how to overwinter new hostas in containers

Dalton, GA(Zone 7a)

I over bought and under prepared so I have abt 8 or 9 one gallon hostas in nursery containers (those black plastic pots) that I need to overwinter as I have no place to plant them.

The new garden area I thought I was going to put them in has turned out to be more problematic than I anticipated. I knew it was rocky but it has turned out to be like cement. (Another lesson learned.) My gardening time (and resources) have run out and I have to move on to other obligations.

Can I just huddle them all together somewhere in the yard and cover them with lots of pine straw until spring? Our winters are pretty wet tho and I'm a little concerned abt having wet pine straw on them for several months. I read somewhere to turn pots on their side to avoid ice build up - maybe that would help the pine straw problem too?

I'm in NW GA in 7A.

Russell, ON(Zone 5a)

Hi Firstyard,

Here's a link to one discussion:

My potted Hostas always come back whether in plastic, or ceramic, but I'm in zone 8 and I plant Pansies and tulip bulbs in the same pots. When the tulip greens start to emerge, I remove the Pansies.

good luck!

Dalton, GA(Zone 7a)

Thanks, a5footsea. Good discussion. I actually was able to find an area where I could dig a wide hole and I am going to be able to put the hostas in the hole in their plastic nursery pots and fill in around them.

However, I also have other plants still in their nursery pots and there won't be room in the hole for all of them. So I'm going to do the north side of the house thing for them.

Thanks again!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I am in zone 7a too--but we sure are in different locales.

A few years ago--I overwintered 30 potted Hostas from my neighbor--
dug up and potted in 6" pots.

I just lined them up against a shaded West fence and that was it.

They ALL grew back and were OK the next summer.
Not to worry! Hostas are tough.


Dalton, GA(Zone 7a)

Wow! I want your neighbor!

Good to know you had such good luck.

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