Can anyone identify these berries?

Harwinton, CT

I found a plant bearing these berries this morning along a stone wall on my property. I never saw anything like them before. Some online searching suggested Jacob's Ladder but they didn't show the berries except for one site but they didn't go into any detail on it. Can anyone give me a positive ID and more information on them?

Thumbnail by playinindirt
Harwinton, CT

I forgot to mention that I am in the northwest hills in CT.

Thumbnail by playinindirt
(Zone 5a)

I am leaning toward a type of Carrion Flower...

Can you get pictures of the rest of the plant? That may help.

I found some berries in a nearby cemetery last fall, and planted several seeds in pots, but none germinated. I had left them outside over the winter.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I'd agree with the Smilax sp. direction - especially if playinindirt would take and post some images of the plant these came from! More information leads to quicker IDs.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Buckthorn can have clusters of black berries about that size - but I have never seen them in a tight sphere like that.

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