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Days gone byHoliday Memories and chat

Ripley, MS

Charlotte, you should probably call your helper to move that rug, you will get the leg and back stirred up again. It doesn't take a lot after having a bad spell of it to stir it up again.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

That's why I went slow with it. I got it out of the house into the garage! I do need to call him to help me upright a chest in the garage and help unload a chest out of my truck. I can get him to help me get it out to the street when he does that. It's got to quit raining before we can do that. It's raining here again today! A solid steady down pour. I may not leave the house today.

Ripley, MS

We went to church, but will stay in the rest of the day. Jerry may go back tonight, but I will not. It is not a pour down here but a steady drizzle.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Glad everyone had a great weekend and a good Thanksgiving. I think I needed another day off today but coming back to work was probably just as good. I thought yesterday was going to be 'easy', but once I got started working on the Christmas decorations, one thing led to another. You know how it goes. I decided to wash the big window where we put the tree. First off, I hadn't intended to put the tree up yet, but Earl thought he would go ahead and do it. So I started off washing the windows. I've been slowly washing all the windows in the house but hadn't done that one yet and it's a big long double window. Finally finished that one and started taking boxes of mantle decorations and such down from the attic. That doesn't take long to put out. Earl started on the tree and we had one part of the lights that didn't work, so we had to fix that. Think we have an open circuit and will likely get a new tree later in this season or next year. This one is around 10 years old. Didn't get any ornaments on it but at least most everything else except outside stuff is done. I don't plan on doing much outside anyway since nobody much sees it. It rained all day yesterday and more of the same today and tomorrow.

Sandra, Eli must be getting so big now. Glad y'all had a good visit with everyone.

Jeri, you must love your new golf cart! Saw your photos on FB, so I know you all must have had a really good time.

Charlotte, hope you don't over-do it pulling those rugs and furniture around! I worked in the garden and around the outside a little bit on Friday and had to be careful of my sciatica so I could run on Saturday, lol! I got Earl to help me pull up the rest of the peppers and plant stakes in the garden. The last frost a week or so ago got the remainder of things, so I finally got everything cleaned up and put away, including a couple of yard ornaments I had left outside and a couple of plants I still needed to put under the house. I didn't care if they got killed back as I'll re-plant those pots anyway. I probably worked outside about 3 hours, which was enough for me.

I did a 10k race on Saturday morning and then we went to my DD's house to watch the Iron Bowl. She smoked a turkey breast and I brought salad and potatoes and we had snacks for the game. Delish!! She brined the turkey and cooked it in the Big Green Egg and it was the most moist, tender turkey I've had in a long time. Roll Tide!!

Tonight I'm running a 5k race at the Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Garden. Should be fun...and wet.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

It's still wet here! The rain has tapered off to a slow drizzle. I think it's supposed to end tomorrow. I sure hope so!!

I am still on my cleaning and organizing kick. I finally got the den and sunroom clean. Kitchen is next. Then I've really got to work on the upstairs! I've been totally filling up and overflowing my trash can every week! I'm finding things I haven't seen in years!

My Christmas decorating is going to consist of decorating a tray!!

Elaine I bet your run at the Botanical Gardens will be really fun!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

We got a mist of rain when it was time for Brooklyn & Peyton to get off the bus and then I think that was it. It was 82 here today but our rain moves in tomorrow and our high for Wed. is in the 50's.

I'm still working on that organizing kick too but then I'm also getting our Christmas decorations out. We did the front of the house Saturday while the weather was nice and was making some head way and then could not find the Christmas tree. After going thought the entire house and the attic twice I found it in the boy's closet behind the door today. Ashley and I put it up but don't have the ornaments on yet. Gotta get the lights just right before we start with the rest of the decorations.

Elaine you running just about every weekend now. You geaux girl!!!

I am ashamed of the way LSU allowed Coach Miles to be treated. He certainly didn't deserve to be humiliated!!! I'm glad we won but didn't even watch the game.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Hey everyone glad to hear you all had a good holiday. Ours was fine still at hospital with sister in law .has been touch and go for nearly 14 days. Today has not been so good but sleeping pretty good right now and plans are to go home tomorrow. Running a minor temp tonight though Hopefully all will be good enough to get released tomorrow .She came into the hospital with a leaking gallbladder so was septic with the heart working at 20%. Got her over that and off the vent .then We almost lost her to a gastric bleed Last Monday then she developed c diff a terribly contagious gut infection on wed so it is amazing that she is as well as she is. God is a mighty healer and I promise you that is the only reason she is still here. Thank you all that prayed for her. I too k it off face book for for exhusband reasons. Please keep her in your prayers that she continues to improve.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Richard had two handicap hang tags. One I kept in my car and one was in his car. When we sold his car I was going to put that tag in the truck. Before I got it in the truck it just disappeared!! That was over two years ago! Last night I was looking through some stuff and I realized the hang tag was in my hand!!!! It just appeared literally out of thin air! No telling what else I will find!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Cindy I didn't realize she was in the hospital . I missed your post. I am familiar with all those problems and they are all extremely serious . Richard went Septic is what got him. The Good Lord us not ready for her to go yet.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Charlotte, you know Richard put that hang tag in your hand, don't you? You must be feeling good about getting your house clean and organized. I know I would and do when I get around to doing that stuff. I find it's so much easier to put stuff in a trash bag or Goodwill pile these days.

Cindy, I didn't remember your SIL being in the hospital and in such serious condition either. Hope she is continuing to improve.

Jeri, I had a small 4-foot tree I used to put in the DR just for a little light in the corner. Last year I got it out of the attic and only could find the bottom portion. I still have no idea what happened to the top. I always kept both pieces in the box it came in, so who knows what happened to it. It was a pretty little tree that looked like a pine tree with exposed bark. Glad you found yours. I bought a smaller one this year to take it's place. I agree with you about the way they treated Les Miles. He's a very good coach and deserved better. I'm glad the national sports announcers came to his defense. Wonder if that turned around the decision. It makes me really mad that colleges put so much stock in one bad season and use that as an excuse for getting rid of a coach. Mark Richt at GA is another example. Good man who didn't deserve to go.

Ripley, MS

I don't know what happened to your coach, as we never watch football. We both went to small country schools that didn't have football so just never was interested in it.

Cindy, I did see the post, but assumed she was better as I hadn't seen anything else. It is sad that you can't even request a prayer for someone without getting someone stirred up, crazy.
I hope she has reached the turning point and is doing better now. I know it has wore you down I hope you are not sick from dealing with it.

Charlotte, I usually do what you are doing in January after the holidays have come and gone. I tell myself I have to get it done so I can play outside when the weather gets nice ! It really feels good to have things nice and clean.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Following after my dad the way I did. There was a pattern to his madness!!! LOL!! Friday night was at the high school for that football game and then Sat. night was at LSU for that game. People called for Coach Miles resignation or that he be fired and honestly I think it was more the news reporters than anyone. LSU never said anything until after the game Sat. night like the outcome may have been different if we lost. Coach Miles conducted himself with total dignity throughout it all. Hats off to him for that alone.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Hello All ! Trying to catch up! Glad everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Charlotte, sounds like you are progressing well with your cleaning....I'm still waiting on you to venture south to help me! :) I had big plans to get my house decorated over the weekend and some of my gifts wrapped but that sure didn't happen. I am not quite thru with my shopping but I am VERY close!

Kyle, Maddie, and their new baby puppy, Fitz, were in a car wreck on Cantrell Monday evening. It totaled Kyle's car, but thankfully everyone is ok! We are currently dealing with insurance, etc and trying to figure out what on earth we are going to do about replacing his car! Also, Maddie found out last night she was accepted into the PA program at UAB, so I think they will be moving to Birmingham next summer. Not definite yet, but that is what I expect.

Alex, Natalie and their dog Joanie, Kyle, Maddie and their dog Fitz were all at the house on Wednesday night and it was a ZOO ! Neither of the big dogs had met the puppy and it has been close to a year since my Rottie has seen their big dog so it was an adventure to say the least! I was exhausted from just dealing with the dogs! But, then we went to my sister's the next day and had a really great lunch and visit before starting our wild shopping adventures.
We got the key to Kyle and Maddie's apartment and got to crash there for a few hours at 5 the next morning then went back at it. We made a LOT slower progress when we went back out because everyone was out and the lines were long. But, we got most everything my sister wanted and so everyone was happy! :)

Elaine - you are just running races all the time! Good for you!!

We have had LOTS of water here...... had to route around the long way to get to Arkadelphia on Sunday night because the road was closed . We came back the Gurdon route, but Leigh went that way today and said water is over that road as well - just not closed yet. Jess may not get to come home for her Christmas party this weekend if it doesn't recede quickly. My company Christmas party is Friday and they have had to relocate it as well due to flooding.
It was so dry - now everything is soaked. guess it is feast or famine on the rain!

Hope everyone has a good night!

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Things did not go so good last night continuing to have problems so please keep Harriet in your prayers.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Cindy sorry to hear things are not going well with Harriet. C did as well as all those other things you mentioned are really hard to over come. C diff seems to be really common in people with Alzheimer's/dementia. Not sure why but they really seem prone to infections. Praying for her.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Happy for Maddie getting accepted to UAB!! Maybe that means we'll see each other now and then, Genna, when y'all come for a visit. Sorry they had a wreck and know y'all are thankful they weren't hurt. I don't know much about B'ham but there is a lot of apartment-type housing and other small housing areas close to UAB. Some good, some not-so, but if you need help, I can always ask my DIL. She is teaching in the nursing dept at UAB and all our kids lived in the area when they were in school there. Some people buy condos and then re-sell them when they leave. There is a good turn-over of the good ones. My friend whose son went to med school there did that and they sold it right away to another med student when the time came.

Praying for Harriet, Cindy.

Our rain is finally moving on out today. Ready for some sunshine and dry weather for a while. Supposed to be colder but I don't mind that.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Cindy, so sorry to hear she had a rough night. Continuing to lift up prayers on Harriett's behalf and for you and the family.

Thanks Elaine! I am fairly positive that is where they will be headed. Not looking forward to dealing with that 7 hr drive, but I am excited that she got accepted there. I know I have asked before, but how far are you from B'ham? We may be hollering about housing ideas for sure! If they go there, they will more than likely be there 5 years. Maddie's program is only 2, but Kyle could not get into dental until at least 2017, so that is 4 more years. If they are going to be there that long, I would much rather them buy than rent that long!!

I know Kyle and Alex looked it up and IF Alex could land in Chattanooga, they would only be 2 hrs apart! Alex and Natalie are leaving Saturday for Chattanooga. I believe he interviews next Tuesday or Wednesday, but they have friends that he met at UAMS that are in Chattanooga, so Natalie is going and they are going out early to visit and see the area. I am in charge of 'grand dog' sitting...LOL..... Jessica is not going to be happy with getting to LR and everyone else leaving! :)

Hope everyone has a great day!

Ripley, MS

I see the sunshine today! It has been cloudy on me since early Thanksgiving afternoon, so it feels good to see it out today.

Genna, I have some advice about Birmingham. Always say, "God please help me!" before getting on I 65 or I 20----and remember to give thanks when you get off !!!!!!!
That is the most important thing !!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Cantrell is notorious for wrecks! Glad they were not hurt. I drive up and down it every day almost. Fabulous Finds my new mall is at the bottom of Cantrell hill. When they finally finish the construction around Stein Mart - Edwards I hope they add some turning lanes. I've learned to stay off Cantell going to my house late in the afternoon. Traffic is terrible with everyone getting on the interstate. I get off at Misdissippr and cut through Leawood to get to Rodney Parham and then home.

The sun is finally out today!!! I have a big shipment coming in between 12 and 2 today. I am going to take it slow unpacking. The last big shipment I had was when I had the sciatica problem. I was in a big hurry to get it unpacked and get the stuff inside and get back home to check on Richard.

My uverse main box went out the other day. I couldn't pause or record on my tv and when I did the trouble shooting it said there was a problem and my system needed to be rebooted. It would not reboot. The guy I talked to said my main box needed to be replaced. A new one will be here today. They just gave you do it yourself rather than send a tech out. I just need to unplug the cables and rep lug it into the new box. I hope it works as right now I don't have phone, tv or Internet ! All that is controlled through one box.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra we did a cross post. I am so glad to see the sunshine too!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

We can be into downtown Birmingham from our house in a little over an hour and a half on a good day. We always allow 2 but can make better time depending on time of day, traffic, etc. We do I-65 most of the time and then Highway 36 to our house. Our son and DIL lives in Mt Olive which is just north of B'ham and we can be there in a little over an hour. I-59 runs to Chattanooga so it would be interstate all the way and pretty fast. Genna, you are welcome to stay with us any time you visit. The kids too...we have 2 BR no one uses much. So just let me know. Will save you on a hotel room!

Sandra is so right about I-65 and I-20 around B'ham. I-20/59 intersection w/I-65 is known as Malfunction Junction for a reason. And the drivers are just crazy in/around the downtown B'ham area especially. We know some neighborhood shortcuts to get to Hoover to our other son's house. And when we are headed thru the downtown/UAB area we just stay put in the middle until we need to get off.

Ripley, MS

I think I have let everyone know, but just in case I missed someone, we lost a good friend today
Mary Baker passed away in her sleep last night. She had a hard fight with cancer for several years that is now done, but the rest of us are sad and will miss her so much.
Praying God's Best Blessings on Jeri and her family as they go through the next few terrible weeks. Jeri also had a cousin pass away yesterday.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Thank you, Sandra. I'm so sorry to hear about Mary, even though I never met her as I know many of you did.

Jeri, if you're listening, God's blessings to you and your family as you go through the coming days. Hadn't heard about your cousin either, but I know Mary had been fighting the good fight for so long and you must be very sad to lose both of them.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra thank you so much for letting us know about Mary. We saw her when we went by Jeri's back in March - and ya'll she looked SOOOO good! I was just shocked at how wonderful she looked. Then it was only a few months later they said her dreaded cancer was back. :( I am so thankful she went peacefully, she deserved that after all she had been thru, but my heart is heavy.

Charlotte, that area you are talking about is where the wreck was, although I do not know the exact spot. They have totaled his car and so now we are trying to figure out what we are going to do.

Thanks for the advice on Birmingham.....sounds like a place I will not enjoy driving in! :( But, it is always better once you know WHERE you have to go. Those first few trips until you learn the exits, etc are crazy! Will make me happy to get back to Camden! :)

So Elaine, are you North of Birmingham?

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I am so sorry about Mary. I know she was such a good friend to you and you certainly took good care of her through all her illnesses. No could have done a better job than you.

Genna I hadn't thought that much about just how dangerous Cantrell is until Jeff spent the month with his dad. His dad lived on Cantrell and Jeff was continually complaining about all the unprotected left turns we have. They don't have any unprotected left turns where he lives. He would turn right and go around the block instead of turning left. I've started doing the same thing. Sometimes I can't go around a block but I will still turn right and then turn left across just one lane of traffic instead of two and make a block or turn through a parking lot.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Genna, yes, we are north of Birmingham, just outside of Huntsville.

Ripley, MS

Jeri, if you are reading, I am praying for you, much love is sent your way.

Cindy, did you get SIL home yesterday ?

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

thanks so much for the prayers. Had some more complications and back in a skilled nurse room. I am staying the night and she is sleeping good with a bi- pap machine. Her oxygen levels fell last night really low but are up now. Every day is one more day towards getting well.
I talked to Jeri thank you for letting us all know Sandra. I really liked Mary. I stayed with Jeri several times and always enjoyed bantering with Mary. We all lost a nice friend. She will be missed. Prayers for Jer and may the Lord wrap her in his comfort.

Ripley, MS

Yes, we did lose a friend. She didn't buy plants or didn't really understand why we did, but other than that she was right in there with us ! She told me once that she didn't need any, she would just open her door and look at Jeri's !!!

So sorry Harriet is not doing as well, but you want her at her best to go home.

Love to you Jeri and Jim

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Cindy I'm sorry to hear Harriet is not doing well. Don't wear yourself out too! I know it's hard but try to get some rest.

No Mary didn't need to grow flowers. Like she said she had all she could want right out her back door! Thinking of you today Jeri!

The sun is shining!!! It a lot colder and has been getting in the low 30's a night but I still have dragon wing begonias blooming! They must be tough. The ones in the yard are looking spindly but the ones under the pergola still look like they did this summer! I don't imagine that's going to last long.

Ripley, MS

Enjoy while you can Charlotte ! Tomorrow will be my sisters birthday, I remember one time on her birthday I came home and had a pot of petunias still blooming on my porch. Maybe all those naysayers about the bad winter we will have are wrong !

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I still have petunias blooming on porch Sandra! But, I am afraid come January things will be different .... of course, you never know..... might be hot! LOL

Cindy, sorry to hear she had another setback, but I agree that you want her in good shape before returning home. Better to have a set back while you are there so they have the means to deal with it. Hope you are taking care of yourself. Sitting in the hospital is one of the worst things - about the only thing worse is being the patient!

Kyle's bday was yesterday. He turned 23, and Jess will be 22 next Thursday! I think I might be getting old! LOL

I managed to get my Christmas tree up over the weekend and FINALLY got some lights on it night before last. I will wait for Jess to get home to put on the ornaments. I got some little decorative trees outside my front door last night, but other than my big nativity that I left out all year, I don't have anything else done. I KNEW I should have started at the first of November! :)

I have texted Jeri back and forth a few times in the past few days, and in one of the texts she had learned from her meeting with the pastor that his son is in school at OBU....... small world!! I tell you one thing, we would ALL be blessed if we had someone as good as Jeri taking care of us at the end. Mary was truly blessed to have her. I will sure miss seeing her though - she was definitely one of our group with or without flowers. In fact, she might have been the smartest one - no purchase expense, no digging, no weeding, and yet look at all the blooms she got to enjoy! Maybe we should all move to Jeri's! :)

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

LOL, Genna, about moving to Jeri's. Thing is she would probably let us. And put us to work weeding or something.

Our tree has been up since Sunday afternoon but still doesn't have a single ornament on it. It is pre-lit and I told Earl it will get done eventually. Probably this weekend.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I still don't have my tray decorated!!! LOL

I'm going to a ugly Christmas sweater pot luck lunch tomorrow. I was looking for my ugly Christmas jewelry to wear with it and found 320.00 in a bank envelope in a chest in my bedroom! Maybe I better speed up my cleaning out of drawers! It was not money Richard had that I had put up. His was all $100 bills. This was in an envelope from my bank and all $20's. I had clipped the $20's together into $100 bundles. I can't believe I just totally forgot about $320 and don't remember why I have it!!!

I've got to put labels on soap tonight! I steadily sell my soap and my supply had really gotten low.

Ripley, MS

I was laughing about you not remembering why you had the money, I sure hope it wasn't for any of your bills that can get cut off----LOL ! I know you probably don't pay any bills with cash, but that would probably be my luck. I pay all mine through the bank now and just lay them on my table when they come in. I laid my house insurance bill there and forgot about it, when I remembered it it was due the next day, they didn't charge me a late fee, but I try to go ahead and pay them the day they come in now so I don't slip up like that again. My bank only charges 5 bucks for bill pay and I would have tripled that with stamps, it is a good thing for me to use as I will always have a record too.

I haven't texted Jeri because I figured she had her hands full with all going on down there. Maybe soon she will feel up to chatting with us here again, miss you Jeri !

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I'm like you and pay all my bills on line. I try to do it the day they come in too but if I don't I put them on a table right by the chair I use to work on my laptop. Whatever I had the money for obviously I didn't spend it (or had some left over) so I guess I just have extra money for whatever!! Still can't believe that I would just forget I had that much cash! LOL My mother died in 1996. Five or six years after she died I was looking through one of my photo albums and found $100 in it. I had no idea how it got there. But the more I thought about it I knew my mother had probably put it there one time they were visiting. I was the one that always had family for holiday, etc. She was always trying to give me money for food, etc. but I would never take it. I would sometimes get out photo albums for her to look at. I just know she put it in there. It took me that long to find it because I seldom looked at them myself. Sometimes after they left I would find money somewhere in the kitchen but she really decided to hide it in the album!

For a while I thought I had donated all my good winter boots to Goodwill!! I couldn't find them - looked in the attic where I usually store them - not there - no where in my closet!! I had donated a whole bunch of stuff to Goodwill back in the early summer including a bunch of old winter boots. I just knew I had gotten my good ones mixed up with them!!! Finally last night I found them in a closet I never use and have never put shoes in!!! Boy was I relieved! Maybe I have too many hidie holes!!!

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Ripley, MS

Jerry's Mom has been asking us to bring her a pair of clogs from her house. There are no clogs at her house ! Cathy had to go there last weekend to pick up a heater she needed and Mom asked her to find the clogs, Cathy didn't find them either. We have a case of the disappearing clogs !!!! Cathy said she did have them at one time because she bought them for her.
She will have her surgery Tues morning and when it is over,, I will go straight to Caylas to go with her for a colonoscopy on Wed. The stomach doc is finally trying to help her. He thinks she has IBS, but when he saw psoriasis in her history he insisted she do this, he said that psoriasis can cause plaque build up in your colon. I did not know that, of course there is a whole world of things I don't know -----

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Found money is the best kind! Like finding a $20 in a coat pocket or something. Enjoy! Charlotte I saw your 'ugly sweater' party on FB. Some of those sweaters didn't look that bad to me, but I'll bet y'all had fun.

Watching the SEC championship game now. Have a pot of chili on the stove and beer bread in the oven. We visited my friend at the rehab hospital this morning and took her lunch and some hot coffee. She had knee replacement and is doing really well. Should go home later this week. Then we went to a local hardware store and browsed at a Christmas market downtown before coming home. A beautiful day.

Hope you all had good weather this weekend too.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I have finally read everyone's post and can't possible tell Yall what each of your prayers and thoughts have meant to me!!! There has been moments where the prayers carried me through!!! I love you all!!!

Genna I had to laugh that Yall were moving in but I do have the guest house back if anyone would stay out there. Ashley wants us to move the guest house and Mary's car off the property!!!

Elaine that is a wonderful idea but right now believe it or not there are no weeds but it looks like I need to take some of my frustrations out on cutting things back. LOL!!!!

Chris' GF's great grandfather died last Sat., Chris had an extra fishing shirt that he intended to give Tori to bury her GGF in and Chris had bought a new one for himself. Long story short, Chris mixed them up and Tori's GGF got the new one.

I had never heard that about psoriasis. I guess I need to have them check Jim for that then cause he has psoriasis and has for years.

That is good luck finding money!!! Sounds like you need to plan a plant shopping expedition for the spring.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I know you have had a stressful week! It sounds like you all had 3 deaths in the same week! Mary, Chris's GF GGF and your cousin.

My dad had a similar reaction as Ashley when my mother died. He wanted all of her clothes out of the house as soon as the funeral was over! He wanted her purse but he wanted me to get all her clothes out of the house immediately. So after we got back from the cemetery I had to start going through her clothes. All of her good clothes I took to her sister who lived in the same town was the same size. Everything else I had to pack up in my car and bring back to Little Rock and take to Goodwill. He was adamant that he wanted them gone! I'm sure it was just too much of a reminder for him that she was gone. They shared a large walk in closet with her things on one side and his on another.

Yes Elaine my ugly sweater party was fun. The house the party was at was also a fun fun house. She had "stuff" everywhere! I was just amazed when I walked in. It's all fun stuff. For example she had one picture of a very serene lake and there was a pig leaping into the pond! She had super imposed the image on the scene. She had collections of every type! There wasn't a surface or a wall space that didn't have something on it. I could never live in a place like that but it was sure fun to look at. I don't know how she ever finds any thing she happens to sit down.

Another beautiful sun shiny day! I still have flowers blooming! I discovered I even have some impatiens still blooming in a pot under the pergola.

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