Giving away plants for free


We have some plants we would like to give to someone. Most are in pots. Obviously the recipients must live near us close enough to get to us.

What would be the best way to find people that want our plants? What forum, if any, should I use here?

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Wow I'm from your area but don't live there now, obviously. Lol This forum is for help with the actual DG site. You might have better luck on the Ask a Dave's Gardener forum and Beginner Gardening forum. The Greensheet might work? What type of plants do you have?


Thank you. I will try those other forums.

I intentionally did not specify the relevant types of plants since I did not want to post an off-topic comment. Since you asked, the main plants we have are many small Silk Floss trees as in:

Most of them are in pots but we have one in the ground that is about ten feet high and very healthy but it cannot stay there.

We have many Aloe Vera in pots.

We have a Sycamore tree (I think Sycamore but I could be wrong) growing in the ground that is about twelve feet high that cannot stay where it is at.

We probably have others but those are the main ones.

I will try posting these in the appropriate forums.

Oh, now I see that there is a link for "28 members have or want this plant for trade" on the Floss Silk Tree page. I will look there.

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Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Wish I lived closer...good luck

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