What's flowering in my garden today...

Christchurch, New Zealand

Late spring & along with the weeds there are plenty of flowers coming through

Lets see what everyone has in the garden today :)

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Christchurch, New Zealand

bluebells, azaleas, rhododendrons, Giant Scilla, nemesias, pansies, poppies, Chilean Fire Tree,
clematis in pink & white and Mexican orange Blossom to name a few making an appearance in my garden today

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Houston, TX

I am having nemesias, pansies and Mexican orange blossom growing in my garden.Its being such a beautiful feeling to have these kind of flowers.I am so much thankful to http://www.gardeningnorthside.com.au/ to assist me for renovating the garden that made my dumping yard few months back to a green heaven today.

Sydney, Australia

Gosh more ads ...daves garden sure is an empty place these days, things like this just being left here. Blatant spam and advertising. Just waiting for the sun glasses one here any tick of the clock.

Where have all the gardeners gone ? oh well.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Chrissy - hello...

I lost my old lap top to the black screen of death about a month ago & have been very remiss in not coming back to DG.

Facebook has it;s good points but this forum & a horse forum I loved have both seen a major decline in members & activity.

My garden is a bit sad & wintery right now, hubby & I are looking at shifting to a new build - if it works out I will have a whole new space to design & plant.

Hubby is thinking, lawn will do us.
I'm thinking I need to start taking cuttings of a few favourites.

take care

Sydney, Australia

Hi Teresa,
I certainly agree that both sites are rapidly going down hill. Such a shame isn't it. It doesn't look like anyone is taking care of these forums either ...look at the spam !
I hope all goes well for you Teresa, you have had a few things to overcome.
A lot of us have moved or are about to move. I miss the good old DG days don't you ? Thanks for answering. It does not help that Windows 10 has taken over, still trying to sort that out. If any of the old gang is still popping in ... Hello ! Happy Winter.
Yes take cuttings for your new home Teresa ...I still have some of my plants from my previous garden, it helps a lot.

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