October: our most pleasant month.

Richmond, TX

October is usually when we can expect cooler, less humid weather, and we have had a few really nice days so far. We have also had 90 degrees and humidity in between! I am still clipping weeds off of a few pastures or parts of pastures. I want to leave as much grass as possible for the cold winter they are predicting. As soon as we get some rain, I plan to start replacing fence posts on the east side of the south paddock - only about 750' of fence, I think. The rest of that paddock has been refenced recently. The smaller paddock east of the barn also needs new wire on the north fence - and so it goes... We have had this farm long enough that almost everything is coming due for replacement - for the second time in some cases.

I also want a run-in shed built in that paddock as we have a couple of additional pensioners "housed" there. That I will hire done, however.

What is everyone else up to?

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Richmond, TX

Okay, it's raining finally. We are expected to get several inches courtesy of Patricia meeting up with our Gulf Coast humidity. The posts ought to be easy to set!
- And I ought to be doing paperwork...but, perhaps, I'll sort out the stuff in the tractor shop instead. Anything is preferable to paperwork!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Golly, porkpal, you should have put a link for this thread in the September thread and I would have been here sooner.

The SU is busy every day helping the neighbor with his harvest, so that gets him out of my hair for the day. I am still at Equity sale barn for the calf sales on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Yesterday I had to write papers at another sale barn for their monthly dairy sale.

The last 2 days I have been busy making 5 batches of lasagna sauce for our church's lasagna supper tomorrow. This afternoon o made up 3 batches in roasters and will do the other 2 tomorrow early afternoon.

Have 7 ginormous brug stems do rootstock dig in the next couple days before we get frost and it kills them. I took cuttings but I would rather plant those big suckers again next spring.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Guess this will be a 2 month thread. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. I think we all have lots to be thankful for............let's just stop for a few minutes and ponder the good fortune we have in this country..............kooks and suicide bombers aside. *sigh*...........

The SU had hernia surgery on Monday. He is moving V E R Y slow the last 2 days. I'm hoping he will start on the upswing soon. He is complaining some but not to the extent I was expecting. Since I was busy yesterday baking for our church's bake sale today, and gone from 8 am till almost 1 helping at the bake sale, I haven't been the recipient of all that much whining. Seriously, he has been good, and I KNOW he has to hurt. He is taking his pain pills like he should be, so that helps. Good thing that the farm work is nil for him now. DS#1 has feeding duties for the heifers, but that is about all that needs to be done; that and seeing that they have bedding. All is well, and I'm sure he'll be in tip-top shape for our Mexico trip in January.

DS#2 stopped in last night and asked him "you gonna go upstairs and lift a few weights???" LOLOL

Is anyone else out there besides PorkPal??? Jump right in..............please.

Richmond, TX

We are having typical crazy gulf coast weather: 31 Monday morning, 80 Wednesday through Friday, raining and 40s today. I recently got some run-in sheds built (hired it done) in the racehorse pensioners' pastures, and some of the brighter ones are actually using them today! There is an on-going mystery with two of the horses. They spent a week at Texas A&M vet school being treated for ataxia due to liver damage, and no one can figure out what they could have eaten to cause it. The county extension agent is coming Monday to walk their (currently empty and useless) pasture with me, but I have no great hope that he will identify any toxic plant that I can't. Frustrating!

I know what you mean about slow-moving hernia patients. My NFS (non-farming spouse - I like your non-conventional abbreviations) had a repair last year and took a loooong time to recover. This year it was gall bladder surgery which was even worse. I guess he is not as tough and resilient as he thought he was!

The older hens are molting - seems like a stupid time of year to blow their feathers - but the younger ones are still laying more eggs than my normal customers require. The pigs seem to like this weather and the cows look ready to burst, so mostly things are good - except I HATE cold !!!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

As do I............more every year. *sigh*.

The 16 inches of snow is gone, due to the rain we had a couple of days ago. I am glad to see it gone, but we will have more. *another sigh*. LOL

Richmond, TX

At least we don't get snow - usually.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Lucky you.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Been 3 weeks.............Porkpal...........how are you? Ready for Christmas? I suppose I'd best start thinking of shopping one of these days. Bwahahahaha...........

We don't have a tree anymore; I refuse to decorate and clean up after the cats, who, BTW, LOVE trees. LOL I have my paltry outside lights, 2 of them courtesy of my Mom's decorating stash when we cleaned out her house, so you can see, I don't over-do.

SU and I sure wish we could break the 2 or 3 beasts of the filthy habit of standing in the bunk and "doing their jobs" in the feed. Every morning gotta go and shovel out the crap and hope you don't have to toss all the feed left in the bunk; that they were semi-considerate and just did it in one place. They are not called "dumb animals" for nothing. Sheesh..............

Richmond, TX

We celebrated Christmas early in order to accommodate the various visiting offspring's days off. We do have a tree, and I put Santa hats on the surviving pumpkins from Hallowe'en, other than that no outside decorations. We hang bells on the lower branches of the tree as an early warning system against cat incursions - sorta works.

A couple of days ago there were hawks about and the chickens refused (probably wisely) to leave the coop area doubling the needed cleanup. We also have a couple of horses among the pensioners who eat what hay they want at the moment and pee on the rest, so I am very aware of wasteful, filthy animals!

We are currently waiting for the pastures to dry a little to put a chronically lame mare down. The county will bury dead stock free of charge if they can get in with the monstrous Grade-all. I have been looking forward to this mare's demise for a long time as she is very difficult to deal with no matter what you need her to do. At least she is now too lame to attack me in the pasture!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas out there, whoever may be still with us!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Porkpal, if you are over at "the other place", this is just a copy and paste, but I never know who else is here.

The SU is back doing all he did before the surgery, so I guess he is pretty well "back to normal"........whatever THAT is around this place.

This morning we're going to sort out some of the smaller heifers in the group and put them over in the heifer barn. They started looking a little "behind" since it got cold. I told the SU yesterday morning there was about 8 or so that needed to be sorted out and given grain and it had better be done SOON! Since it is such a nice, rainy day I guess it will happen shortly. He just went out, so in a few I'll have to go out and we'll have to set up gates and park the mixer wagon and loader tractor to make a solid wall so we can do this 3 or 4 person job ourselves. Perish the thought that we wait till at least DS#1 is here...........nooooooo......................Where would be the sport in that???

Equity today, I''m hoping that it will be a short calf day, but you never know. With it being before a holiday maybe the calf feeders want to unload all they can. We had 200 on Monday, which is a pretty good run. Oh, well, I will go, sharpen my pencil, write numbers, put my little earpiece in for the radio so I can relay info, and do my job.

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