News of the 2015 Monarch Migration

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

I happened to see the above article in the Fort Worth paper discussing this years migration and including several other links that I thought may be of interest.

For even more information on the Migration and how it is proceeding in 2015 in your region you can click on the Monarch Migration maps here:

I know many of you already report your Monarch sightings to Journey North/South, but I thought I would post the link anyway. I think it's interesting that there are so many more reports than in past years. I hope that is because the Monarch numbers are way up in 2015. The news paper article linked above seems to suggest that.

The Monarch Joint Venture is a another newer enterprise that seems to be an umbrella organization for other Monarch research. You can help the research by posting your Monarch habitat/garden on this site:

More about the Joint Venture here:

I think it's great that so many scientists and citizen scientists and gardeners are supporting the monarch, but the other butterflies are also dropping in population and yet we hear little about them and their habitats. I do not know of any 'support' organizations for these lesser known butterflies, but perhaps some gardeners here on DG do. If so, can you please post the links?

Just wanted to share...

Thank you.

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