Amaryllis Aphroditis

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

OCT 17 th & It is about to Open Way to early for these RIGHT ???
Its been out side in a Pot Since May , Tucked away In with other Plants & Moreless Forgotten.
I was bringing in all my Tender Plants & Found 4-5 Buds on him & this morning hes about to open this weekend I think .

Question ? After the Blooms Should I Cut it back or "LET DIE BACK"
& Put it in a New Pot & Store for the winter for it won't rebloom right ?

&I have a couple other Bulbs in the same Pot But no flower Buds .


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Scott Bar, CA(Zone 6a)

Mine are outside all summer and also pretty much ignored. The ones that give me a fall bloom are put front and center for maximum enjoyment! They always seem to do fine. Unless I'm making seed I cut out the stalk after flowering and let them dry out like the rest. Here's one that is just about finished.


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(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

Thank you for sharing Bill very Pretty Mine has 2 more Blooms about done but oh so pretty. & its sending up new shoots on side of the Bulb.

Summerville, SC

Outside and let them just die back, then I pull the brown leaves off. Amaryllis are hardier than I thought. Started an outdoor amaryllis garden. It is very surprising. Many are blooming already this year. We had a mild winter.

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