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I want to see this Horro

Can somebody bounce me a copy of this spam? Are you able to forward it (with all headers intact!) without opening it?

I want to examine this for myself. I haven't received a copy of it.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I have a couple. Be glad to send them but - open @ your own risk!

Lyndeborough, NH


The problem is how?

When you load it, it takes over your whole screen.

The only mouse control is click off screens.

To get out of it, in OE, need to do and alt+tab

This now places your OE screen in the middle of it.

I had to take my box to my ISP to prove it.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

If you get it, make sure your children are nowhere near when you open it - beyond disgusting and I didn't really get the full brunt because I can shut down my phone line.

No problem - I use a "real" mail client, powerful, command line driven, no graphics, and the thing can't touch my browser.

It doesn't open windows for me, it doesn't launch programs on my behalf, and it doesn't send viruses out to everybody in my address book. :-)

Poppysue sent me a copy of this spam, and I figured out a way to stop it. I gave the fix information in this thread:

Scarlett verified that the fix worked. Hopefully she'll post specific instructions on what to do in Windows, as because I cannot (not using Windows, I only know to tell you to disable JavaScript in your browser).

I'm also surprised that this spam is not nearly as sophisticated as I was expecting. It's a very crude piece of work, easily defeated. The guy /could/ have caused a lot of damage, but didn't.


Go here for instructions on disabling your Javascript:


I have had MAJOR problems with those spamers. I am so mad right now about that! I couldnt get onto Daves because I didnt have my password. I couldnt get my password from my email because it kept going on that email and of course I had to restart my computer.
I recvd alot of them. I just got brave and machine-gunned the delete button. I was finally able to get rid of it. ha ha!! Have to wait for my computer wiz friend to return form CA and I will have him remove it from my deleted mail.
Was starting to think some pretty nasty things about the losers that did that.
Thanks for the vent!
P>S> DAVE--Are you sure these people cant get my email addy? I am waiting for DSL to reconnect me so soon I will be under my other name that I already have here that I have never posted anywhere else. I just cant go thru this anymore. That had been going on for over a week!!
thanks so much

Janice: I am 100% confident that NOBODY can get your E-mail address from me. 100%. You E-mail address is just as safe with me as your credit card is with your bank.


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