Help with Printer: Can't be found wirelessly

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I have a Brother MFC J470DW that I purchased last year [we are gone 6 months out of the yr, so it's really only been used a few months]

It has always worked flawlessly, hardwired to my tower and wirelessly on 2 laptops. Last week we had a power failure and since then, I can not "find" it within the network.

I"ve tried everything.... Uninstalling all the software, factory resetting the printer, connecting it directly to the router [so I knew the IP and that it was actually "there"] attempting to connect as AD-hoc ... I've even downloaded a Brother "network repair" software and even it said it can not be found within the network.

I was finally able to Add a Printer by having it hard wired... but I've exhausted everything I can think of for getting this hooked up.

I do not recall any issues when I set it up last year.

Does anyone have any ideas??

Also, after that power failure, it does seem our router reset too... our usual SSID was gone and it seemed it went back to factory settings. Took my DH days to get our wifi cameras hooked back up ... for those, it seems the port forwarding was messed up. [I honestly know nothing about that, but do not know if that means anything to anyone else.]

I'd love to get it set up wirelessly again, for the convenience of it... but I'm resigned to be hardwired [will only cause issues for DH.

Tower and 1 Laptop is Win7
1 laptop is Win10

Thanks in advance,


Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I can't help you BUT this happened at least six times to us too.
We even hired a computer geek from Best Buy to come to the house. He couldn't figure it out.
But -- every single time -- it fixes itself. Now, I don't know if your attempts to fix it rendered that self- fix impossible...but I figured I would tell you my story.

First time, I don't know how long it took to get back connected because we thought it was broken and just and didn't try to print. Then we came home from grocery shopping to find our adult son merrily printing ( HIS printer had gone onthe fritz and he has keys to our house ) we were amazed. He said he didn't know there was a problem and just pulled up what he needed on our desktop and printed as usual. Few months later ( yes electric loss - common here in our neck ofthe woods ) did it again. We leave it and keep trying it and one 'catches'. Not satisfactory I know because you need it when you need it. But like I said it has happened several times. A few times we may have had electrical interruptions that we didn't perceive because when it quit printing, it seemed to happen out of the blue.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Interesting..... I'm thinking it's sort of glitch. For days I could not get connected hardwired... Then one day it worked. Go figure.

Thx for your input.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I would go into your router and assign a permanent address for your printer. This way you can add a printer by the IP address instead of looking for it. You can also ping the printer once you assign a permanent address to see if it is connected. Wireless works great when it is working, other than that it is slow and often it disconnects for whatever reasons.

So for example we set up our printer as Pat's printer and gave it a permanent address of (make sure the first 3 octets agree with your LAN). Once you assign the address you may need to reboot the router so that there are no conflicting IP addresses. You will need the MAC address of the printer (you should be able to find it on your printer's menu or look at the particular printer's properties on your computer) to input to the router table. I have a Netgear router at present time and it takes a little looking around at all the menus to find the right one to do this assignment.

We also set up a network drive as the next address (.3 so it is always permanent and not a moving target). This way they won't be moving about on the whim of the router and whenever devices start up.

Once you set it up you can look at the properties through the printer and devices page, right click on the printer and choose properties. If the router did its job, then the IP address will forever be what you assign it.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Those pictures are kind of bad so I am going to save them at a higher quality and see if that makes them look better.

Thumbnail by hcmcdole Thumbnail by hcmcdole
Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

So much for showing screenshots on DG...

here they are zoomed in and I hope the IP addresses are visible this time.

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Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)


We did set it to a static IP. Even with doing that, it is still not found by computers. At one point it was visible on the network map within the router dashboard, then DH did something and I disappeared.

He said he was trying this Port forwarding thing, like he has to do for his cameras, then poof, the printer was gone... But even when it was on the network map, I could not get either computer to locate it... Plus even by typing in the IP to locate it.

Within the printer setup info, I can find the IP and MAC address. It lists the IP as

In the network map, it was listed as
I too have a netgear router, but I do not know the model.

I've tried installing so many times, and uninstalling, I can not recall all the details. I do know, when I had it installed, if I went to print I'd get and error saying it was "offline"

All the recent attempts, it won't even find it, even if I type in the IP address to locate it.

I will have to get on my computer to view your images, on tablet now.



Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Okay Terese, good to know you have it as a static address. It sounds like your printer is offline as indicated. If you cannot ping it then it is not connected. The IP map of addresses is just that - a map but does not indicate it is connected. Recycle the power on your printer (I'm sure you already did this but if you didn't, please do so).

My HP printer often quits working after being idle for a day or so and I can't even recycle power with the power button - I have to unplug it to get it working again and then it will reconnect to the home network.

One more note on this - do you have your router secured? If so and your printer does not connect, it may need reestablishing its credentials with the router (since your husband did something with the router) via WPS. Easy enough to do but a hassle nonetheless. You will probably have to start the process at the router either software wise or hardware wise (the big blue button on top of the router if you have it laying flat, then on your printer have it do the same thing and hopefully connect this way. The credentials should be remembered after this.

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