Starting mangosteen and rambutan seeds

mulege, Mexico

I bought mangosteen and rambutan fruit in San Diego. Has anyone started these from seed? If so do you have any tips on getting them to germinate?

thanks, katie

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

I wish I could grow then. I love both of these and they are hard to find in my area.

Hear is a site about mangosteen fro seed
Rambutan from seed

mulege, Mexico

Thank you that is helpful information. katie

noonamah, Australia

Not all fruit has viable seed, it depends on how early the fruit was picked and what was done to it . I've found that Mangosteen and Rambutan seed from supermarket bought fruit never germinated. I did get some Mangosteen from farmers markets and they germinated very easily.

mulege, Mexico

These were sent directly to The Fruit Store in San Diego. I'm hoping they are more likely to germinate than if from a supermarket. I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, Many jackfruit trees are growing well.


noonamah, Australia

Best of luck with them, they shouldn't take long to start coming up.

I've got a Jackfruit loaded with fruit now. I'm only going to protect some of the fruit low down to the ground (easy to reach). The Flying Foxes usually wipe them out here long before they ripen.

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