Joaquin has left a (almost) moat around our house.

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

In Harrison AK this past weekend, where my husband and I were for a BMW motorcycle rally, it was warm and sunny. Not so much here in Kure Beach, NC!
It had been rainy for about a week, then Joaquin came to visit. We've gotten a total of 6" from the storm and more rain is expected.
We don't have to worry about flooding from the ocean since we're 19' above sea level, but our water table is only about 3' down, so that's what causes the problems.
Our house is fine, but a few neighbors, who had renovations made to their homes decades ago (enclosing carports to make bedrooms, etc), are experiencing flooding. Those renovations wouldn't have been allowed now.
First pic is my backyard, which always get standing water first.
Second is the North side yard. My husband is pointing to our slab (floor). You can tell how low the neighbors slab is.
Third is Hibiscus June's Dragon who managed to bloom despite the wind and rain.
Forth is the collapsed tiki hut over our pond. The fish are applying for a FEMA loan. ;)
Fifth, I'm the most excited about - my Epiphyllium has a bud! I'm going to bring it in so the bud doesn't get damaged. It's the first bloom I've seen (I missed the first two) and I can't wait!

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