Cyphostemma juttae

Gardena, CA(Zone 10b)

This plant grew to this size within seven years in the Los Angeles area. I am growing some seedlings of this plant. I never fertilized this plant and it grew this large. I have grown other plants in the back yard successfully without any fertilizer.

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Scott Bar, CA(Zone 6a)

Awsome plant! Wish I could grow them outside like that. Thanks for sharing.


Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

Wow it makes me want to move to California.

Decatur, GA

That is spectacular! I have a few and they barely put out a leaf or two each year.

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

Looks like it will fill up the space pretty soon. :) These plants do get pretty big if you let them. Was it self-fertile? My plant has flowered but not made fruit. My experience has been similar to Helen's but it always impresses me how big the leaves are in comparison to the plant when they're young. And how much time the plant spends leafless (most of the year).

There's a giant one of these at Grigsby Cactus Gardens between LA and San Diego. It's monumental. Apparently required some engineering underneath to keep it from getting waterlogged during the winter rain they get.

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Decatur, GA

Here are two looking so pathetic compared to kuni12345's its almost embarrassing to post them. But what the heck they are still alive and I have hope!

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Gardena, CA(Zone 10b)

The plant produces about 150 berries per year and I grew a few plants last year. I will plant all of the berries and see how many seeds germinate. The flowers are pollinated by honey bees. I know that the plant is self-fertile. I will attach a photo of one seedling with an enormous leaf.

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