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My boyfriend bought me this dwarf Keiffer/makrut lime tree from Four Winds Growers for my birthday, and I want it to be an indoor/outdoor plant (outdoor when it's warm enough). It just sent out its first new branches since I repotted it (you can see them as the lighter green ones in the pictures) about two weeks ago. They looked a little leggy, so I ordered a compact fluorescent light with a reflective cone, and I just set that up today. I positioned it based on what I read on this site: (where I bought the fixture and bulb).

Here's my question: How can I make this tree more compact without hurting it? The light will help with that, right? Is it okay to just clip the upper branches that are kind of long? Should I wait for it to produce more leaves before I do that to make sure that it's happy? How much trimming is too much?

Any advice is appreciated. I'm always afraid of trimming plants. Thanks!

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Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Get that light as close as you can to your tree, that will help. Some kind of "tent" , reflectors might also help. Your light does not seem that bright on a larger scale, IMO. General rule is something like you can trim back a plant 2/3 without ill effect. Citrus can be trimmed back more than that. Boils down to what is your major concern: what is best for the tree or what will make it look better to you? Gene

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