Would anyone like to chat?

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Hi everyone.I'm Marigold and I'm from England.I've been lurking on this forum almost since it started, but now I know what a friendly lot you are I feel ready to 'come out'.I am middle aged(49) and am an ordinary person with an ordinary life.I am retired from teaching and have 2 grown up kids.(One still at home)I have been visiting Gardenweb for some time now but am very wary after receiving a warning for posting a response to a thread that was 'on the wrong forum'.I was only trying to help someone out!!!!
My response was removed, but the original posting and all the other responses remained.Go figure!!!!!
If anyone would like to chat with me about seeds, gardening, or life on the other side of the world, please feel free to Email me.
Best wishes, Marigold.

Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi Marigold,
Glad to have you at Dave's!

Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Greetings Marigold, Welcome to Dave's, my favorite gardening site! Are you ready to trade yet? Just take a peek at my have list and e-mail if anything catches your eyes. Happy to have you here.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hello Marigold, Welcome, Hope you like it here! Lisa

Valley Head, WV(Zone 5a)

Hi Marigold, I just posted today for the first time - wish I had more time today to read more. Everyone seems to be such great people.

I love to recieve e-mail and hear about other parts of the world. Feel free to visit my web pages and see if you would like to correspond. http://www.neumedia.net/~rkane/mamakane

Scarboorough, ON

This is the first time to say hi just joined Dave Garden I live in Ontario....and have relatives in the UK. Would love to talk about any or all of those subjects you mentioned. I am an ordinary person too. .
http://members.tripod.com/~Klaus7/homepage.htm is my url to my pages if you would like to see a whimsical garden, etc.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Miz Cat, What a beautiful home page! I love all your critters! I have 15 cats, just love em all! Lisa

Scarboorough, ON

I love Cats too. I just found a site for cat paintings done in the style of certain artits will email via your name. Thanks again..I am so glad you enjoyed my page. Really like my Whimsical Garden a labour of love.

Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

Good to see you Miz_Cat :) ..THIS is a much friendlier site that the one you previously frequented ...Happy Gardening and ROCK ON !! DW

Scarboorough, ON

Hi Cooch nice site. Wish spring would come but I am in the throes of potting up tuburous begonias, dried geranium roots and taking coleus cutting and planting impatiens for my shady areas....take care Miz Cat.

ehrikon, Switzerland(Zone 6b)

ceryl, it was a wonderfull stroll thru your aeria.
bert from switzerland

Cockeysville, MD(Zone 6a)

Miz Cat-I was wondering if you have ever been to Richter's a bit north of Toronto? There has been a discussion of best catalogues and services of different companies on another thread (General gardening/favorite catalogues) and I was wondering if you thought they were a good company or not. I am planning to order some plant plugs and am just checking them out. Welcome to DG and thanks! Connie

Scarboorough, ON

Yes I would recommend Richter's. I have been there quite a few times they have so many herbs and scented geraniums. I personally have never ordered from them as I live within driving distance and visit them and 2 other gardens centres in the area. It is a wonderful drive and a lovely afternoon filled with great plants to look at with owners that really care about their plants.This url will take you to our links we have http://members.tripod.com/~Klaus7/gardeninglinks.htm and a map of the tour we take.I have heard of others that have and seem to like there service. I hope the information is still right. Went there several time last year. Thanks for the welcome. It is a nice friendly site.

Hanover, PA(Zone 6a)

Hi, Marigold! I'd love to chat with you via e-mail but I don't know how to do that. I'm brand new here. I think we have a lot in common! Can someone tell mr how to do it?

Forest City, NC(Zone 7a)

SuePa, Just click on Marigold's name and it will take you to her page. There you can send her a Email. I like all us common folk too.

Forest City, NC(Zone 7a)

Hi Marigold, I'm 45 . Live in North Carolina and trying to plant everything I can. Maybe we can work out some trades. Lookin forward to hearing from you. See ya Diana

Wigan, Landcashire, United Kingdom

Hiya Marigold did not realise you were on here as well as me, thanks very much for your seeds. Yes we can talk about most things here, sorry you reply got booted off GW-anyhow e-mail me anytime. Its work in the morning-so dont come on the computer until evening as i hate the TV-its really dumbing down, we used to have the best tv in the world with the BBC,but when it starts getting better(the weather i mean)i wont be on the computer,too much to do. Hope to hear from you soon.

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

Hi Marigold, If you are interested in any Desert Flora check out my page here. I will have a much bigger list after the wildflower season is over. I know what you mean about TV , who needs it. Our computer is in the front room, with the TV . It is on for my hubby and kids.I could never turn it on again, and not miss it. I would rather participate in life than watch it. Too much negativitiy. Glad to have you here. You should have spoke up sooner.Just dive right in, and dont think about the experience you had OVER THERE. Your in good company.

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