New Bug- Order, Family "Not Familiar to Us"

(Zone 5a)

After all the search terms I tried, the Hackberry Nipplegall Maker did not come up. With the new system I suspect it's there, but went ahead and began the process to add a new insect, figuring it will tell me this at some point.

The screen shot shows the notice that came up. I guess I am a little befuddled that the Hemiptera order is not in the Files. ??? I copy/pasted from BugGuide, so I believe the spellings are correct.

Thank you for suggestions about what to do.

Thumbnail by Chillybean
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

The family Aphalaridae has no previous entry in BugFiles and an additional family can only be added by admin. I have created an entry for Pachypsilla celtidismamma here:

Note that I have entered the Order as Homoptera rather than Hemiptera. At the tim ethat BugFiles was started, the Order Hemiptera had been divided into two Orders Hemiptera and Homoptera. Since then the two orders have been merged back into Hemiptera, but we have not yet embarked on the process of adjusting quite a large number of bugs. There are plenty of Hemiptera in BugFiles, it was only the combination of Hemiptera and Aphalaridae that was unknown when you tried to create your new entry,


(Zone 5a)

Thank you so much for creating the page and explaining the Order to me. I can imagine the time involved in fixing all that.

Now I can get my images uploaded.

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