Need to edit my Trade List (delete/change some entries)

Heerde, Netherlands


Can anyone tell me how I can change or delete some entries on my Trade List? Or where I can find the answer within DG? Second question: is it possible to upload multiple entries in one (offline created) file (xls)?

Thanks in advance, Gea

New Plymouth, ID

To go to your Trade List that you can edit go to the following URL:

When you go in your want or have list you can click delete on items you want to delete from it. There's an option to add new items, too (from the link I gave). You can also add new items by going directly to a PlantFiles article about the plant you're interested in adding, and there's a link to add it to your Trade List there (scroll down most of the way). This is probably the recommended way, since you can know right away that there's an actual PlantFiles article associated with the item on your Trade List. I tend to Google things I'm looking for like this, since the search at Dave's Garden doesn't seem to yield PlantFiles articles with high priority over other things (though maybe there's an easier way):

If I want to find the Japanese Trifele Black tomato, I'll Google this:
Japanese Trifele Black tomato davesgarden

And usually, if an article exists, it's one of the first few results. If it doesn't exist, I tend to like to make the article (although the submit button for that hasn't been working for me for the past few days). Sometimes it does exist when it doesn't show up in the Google results (so you have to check and be careful). Here's a link to the page to submit new PlantFiles articles:

You can find the link to it from the PlantFiles home page on the right (don't expect to see it on a mobile device, unless you're in the widescreen mode).

A more recommended method to find PlantFiles articles is probably to use the plant search (I just found out about that). It's on the PlantFiles main page, if you scroll down a bit (it's not the search Dave's Garden bar):

I'm not sure about the .xls file question. I'm just a user (not subscribed).

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