Dehydrating Bonanza

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

I finally went to the farmer's market to see what I could find to dehydrate. I have always dehydrated small volumes. Boy did I get some bargains. I ask if they had some cases that they could reduce. He said we do and let me show you. I bought a case of granny smith apples for $8.00, a case of bartlett pears for $8.00, a case of red and yellow bell peppers for $5.00, a mixed case of yellow squash, purple cabbage and acorn squash for $5.00, and a mixed case of zucchini, red and green apples, limes and lemons (the lemons I had removed from the box) for $8.00. I will be dehydrating for days.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Fabulous bargains and what great variety! Was this at the Atlanta State Mkt. in Forrest Park or a local one? Did I understand you correctly that you didn't keep the limes? If so, why not? There are so many ways to preserve limes.

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

It was the state farmers market in Forrest Park. I Kept the limes. I removed the lemons from the box to share with some family members. I have never dehydrated so many apples before. There had to be almost 100 apples in that box. I was dehydrating for days. The market should have oranges by now. I want to dehydrate some oranges.

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