September song-2015

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

If the meager crowd forgot something, the old "pasture" is back here...........

Ok, so the month is a third gone. So far it has been the pits. The day before we were to come home from vacation my Mom was taken by MedFlight to the UW Hospital in Madison with a ruptured aneuryism. This was on Monday.............Friday my siblings and I carried out Mom's wishes that NO heroic measures be taken and her breathing tube removed. A little over an hour later she received her angel wings. Her funeral was last Wednesday. Now comes all the legalities. *sigh*...............and I have to deal with them all as executor of her will.

Anyway, not much going on here re: farm stuff, just the same-old, same-old heifer feeding. A neighbor wants the SU to make a snaplege bag, and another neighbor will probably require his services for corn silage chopping. I continue to go to Equity, the sale barn, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons for the calf sale. Due to no sale on Monday, there were over 300 calves yesterday. Usually Monday is the bigger day, what with guys having to keep calves over the weekend, and Wednesdays aren't as bad.

Raining here this morning, a really nice shower with some thunder. The lawns and the hay crop will love that.

I'm hoping that I don't hear the dreaded 5 letter *F* word soon (frost), as it will take me DAYS to haul all my plants to the g'house. I put in a few good afternoons and it isn't too bad, as long as I don't have to rush. My brugs that are planted in the ground grew like gangbusters again this year, mostly because they had more room this year than they did in the place I put them last year. I cut them back to about a foot tall, dig out and put in pots over winter.

If I move a few loader tractor loads a day I can prune, etc. as I take in and leave the mess (and hopefully MOST of the bugs) outside.

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