Melnor Pulsating Sprinkler - Any Good?

Trumbull, CT(Zone 7a)

I have an old Nelson sprinker that is all metal, works very well, and is similar to this Melnor Pulsating Sprinkler from Home Depot:

I'm wondering if anyone has tried this one and if it worked reliably.
I don't need the wheels but the similar unit without does not have the pass through to go to the next sprinkler which I do need.

Anything better for a similar price?

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Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

To check if a sprinkler is good:

Lay out several containers that are all the same shape. Vertical sides are very helpful. I have used anything from yogurt containers to coffee cans.
Put some near the sprinkler, some farther away.
Run the system for a set time- 5 minutes, 10 minutes...

Then look in all the containers.
If they all contain the same amount of water, then the sprinkler is applying the water well.
Often a single sprinkler does not apply the water well. Nearest the sprinkler might be more or less water than farther away.
Setting up several such sprinklers in a grid so they overlap can give you good coverage. One sprinkler's heavy area can cover the other sprinkler's light area so the overall effect is good coverage.

I prefer irrigation in the ground to above grade, hose sprinklers. But if they are well monitored and moved around properly the manual sprinklers can work OK.

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