ID this rebloomer?

Dewey, AZ(Zone 7a)

I've been to all the iris garden sites I can think of, and googled it like crazy, but I'm not having much luck.

This one is a rebloomer, huge flowers, blooming for me for the first time (I had to move it when we moved this last spring before it got a chance) and a super strong fragrance.

I love the oddly tan "yellow" on the falls, with that tiny line of purple at the end of the beard...

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Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

It's possible that it isn't a rebloomer and only blooming now because it was moved this year. No matter it is a beauty! I hope someone can id it for you.

Dewey, AZ(Zone 7a)

Interesting. I thought it was a rebloomer because it's blooming with the known rebloomers, and nothing else is blooming (although some of them bloomed right after planting, silly things.)

Las Cruces, NM(Zone 8a)

Take a look at Lichen. It's a possibility, going just on pictures. I planted it last year but the dog stepped on it and killed it so I am going to try and re-grow it this year. Anyway, because I am interested in growing it, I know a bit about it and supposedly it is a rebloomer.

Dewey, AZ(Zone 7a)

I totally think this is it! Thank you sooo much. :~)

Las Cruces, NM(Zone 8a)

Yay!!! I have one too that I need to get posted out here for identification. I got a bloom last year and it is supposed to be Drama Queen but was not. However it is one of those rare instances where I actually like it, maybe better than I would have liked Drama Queen. I looked and could not find it but maybe someone else has it or has seen it. I'll have to go hunt through last years pictures.

(Zone 9a)

Ir is a beauty that is for sure!

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

What is yours, cocoajuno?

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