Help I'm Infected.....

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Looks like a few of my AV's have Mealy Bugs. I have played around with Q-tips and alcohol but I can't quite seem to get rid of them. They are a difficult problem to resolve. So I am wondering if any of you have had this type of problem and how you treat your AV's for pests. Many of my plants are in AV pots I was wondering if I put a systemic pesticide in the water if the roots would pick it up? Sure don't think that my fuzzy leaves would be real happy being drenched in the stuff.

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Athens, PA

Hello Holly.

I hope this finds you well. I haven't talked with you in quite a while.

I would definietly isolate the plant for starters.

I had asked a grower what he does for foliar mealies and he recommended to me to mix a 50/50 solution of rubbing alcohol and water and put it into a spray bottle and spray the plant, which I did quite some time ago. I haven't had any issues since I have been using this method.

Best of luck to you.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks Carolyn, I have tried that and it did knock them back but some of the leaves weren't too happy. I tied q-tips soaked in alcohol, too. Both methods helped quite a bit but didn't completely take care of the problem and a few weeks later I was seeing signs again. I am not home right now but when I get back I will be starting up the battle again. I would like to try and place one or two in a local Flower Show come Feb.

Athens, PA


I check mine every day and if I see something, I spray them. If you wait too long, then eggs will hatch. Also, if any other plant is infected then, the mealies will go from one plant to another.

I would love to see pictures of how you do at a flower show. I did see that later this month, there is an AV show down in York. I would love to go - but cannot at this time. I don't know how far York Pa is for you.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

York is very close only 20 mins and that is the Garden Club that I belong to York Garden Club. When I get home I will have to check out the AV Show. I have never tried to show any of my plants. I keep thinking of trying to but never seem to get it together enough to try.

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