A raccoon keeps trashing my pond pump...help!

Sacramento, CA

I have a small "pond" (a pond liner that is above ground) in my yard in suburban Sacramento, California. I love the bubbling sound from the pump, but it is primarily there to provide safe water for the birds, stray cats and wildlife that visit us - particularly important with the awful drought we are experiencing.

Several times recently I found the pump tossed outside of the pond, with gnaw marks on the cord. Research suggests this is likely being done by a raccoon that stops by. Tried to run the cord through an opening on a cinder block right next to the pond to make it more challenging to throw, but the raccoon wasn't fazed a bit. Running without being in water has now trashed that pump, but I don't want to buy another until I can keep the coon out. Water that isn't moving becomes an immediate mosquito breeding ground, so it needs to circulate. Any ideas?

Note - I have a "dogloo" doghouse outside as shelter for visiting creatures, and keep dry cat food in a bowl there for cats, possums, etc. I know the food also attracts the coons, but I am happy to feed them too. Just need a water pump to work without their assistance!

Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

I had a small in-ground pre-formed pond (140 gallons) once. It was nice, but the raccoons always messed with the plants, the pump the fountain, etc. Finally, I bought a fence charger, ran a discrete wire fence around the pond and Voilą: the raccoons found some other amusement for their nocturnal romps. It was operating on a timer so it wasn't on during the daytime. The end justifies the means.


Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

We either trap and take to state park or shoot raccoons.

A submersed pump with all wire underground they don't bother. I have 2.
I have only seen them once and they were little. I have some very large koi that I don't want eaten. Heck for that matter I don't want the little koi eaten either.

Even tho we are sort of country area I rarely see any. Now rabbits that's a different story. They prefer to eat all my vegie garden.


Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Boofish, flew into Sac. when I went to visit my son down in Gridley. Beautiful area. Where he lives is primarily agriculture. I loved it.

Did you get your problem solved with keeping animals from playing with your pumps. Some folks put hardware cloth around above ground pumps and anchor it down with the ground staples. Cheap solutionif it works.

They took us to that Oraville Dam which I read in newspapers here now is almost dried up completely. How sad to loose all that water supply. I sure hope you all get some good rains in Oct. The fire situation would be helped too.


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