Cutting Frostweed Back

Dallas, TX

Josephine, Sheila, and probably others have said that they cut back Frostweed (the plant). Mine have been cut back by squirrels but do grow back nicely. My question is whether to cut back (by me, on purpose) while flowering? I have several that look pretty leggy but are flowering like crazy. Should I wait or cut back now?
Also, how long do they flower? Seems to be fairly continuous but I think I need a calendar to easily note what's going on in my garden and what I'm doing to it.

Gypsi, in case you're reading this, when I say calendar, that's what I mean. No complicated database like it sounds like you make. :)

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Wait until after the first freeze. You can do it in December before the really cold air arrives. If it arrives.

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, wait till it dies back after frost, when you cut it leave at least six inches of stem, so you can see the beautiful ice.

Fort Worth, TX

Joan my plants won't fit on a calendar. I have 1/3 of an acre. Will take a photo of my fancy database and post it one day, but have to go see the bees now.

(database takes pencil and notebook paper, I just number the gardens and make a list of what species are in each)

Dallas, TX

Gypsi - Just teasing. I was remembering a thread from probably a long time ago where I think you asked what the rest of us do in terms of keeping track. The responses were all variations of 'Who me keep track?'

Fort Worth, TX

If I don't write it down somewhere I'm planting on top of stuff that is dormant or I spend weeks going, what the heck is that plant

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