Wild Violet (Viola soreria)

Dallas, TX

I bought this plant at the NPSOT sale a few weeks ago. Since then I've read where it's extremely aggressive. Can anyone confirm or deny? I'm already trying to eradicate an aggressive plant and don't want to get started with another. Advice appreciated.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I would keep it away from lawns because if it gets a start there, it will be almost impossible to get rid of without killing the lawn too (or lots of hand weeding which may be too much to handle).

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

I have it in a raised bed in the shade. Yes, it spreads but it likes certain conditions shade and water so it doesn't go far. At least mine didn't. I've had it in the same place for 15 yrs.

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

I don't have a problem with them, but then I love them all.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

I've heard about so many plants being invasive, and maybe they are but that hasn't been my experience.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Mine aren't very aggressive. I have them in shade and they love it. In all the years I've had them I've only found a few that were "misplaced". They are easy to pull up and transplant where you want them.

Fort Worth, TX

I moved here with 2 or 3 "naturalizing violets" and I think I still have 2. My bed is surrounded by sidewalk and driveway, took a lawn out to make flower room, not much escapes from it, but they haven't even spread much in the bed. If I had shade maybe. (I have sun)

Dallas, TX

Oh, good. The pictures of the flower are so pretty. But I didn't want to get my head turned by a pretty face.

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