self watering bucket system

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Self watering bucket system. I am going to do this in my hybrid greenhouse this winter and then move it outside for next summer. I am horrible about watering plants and this system looks easy enough to prepare and doesn't cost a fortune and look good in the yard. Be sure and watch the video with the kiddie pool, at the end he gives more ideas about the dressing up the gardens. He has tons of videos that other people have sent him using this system along with their adaptations to it.

I did not design this, I am not that creative but thought he had some great ideas.

He starts with using solid 5 gal solid buckets and then progresses to self-pruning 5 gal buckets to 'walmart' grow bags and moved to a closed system using a sewer pipe instead of rain gutter.
rain gutter system
sewer pipe closed system with walmart bags

Here are walmart blue bags in kiddie pool, can't get easier than that

london, United Kingdom

Is there a way that the float could hug the side of the bucket rather than float in the middle? If you cut out part of the top bucket and then built up walls so the water doesn't overflow into the plant area, you could get another functional bucket. I think... , ,

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