soil organic matter

Little Compton, RI

Any thoughts on an armchair method of determining rough organic content in new soils?

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Hobart, IN

Not off the top of my head. There used to be some kind of home test where you got a good representation of your soil, shook it up in a clear container of water and then let the soil settle - usually in layers. But I don't know how to read the results. I'm sure there are some soil gurus around that can answer your question. Getting a soil lab test might be a good idea. From what I hear, soil labs aren't as busy in the fall and you shouldn't have to wait for a lab result too long. You could also get some minerals tested which would be helpful for whatever planting you might want to do.

Lima, OH(Zone 5b)

if you google soil test sand silt clay, you can find other instructions. I did this once and it was very helpful.

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Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

Thank you for this nifty website Tammy. I have it bookmarked for safe keeping when the rain stops...if the rain stops.

Hobart, IN

I actually sent in my first ever soil sample ever to a lab earlier this week. Hoping to have the analysis back early next week. I didn't pay extra for recommendations so hopefully I'll be able to figure out what my soil needs. I can't remember now if they test for organic matter. Hmmm.

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

I hope you share your results with us Cindy.

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