Musical chairs!

I sold those lingerie chest really fast and haven't found any similar to them since. Certain kinds of old furniture you better buy when you see it as you may never find another one. I do the same thing with things I plan to resell. Certain styles I do really well with and if I see a piece in a price range I can work with I buy it whether I need it right then or not.

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Ripley, MS

I am not sure about the 1500, just know they canceled the surgery and will try with another doc.

Cayla had another setback this afternoon, Brooks asked her to go with him to the office to update their software, she got it started and got up to go to the bathroom, her right leg gave way and she hit the wall and re injured the ankle she sprained right before her surgery. Brooks had to help her into the bathroom and the he called Bryan to come get her, she broke down crying on him, then called me and cried and cried. She is really discouraged.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I am so so so sorry to hear this!! I know it is so discouraging for her especially when she was expecting relief from the surgery. It can take time for things to heal and get back to normal after surgery. But it's hard to deal with it not happening when you had expected it to. She has been through so much!!! I can understand that she can be discouraged. I know how much you are hurting for her!! I don't know what you can do to lift her spirits.

Ripley, MS

We are going to go see her this weekend, after Jerry finishes his therapy on Friday. I told her to be thinking of what she wanted me to cook for her and I would bring the food with us, I think Amanda is coming too on Sat.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I know that will help her. Sometimes you just need your momma and daddy regardless of how old you are. I know just having loving family with her will help!! Maybe you all can get out and do something. Maybe just ride around and look at something different. Anything to create some laughter and get her mind off things even for a few minutes.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I'm sorry Cayla is having such a rough time!!! Praying that things start to improve for her soon and Jerry's shoulder surgery goes well!!!

I had to take Ashley to Dr. Alberty, Monday. She had a really rough Sat. & Sun. with her stomach. She didn't even go to work Sunday at Blue Bayou, so you know there is something wrong. She had a spell a few days before that and threw up her birth control pill so she started and I can't tell if it's just female problems or her stomach but we aren't getting much sleep. They gave her medicine but it hurts her stomach so it's been bad!!!!

I'm still trying to get Mary situated so I can sell the house. She has moved up to #6 on the waiting list at the low income apartments but I think she has decided to go into a nursing home now that the cancer is back.

Jimmy has today and tomorrow left on his 8 day shift. This has been the scariest shift that he has worked with all the police shootings going on lately!

Please remember my family in your prayers that we make it through these trying times!!!

Ripley, MS

Jeri, I thought about Jimmy with all the shootings going on. This world is getting scarier every day. I didn't realize you still wanted to sell the house I thought maybe that had been dropped since you sold the big park. Have you decided where you want to relocate ?
Poor Ashley has really suffered with her tummy troubles, looks like they could find something to help her.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Ashley really has suffered with her tummy!! I'm like Sandra it looks like they could find something to help her!

Mary really does need to be somewhere she can get the help she needs. Somewhere she has meals and other help. She has really had a time with her cancer.

I know you worry about Jimmy. There is so much craziness going on in the world today!! Crime just runs rampant. I used to never think about going anywhere I wanted but I'm so much more cautious now. I try to watch where I park and be alert and just don't ever go somewhere like the mall at night. Sad that is has gotten this way. We have a lot of crime in Little Rock.

You really do have a lot going on Jeri. I've decided that the older we get the less we need to take care of.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra, so sorry to hear about Cayla's setback! I know that her ordeal has been going on a long time - and I am sure to her it seems like forever!! I hope that you are able to cheer her up some and hopefully the results of this latest surgery will kick in soon and she will start to feel better! What part of Tennessee do they live in?

Jeri, sorry to hear about Ashley's latest problems too. I thought maybe they finally had all her issues figured out. Have you looked into low income assisted living for Mary? There are some here in town - and I know they have income limitations because I knew a man who had to get rid of his house, etc before he qualified to move in. But, they are very nice - all apartments are almost hotel style with the rooms being accessed from inside, they have full kitchen facilities but each apartment has a small kitchenette, a living room and a bedroom and bath. I was shocked when I went there to visit because their rooms were a lot larger than the assisted living that my MIL stayed in and they paid a lot less for it. I think these are subsidized by the federal government but not positive. But, it is kinda the best of both worlds because they can fix little meals if they feel up to it but if they want to eat in the dining area they can do so. The only draw back to this facility was that they closed the kitchen for an entire 2 weeks over the Christmas holidays and there was not anyone cooking for them those 2 weeks. I will be praying for you and your family!

Crime is horrible in Little Rock! I do NOT look forward to Jessica being up there on a daily basis. That is one of the main reasons we drove over to look at ole Miss. We loved the town and the campus - if it wasn't for so many classes she would have to add or redo, she would go there for sure!~

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

The sale of the park still hasn't gone through. Jim has actually gone back to work. This place is too big for me to take care of by myself. When Jim was here he cut the grass.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Well, Jim didn't stay retired long!! Is he just working until you get your sale worked out? Did you ever get the final heir located? It sure sounds like a nightmare trying to work out all the details on the deed.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I found 3 of the heirs but they didn't get any money so NOW. The daughter of Winnie has hired an attorney and he has turned over about a 50 page deposition to the BAR Association Monday and we're waiting on that decision. It's a mess and it will totally take someone with mercy in their heart to straighten this one out.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Wow Jeri that is a mess!!!

Genna no place is totally safe. You just have to use common sense and develop street smarts. I worked downtown from 1968 to 1996 and it was horrible that entire time! I never carried purse with me if I left my office to run an errand at a time other than lunch time when everyone was out. If I had on nice jewelry, I always tucked it in my clothes when I was out walking. You never make eye contact with street people and walk with a purpose.

You can't be trusting and talk to strangers. Recently we were leaving Mimi's and an older lady came across the parking lot from no where talking about something. I quickly got Richard in the car and shut the door and ignored her. You just never know whether they are alone or some one else lurking around. Then yesterday I had the same thing happen when I was driving across the parking lot of the Wal Mart on Cantrell in the Riverdale area. She was also an older looking lady with a shopping bag from Wal Mart and was trying to flag me down. I just ignored her and kept going. It may have been totally innocent but unfortunately you just can't take that chance.

If she could find a roommate it would be a lot better. Richard's daughter worked in Little Rock for several years before she met someone and got married. She always had a roommate - for economical reasons as well as for safety.

These are things not everyone is aware of. I was in New York city in Times Square at midnight with another lady (we were working there) and she had never been there before and led a pretty sheltered life even in Little Rock. I suddenly realized she was no longer walking with me and turned around to find her talking to a street person!! I had to treat her like a child. I gave her a very stern look and told her "to come with me NOW". She was just trying to be nice and didn't have any idea there was any danger in what she was doing. Even if the person didn't do any physical harm to her it is very likely they would have snatched her wallet when she got it out to give him money - which she would have probably done!

I got off on a tangent and forgot what I actually meant to say. What is going on with FB!!! I keep trying to read through my feed and it will just stop after a while and it says to see more I need to add friends and shows the find friends button!!! Well I don't want to find friends! What is the deal!!!

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Oh my Jeri - that is a mess! It has been so long, I would think the heirs would have expected to have directly received money - as I am sure it went to whoever you purchased the property from. Hopefully someone can help you resolve it fairly quickly...... sounds like you need a lawyer who is an expert in real estate and possibly estates as well. I am sure those may be hard to find.

Is Jim back in Texas working? I heard them giving some temps for Texas the other night and it was really hot in places!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!

Ripley, MS

Poor Jim, he just can't stop working ! I understand about taking care of things,I always have kept our yard up and Jerry would do his Moms, but both are just about too much for me.
We went and did Jerrys pre admit yesterday, so everything is in line for Thursday.

Genna, Cayla lives in Ripley, TN. She moved from Ripley MS-to Ripley TN

I haven't had that happen on FB to me Charlotte, I don't know.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Where is his surgery going to be Sandra? He is not going back to Birmingham for it, correct?

Ripley, MS

Right, he is having it in Tupelo at the surgery Center and will be sent home when it is over

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I'm the only keeper upper around here too! Eliminating grass in my back yard has helped! There is still upkeep but not as much as taking care of the grass. Seems there is always something that needs to be taken care of! I need to power wash the deck and put new sealer on it but I never seem to get around to that. I have a power washer but I hate to get that thing out and get it started. I need to get one of my neighbors to help me get it going. Gutters need to be cleaned again. I do have someone I can call to do that. But just remembering to call somethings is a problem! Just having someone do the edging in my front yard has really helped this summer. It doesn't take me but about 15 minutes to do the little bit of grass in my front yard (especially since my neighbor on my right mows my strip of grass by the driveway). But I have a lot of edging to do and it was always a real pain for me. It has looked so nice and neat all summer. I've always had a do it yourself mindset - just hate paying someone to do something I can do myself. But I've decided there comes a time you just have to start paying someone to help with some things.

I'm looking forward to Mon. You wouldn't think a holiday would matter to me one way or another but I love days when everything is closed and I can just sort of hole up for the day and do whatever I want. I have my moving guy coming today to take the two big pieces I showed you all the other day down to my new mall. I sold a really big linen press (big tall cabinet with drawers in the bottom and shelves in the top - was used to store linens) and need to redo the space.

Sandra I know the time is going to drag for you all waiting for Thursday!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I'm with you Charlotte, as long as I can afford to pay for somethings to get done around here and find someone to do them I've started to do that. The trick down here is finding someone to do the jobs that aren't gonna knock you in the head and steal you blind. I've started asking around the church to see if anyone wants to earn extra money and have been pretty successful there.

Ended up at the ER yesterday with Ashley and she was totally compacted again. She hates taking Miralax and it's a total fight but after the nasty stuff they gave her last night I think that may improve b/c she has a choice of Lactulose twice a day or Miralax once every day or two. 1/2 way into the Lactulose she was asking for the Miralax but I made her drink it and pray this fight may be behind us. I was to the point where I was afraid she might do something to herself she was hurting so bad. Billy called her while at the ER and wanted to know if she thought he was paying for her to be there? He is worthless and a large part of the problem!!!

I know you will be swamped with the holiday and trying to get things done before Jerry has his surgery Thursday. Remembering Yall in my prayers!!!!

Mary had her 1st chemo yesterday but my phone died at the ER and there weren't any lights when I got home with Ashley or yet this morning.

I had a skin cancer froze off yesterday morning. Hopefully now it will fall off if not then I have to go to the Tau Center and have them treat it. If it's not one thing then it's another!!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I have the same problem here! I'm very particular about who I allow in my house and my back yard. We have so many people just driving by knocking on doors asking for yard work, etc. A lot of the time they don't even have any equipment with them. A lot of them are just scouting around looking for some place to break into. It doesn't seem we had as many this summer. Hopefully I'm becoming known as the crazy lady that will not answer her door, or if she is outside in the front will not talk to you but will take your picture and call the police!!

I will pay more to have something done to get someone I am comfortable with in my home. I have a guy that will do small repairs for me. I would give him the key to my house (he actually lives in my neighborhood and goes to my church). He doesn't advertise and normally doesn't do that kind of thing but he has some people (mainly older) that he will do those things for and thankfully I'm one of them. I found the firemen to do my stone/brick repair in the back and they have been doing my edging. I have found a really good guy that has been in business for years to clean my gutters. He is very reasonably priced, does a good job and just sends me a bill. Then I'm using an agency (bonded and licensed) for people to stay with Richard if I need to be gone for the day. So I'm getting over letting people in my house! The guy I that does moving for me is a really hard worker and I also feel he is trust worthy. He is a hustler and works really hard and is very careful about how he handles my furniture. He doesn't charge me a set amount. He tells me to just give him what I want. He knows I'm a regular repeat - steady business. The first few times he worked for me he gave me a set amount and since then he just asked me to set the fee. I don't pay him the same every time. It depends on what I have him move for me. He will work me in his schedule on very short notice. I called him last night to move some things for today.

Jeri I can't believe Ashley's dad would say such a thing!!! I can understand him being part of her problem. Looks like she would be willing to take the Miralax knowing she is going to possibly end up with bad problems that will really hurt if she doesn't. Hope she will keep up with her Miralax this time.

Richard has a spot on his cheek he has had for years. His PCD sent him to have it looked at a couple of weeks ago. They did a biopsy and it is some kind of cancer. Can't remember the name but they are going to have to take off some more of it to get rid of the cancer cells. It will just be at the doctors office. Does seem like if it not one thing it's another.

Hope Mary is feeling OK today.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Finally talked to Mary and she said it wasn't bad but she will likely loose her hair again. I think that is her worst fear. Of course, as soon as it starts to fall out she has it shaved.

Charlotte I'm sure everyone fair skinned from our generations probably has skin cancer at one time or another. We didn't even have any idea what skin cancer was back then.

With every breath Ashley kept telling the Dr. that she was going to the bathroom, everyday. She totally couldn't believe that she was constipated again. She said at times she had loose bowels. She so wants to be like everyone else.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Bowel problems are one of the things you often have to deal with with Alzheimer's so I've read a lot about it from other people! LOL So far Richard hasn't had any real problems with constipation. I give him a stool softener every day. But they talk a lot about loose runny stools actually being a sign of compaction. Lot's of people with Alzheimer's get compacted and have to go to ER. So it sounds like that may have been what was going on with Ashley. I know she hates taking Milralax but it sounds like she is going to have to get used to it. Maybe if she takes it regularly for a while it will help her to get straightened out.

My grandmother (daddy's mother) did have a lot of skin cancers that she kept having removed. She was the grandmother that lived to be 95 and kept her hair dyed. She had 5 boys and they all claimed the hair dye was what was causing her skin cancers and fussed at her about it all the time. That didn't stop her from dying her hair however! Of course they didn't think that all work that she did outside when she was younger had anything to do with it!!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

It would definitely help to take the Miralax at least every other day or even once a week but she was even fibbing about taking it until the X-ray came back. I hadn't even thought about all the problems involved with Alzheimer's. I always just thought you couldn't remember things. There are so many medicines that cause constipation but Ashley's is due to part of her intestine isn't working right.

Charlotte my grandmother was even dark haired and had several skin cancers removed b/c I took her for the appointments but it was way to late to help me but maybe my children and grands will be spared that from happening to them. Joann and Terrie were already burning before I ever heard or either understood all that SPF stuff but hopefully Jimmy on down won't have a problem.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yes most people think Alzheimer's is just about people not remembering things. Kinda what I thought too until I got in the middle of it!! Their mind also forgets how to do so many body functions that we don't even realize we're thinking about it. They forget they need to go to the bathroom, forget where the bathroom is, forget how to actually push a bowel movement out, etc, etc. Swallowing becomes a problem. Richard tries to chew up his pills when I give them to him. Can you imagine chewing up pills!! He just can't comprehend when I tell him to just swallow them and don't chew them. He just can't follow instructions. Swallowing does become an issue and at some point their food usually needs to be pureed and a thickening agent added.

The full moon actually does have a negative affect on them. There was a full moon last weekend but I swear I thought we were having another one this weekend! I just got Richard in bed and boy was I glad to get him there!!! Yesterday he told me he had decided it would just be best if he moved back to Pine Bluff. He said he would go see his friend and he would he would help him find a place to stay! He wasn't mad at me. Going "home" is a common thing they talk about. It is usually some where way in the past. I think it was his way of saying he wanted to go home. I told him I wasn't going to be moving there so he was not going to be able to see me. Well he got this look on his face like well I hadn't thought about that.

Then today he was on a rummaging kick! He hasn't done that in a long time. Another thing that is very common for them to do. He had pulled out a bunch of old pictures, had quarters all over the bed (new uncirculated state quarters) and was also looking for his box with money in it! I had taken the money out of the box the last time we had someone over to watch him. I decided to try something different and put 5, one dollar bills in it instead of the $100 bill he had in it. At first he was satisfied just knowing money was in the box. Then he decided to take it out of the box. He said he didn't have but about $8 (can't even count something that simple) and he had more money than that. So he's been talking about needing money all day. Then he kept asking about the girl that was here with the little small package. No girl has been here! Just me - don't know anything about a small package!

I took him out to Ihop for dinner and he had a really hard time getting in and out of the car tonight. He has just been on a tear the last couple of days. He has been having allergy problems so I gave him .an allergy pill and some Tylenol hoping that will help him sleep. He usually naps some during the day but didn't nap at all today. You actually have to watch the kind of things along that line that you give. Some things can cause more harm from a memory standpoint than good.

Weren't we dumb! Smearing baby oil and iodine all over ourselves and baking in the sun!! When I was in my late twenties I was having a problem with a spot on my face and had to go to the dermatologist. Turned out I was allergic to Merle Norman makeup!! But it was in the summer and I had what was a good tan for me. He asked me if I intentionally did this to myself or if I was just out in the sun a lot! He said you will regret it one day! He told me to start using PreSun anytime I was outside. I did start using it but damage was already done!

Kristi has been really good with the boys. She always used a very high number sun block on them anytime they were outside. It is second nature for them to use it now. She also keeps herself covered up and with lots of sunblock on. She makes Jeff use it too.

I have started going in for a skin check. I had one cut out of my back. The dermatologist cut it off and had me bleeding all over the place. Then she decided it had some suspicious cells and more needed to be cut out. So she sent me to a surgeon and he cut a big hunk out of my back. I had several stitches! It was right in the middle of my back right below my waistline. I never had sun in that spot so it never made any sense to me!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

My uncle forgot how to breath. I thought most of the things you named were just part of us not learned behavior at all.

Charlotte my dermatologist checked between my fingers and toes and all through my hair. She said you would be amazed where she finds skin cancers and I guess she is right because I had not even thought of those places.

I'm off to church talk to you later!!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Not a bad haul for September from our garden. Tomatoes are about gone but the Sun Sugars are still producing some and a few Better boys. Will hate when they are gone.

I have my dermatologist or her PA check me head to toe every year. I know I didn't take care like I should have when I was in my teens & twenties.

My Dad had several removed but he was in the Navy and was outside most of his life & had them on his arms & a few on his face even though he had a dark complexion. My brother is very fair like our mother & has also had some removed.

Sandra will be thinking of y'all this week as you prepare. Hope Cayla is better.

Jeri, is Ashley doing better?

We got home around 7:30 last night. Visited with my aunt & uncle before we left Greenville so got a late start home. He is going downhill a bit and I wonder if I will see him again. Fortunately they are both sharp as tacks. He was 88 a week ago.

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