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Days gone byHoliday Memories and chat

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Here are the flowers still blooming,

My found money is going to come in very handy! I'm going to buy some plants this spring but not as many as normal. I don't want a lot of stuff I have to stay on top of watering! December is a very busy month with activities and get togethers and I'm going to CA for Christmas. Jan and Feb I'm going to really work on getting this house organized! Then come spring I plan to get out and do some traveling. I'm going back to CA sometime in the spring. Then I plan to just get out do some short road trips . I am going to Market in Dallas in Jan. I haven't been able to go in several years. I need to find some more money to go with what I've already found!!! LOL

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Ripley, MS

Keep looking Charlotte--LOL

Jeri, I know Ashley thinks that would be the answer, but then she would just look out and say, there is where Aunt Mary used to live. Everyone handles things differently. I would have rather rested and cried a couple of weeks, but Pat insisted we clean out Mammas house right away. She was afraid someone would break in and steal her stuff, or a homeless person would stay there. It took us about a week to do all the cleaning and sorting, then a few more weeks to get all the furniture out. She had so many knick knack things, we put boxes on the floor with all the grandkids and great grands names on them and just filled them up for them to have something of hers.

Cindy, how is Harriet?

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I had a fun night with my neighbors! My neighbor at the end of cul de sac sent me a message this afternoon inviting me to come and have ribs with them and two other families. Her husband made the ribs and we all brought sides. There were 7 adults, 8 kids, 2 big dogs (one dog belonged to one of the neighbors that was there) and 2 cats! One cat had decided to sleep in the middle of the big tray with christmas houses in the center of the table. Loud noisy, totally informal but lots of fun.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how blessed I am to have so many friends in my life that check on me and include me in things. I can see how so many people have such a hard time adjusting after a spouse dies and how lonely they can be. When Richard was in hospice the chaplain came to see me to see how he could help and to see if I needed anything. I told him I had friends and my pastor that were helping. He told me I was fortunate that so many people were there all alone without anyone to turn to. Just counting my blessings!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Yes, Charlotte we have been double timing with the funerals this week. Even had Mary's wake and funeral Friday morning and afternoon and my cousin's wake Friday evening.

I'm glad that you enjoyed your visit with your neighbors and I agree you are blessed with good friends and wonderful neighbors!!!

Cindy I got a friend request from you on FB and when I clicked on the page it was empty. I think you have been hacked.

Sandra did Pat have a HB?

We had so many women at our Journey Girls night tonight they had to put about 100 additional seating in the auditorium. I think it was just what I needed.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Yes Jeri I was hacked. Glad you are posting hope you are well.

Harriet is doing about the same gave her blood to get the hemoglobin up and this caused extra fluid on her body and the lungs, so they gave her steroids and lasix. That took days to work but the steroids caused her sugar to elevate so they are giving her insulin. Sleeping with bipap tonight or shall I say lying there not sleeping. Overall her health is better if they could get the edema down . Please continue to pray. Hope she can eventually get some sleep . I am sure the steroids are keeping her awake.

Charlotte nice find maybe you had some furniture you were preparing to buy and it did not work.
Anyway it is nice to have unexpected windfall.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Just wanted to show you a photo of my jealous cat. He gets between me and the IPad.

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sandra, I meant to say that I had never heard of psoriasis being associated with anything going on in the colon either, but the medical community is always finding new associations, so I guess I learned something! Hope everything goes smoothly with Cayla. It's a good idea to have those things but boy the prep is no fun.

Cindy, I saw a friend request sometime yesterday from you and thought it was odd but I didn't ever go look at it and then it went away. Later I saw your post about being hacked. It happens. I guess we should all change our passwords often but I really don't do it as often as I should. Cute kitty!!

Charlotte, glad you had such fun at the get-togethers this weekend. You do have a lot of good friends who have rallied around you. It's easy for people to feel funny about asking a single person to join in, so I'm glad your friends and neighbors aren't like that. I never understood that line of thought.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I hope Harriet can get some sleep too. If you are staying with her at night I'm sure you're not getting any sleep either. Praying for Harriet. Take care of yourself too!

I've been cooking more than I had in a long time! I'm having to restock my condiments. I used to always use things like mayo, etc up before they expired. All that kind of stuff in my refrigerator had expired. Our MG Christmas get together for our individual project is tomorrow. I have to take a dish to it. Wed is my church meeting and lunch and then Thursday is my Birthday Group get together. We meet in a restaurant. It's turned out to be more of a support group. We starting getting together 30 years ago. Then life happened for a lot of us and several moved away. We didn't get together monthly for about 20 years. Then a couple in the group got us back together several years ago. Now we just get together for lunch every quarter. But it's interesting how as we've gotten older how our priorities have changed and things that were important years ago are no longer important. One in the group lost her husband to cancer 20 years ago (shortly before we stopped getting together). Another one lost her husband last year and then Richard this year. Another lost her adult son (only child) several years ago. Two in the group are going through some serious health problems. We do stay in touch between our lunches and there to provide support for anyone that needs it.

Another beautiful day! It's 49 degrees at 9:30. It's going to be warm all week. I can get so much more accomplished even if I'm inside when the weather is warm. I'm just not a winter person!! I just seem to have so much more energy on a pretty sun shiny day!!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Jeri - glad to see you posting. I know it was a rough week - and that there will be many sad days before it becomes "normal" again. I agree Ashley probably thinks to get rid of the things will get rid of the pain - but it doesn't usually work that way.

Unfortunately, when my Mom died, we cleaned out several things pretty quickly such as clothes and shoes, but then left a lot of the other stuff. My siblings got all the things they wanted and then because I got the house I got all the other "stuff" to go with it. It took me two years to empty the house and I thought time would help and instead it got harder every time I went. I have a renter in the house and most of the time I can walk in without it bothering me - then out of the blue I walk in one day and almost fall apart because it is so different than when my Mom was there. I don't think grief ever fully goes away...... :(

Charlotte, you are very blessed to have so many friends and to live in such a great neighborhood! Glad they are involving you in their gatherings! I do much better when it is sunny as well. I can accomplish more inside or out when it is daylight outside too. Once it gets dark it seems like I slow to a crawl.

Jess didn't even come home in time Saturday to stop by the house before her party. We were in LR on our way back home, but normally she would have stopped to pet the dogs and let them out. We had to go stop by the house and let the dogs out, then we had to make a quick run to my sister's house to feed her dogs because they were out of town. Jess beat us home the second time by just a few minutes. I had left lots of lights on and our Rottie out so I knew she would be ok coming in by herself. She got up Sunday morning, had breakfast, and put her ornaments on the tree - then she headed back to Arkadelphia. Last week was unbelievably busy and stressed and this week will be too! She has one professor for a 3 hr chem course who is giving them assignments as work as if the class was an 8 - 10 hr class. Even makes them come an extra hour to class plus has a mandatory study session one day a week. This week they have to be in class by 8:45 on MWF or they are docked points on the "group exam" they are having. The exam will take place during ALL 3 class periods this week! Then on top of that they have two large group assignments in math cad for that class that is also due this week. One day last week they were in math cad lab for over 6 hrs! Just crazy the work they are having to do for this class. Then she is taking 17 additional hours so it has been chaotic to say the least. She has this week to survive, and then finals next week.

I managed to get my outside lights up after she left, and a few decorations out inside. Thought I would get the rest of the ornaments on the tree, but I didn't.......maybe tonight! LOL

Hope everyone has a great day!

Ripley, MS

Yes, Pat had a good birthday, one of her daughters brought her an adult coloring book and some colored pencils, she was excited about that, Her son put money in her account. I had given her what I got her when we went to the eye doc the week of T-giving, some warm pajamas.

Most of you know Jerry has 3 sisters and a brother, his oldest sister is Nellie. Her grandson went to church yesterday morning, his wife wasn't feeling well and told him she was just going to lay there and rest. When he got home, she was dead. She was 34 and they have a toddler. So sad. His name is Will and I would appreciate a prayer for him. She was working every day and only complained of a tummy ache when she went to bed Sat night. Life is so uncertain and death so sure. Be ready my friends.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

You are so right Sandra! We need to make the best of every day! Similar thing just happened to a friend I went to high school with. She found her 43 year old son dead in his apartment about a week ago. They had an autopsy to determine what had happened and he had had a heart attack. The really sad part about it is his wife had died of a sudden heart attack several years ago. Now their 10 and 12 year old grandsons are without either parent. I knew my friend had been keeping the grandson a lot but didn't realize their mother had died.

Cindy I bet you are absolutely right about the money!!! Especially since I had clipped the $20's into 100. groups. Bet I just put it in the drawer as I don't like to carry lots of cash and then just forgot about it!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Such sad stories about these young people passing away so suddenly. Breaks my heart.
You are so right, Sandra. We do need to live every day to its fullest and to the glory of God. And be thankful for each one.

Genna, I finally got our tree decorated this weekend. I started it after the Alabama game and finished it yesterday. Put the mailbox wreath on and the wreaths on the lamp posts by the driveway and a wreath on the garage light. I was going to put something on the front porch but never did get around to it. I got the wreath on the door last weekend. The tree has been up for a week but I didn't get decorations on it til now. There was one small box of decorations I didn't even put on the tree. I really need to weed out a bunch of stuff I don't use and decide what to do with all of it.

I got a few things wrapped yesterday too and managed to clean out the floor of one of my walk-in closets where I keep boxes of decorations. I need to get a couple of clear plastic bins for some things on the shelves and finish straightening that closest. It was already looking better.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Well I've decided to go all out with my decorating this year! I went by T J Maxx this afternoon and bought a tablecloth with cute christmas trees on it and a red burlap runner. I'm going to put the red burlap runner under the tray I'm going to decorate! If I can just remember where I put the things that go in the tray!!! LOL Then the table will be decorated with the cute tablecloth!

I was trying to see if I could find some small things to give to the boys. I'm going to give them all money which they now prefer to get. But I want some small things to wrap up so they have something to open. I'll probably just end up getting socks and some candy, etc.

I've asked all of them what they want and they all said there really wasn't anything they wanted or needed. I said you're just going to get money then and you can always save it until you need something. I got a very good response to that! LOL

Ripley, MS

I think all the older kids want money. Even Molly likes money, she will be 10 on the 13th. Last year she said, give me a dollar toy and money. So that is what she will get ! Her party is Sat.
I have decided not to go to Mammaws procedure in the morning. It will be about 5 hours of driving if I go there and then leave for Caylas from there. Jerry and Cathy are going and of course Glends and Richard will be there. I went by to see Nellie this afternoon and she was pitiful, she said Will was inconsolable. He wasn't there so I left something for him with her.
Caylas procedure is at Jackson TN Wednesday. She is to arrive at 8am, not sure when the procedure is. Sometimes we just have to choose what we can do. Eli has streph, he went to the doc today, I sure hope Cayla doesn't get it.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yes Sandra you just have to do what you can do. You can't always do everything. I bet Will is really lost. It had to be such a shock to come home and find her. When they are so young and seem so healthy it is always more of a shock. It will take him a long time to start healing. What kind of procedure is Cayla having???

I have found a way to cut down on all the robo calls on my home phone. I ended up keeping my home phone for the next year. I got it down to a rate I felt I could live with. I've discovered there is a way I can go in and turn on a setting that will keep calls that do not identify themselves from going through. My phone will ring (there is probably a way I can do something about that) but it will not put the call through. Instead they get a recording that says that I'm not accepting unidentified callers or something to that affect. Then I also found that I can enter calls I wanted blocked. So if I gets one of those calls from someones cell phone that is actually someone trying to sell something I can just put that number in to be blocked. My phone seldom rings anymore!!! Yeah!!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sandra, you just can't be everywhere and do everything. Praying for Cayla and your safe travels today. Hope the procedure goes well. So sad for little Will. He must be really lost without his Mama. I hope they will take him to a counselor. A co-worker's sister died unexpectedly a couple of years ago (aneurysm), leaving a toddler and a 4-year old. She is co-raising the now 6-year old and they did take him to counseling. He had a hard time for a while. The baby did too, but not quite as much as she was only around 1, but they still took her to counseling for separation issues.

Charlotte, Cayla is having a colonoscopy. Tell me more about that setting - we got new phone for our land line and there is a feature to block certain calls and it helps but then new ones come in so I have to block individual ones. It works but is sometimes a pain. It will ring once and then I can tell it was blocked. I can do the same on my cell phone. It's a lot easier on it.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I'm glad that Pat had a nice birthday!! How much older is she than you?

My prayers go up for both of these young families. I know the heart break of not only telling but assisting to raise babies after their parent goes to be with Jesus.

Terrie attended a bereavement group at her church after Cameron died. It lasted 6 months and really helped her so much. Now her and 2 other ladies are conducting a group of their own and that is helping even more.

Prayers also today for mawmaw and Cayla tomorrow during their procedures.

It seems lately in this old world that I can't keep up, there is so much happening at once that I feel overwhelmed. Thank goodness, I know without a doubt that the Lord has got all of this and will work it for the good of those that love him!!! Be brave my friends as we go about our everyday activities but be aware of your surroundings and be safe!!!!

Charlotte I'm glad you have decided to go all out!!! I would love pictures!!! I just wish I could get that tree decorated...that is my goal today!!

Elaine I saw your beautiful tree and dog on FB. Congrats on your last race!!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I was being funny! All I have is a new table cloth for the kitchen table with Christmas trees on it and a red burlap runner!!! Still haven't gotten out the few little things I had in the tray. May not get past the tablecloth! At least I made an effort of some sort!

Elaine the features I'm talking about are not on the actual phone. I have ATT Uverse and I have an online account. When I go into my account there is a button on the left side called options. Within that tab is where I can manage all those things. I don't have to do anything on my actual telephone. I just decided to google one day to see if there was a way to block calls on my land line and discovered it. It is so much easier to block things on your iphone. I am starting to get more calls I don't want on it. It's just about as easy on your land line once you can figure out how to get to the right thing. I imagine other carriers have similar features. I think the feature that helps the most is blocking calls that do not display who they are from - just a number shows up. Those are always robo calls.

I remember now that Cayla was having the colonoscopy. Too many things have been going through my brain recently.

This is a scary world now but I agree we can't just stop living and hide away some where. We do need to use common sense and be alert when we are out and about. The Good Lord does have it under control and we just have to trust in him.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra, hope everything went ok today with her procedure - and Cayla's as well ! And I sure hope that Cayla didn't catch the strep from Eli - but most of the times the kids are more susceptible to the strep - but I know Cayla may not have a full immune system after all she has been thru. Hope it all goes well and that you have safe travels!

My kids give me a list! LOL..... specific items, sizes and colors, and I pick and choose what I want to get. Some email me links, Natalie and Maddie did pinterest want lists and in the case of Natalie, I coordinate with her mother and Alex so that we dont duplicate gifts. I am sure they would all appreciate money as well. I usually give the DILs money for their bdays, but my kids all have bdays so close to Christmas that i usually just pick something off the list to designate as their bday gift. I just about have everything purchased and MOST of it has come in...... but I have yet to wrap a single thing. MAYBE I can get some of those done tonight. I managed to get a shelf cleaned off last night where another of my nativities go and got it out. One of my biggest problems is trying to find a place to put the stuff that is normally there!! AND remember WHERE i put it! :( I am putting some of those things in the boxes the nativity pieces came out of so they will be protected and I can find them when I put the nativity up! LOL

I wish there would have been a bereavement group to have gone to when my Dad died. I had never experienced anything in my life that hurt like that did and if I hadn't had small children at home that HAD to be taken care of, I think I might have climbed in a bottle and never came back out. ( and I was NOT a drinker) I had never understood that type of addictive behavior until then - all of a sudden I knew WHY some people turned to alcohol or pills to escape! Instead, I did a lot of crying and a lot of praying and the Lord got me thru. I have NO IDEA how people cope who aren't saved and don't believe in Heaven or Hell! I know I would not have made it without the reassurance that I would see him again. It was hard when I lost my Mom but she suffered so very much before she died and I knew she was more than ready to go. It didn't take the hurt away, but I was able to cope with it much better than before. The missing them never goes away and my birthday is always the worst.

I hope everyone has a good evening. I better get on that wrapping!! :)

Ripley, MS

Mammaw did fine yesterday, Glenda said she is having some pain, but they told her to expect that until her leg adjusted to the blood flowing again. Her appointment was 9am yesterday for procedure and they didn't even start until 2 pm. It was almost 8 before they let her go home last night. I am glad I decided to not wait for all that before driving to Cayla.
We are here at the surgery center now waiting for them to call Cayla. I hope our day goes a little better than Mammaws did yesterday.
Eli has streph and refused to take his medicine yesterday, Cayla called the doc and asked if I could bring him in for a shot. She was doing her prep and Bryan was at work. Poor baby got a big old shot of penicillin. The doc came in and listened to him. She said if he wasn't a lot better today to bring him back for another. Jana is with him today. She said she would take him if we are detained here. He was coughing really bad this morning. He isn't eating much or drinking much, I guess his throat hurts too bad.
There is no bargaining with him. He will either do what you want or he won't ! He is such a sweet and precious child, but you just have to work around what he will do. He had been taking the Tylenol and Motrin on Sunday before they took him on Monday and he took one dose of the antibiotic and they couldn't get anything else down. He might take it in his mouth, but then he would spit it out. Life with autism is definitely different !!

Ripley, MS

Cayla is finished and fine,not back to the room yet. Found nothing, but did take biopsies. She sees him again in 2 weeks

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Whoa! What happened to the old DG format?!? Did something change since this morning? I for one don't like the new, but I guess if the admins decided to change it, we'd better get used to it. Had to look for the current page as everything is on different pages now, not just at the bottom anymore.

Glad you posted, Sandra, as I've been thinking about y'all all day. I'm glad they didn't find anything with Cayla. Did she have a couple of polyps or something they took biopsies from? Also glad to hear Mammaw is fine too, but that was a long day for her I'm sure. And hope Eli is better today.

I think we're about done with Christmas shopping. Well I thought so until I remembered a few small gifts I always need to buy. Mostly gift cards for this one or that one. We always get a little something for our postal and paper carriers and then I have to make something for Sunday for our get together with the boys in Birmingham and their families. We're getting everyone Visa cards to spend where they want to spend it.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I don't like this new format either!!!!! Takes too many steps to get to the end!!!!!! Don't like all the ads! I'm sure it benefits Dave's but I don't want to add!!

Sandra glad everything went well with Cayla!

Everyone used to give me a list and I coordinated with Kristi. They could never come up with anything for their list last year so I just gave everyone money! That seemed to be a big hit! Sure makes things easier!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I just complained to Administration about the new format!!!!! This is ridiculous!!! I tried to find a forum I don't have marked to follow but check from time to time. I can't find it!!!! I would have to go through hundred of forums for many years back to locate it!! Maybe I'm just stupid! I also don't like having to preview every post especially when I don't have any photos to post!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I don't like to preview every time either, Charlotte, and I'm glad you complained. If I could have figured out how to complain yesterday (and if I had had time) I would have. I can't find any of the bookmarked forums I followed either. And I don't like having to go to the last page to get to the newest posts. I sometimes preview if I've posted photos but that's about the only time. And I REALLY don't like all the ads.
And what's up with all the really old posts at the bottom? Things from 2007 and 2008? Really? Some of these people are no longer even members here I don't think. Haven't heard from corgimom in a long long time.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I found the message DG sent me notifying me it was time to renew. I sent my complaint to that address. It wasn't easy to figure out!!! I got a reply this morning from Melody. She said there was a bug keeping from going straight to the newest post. She there were other bugs but that one was a high priority and would hopefully be fixed today. I do not like the ads either!!!!!! I'm sure Dave's is getting compensated for the ads. She said the new format would make it much more friendly for phones and tablets. I first discovered the new format on my iphone. While the format was more easy to read I could not navigate to anything I wanted to see. I finally gave up trying to get to the new posts and tried again on my laptop at home. That's when I said this is ridiculous and sent the email!!!

On another note I accidentally dropped my iphone in the toilet yesterday afternoon. I grapped it as soon as it hit the water. It never sank. Everything appeared to be ok. But then I got a call and couldn't hear anyone on the line. Finally figured out my sound was on headphones. I googled and found several things to try none of which worked. I could hear if I turned the speaker feature on. But I certainly couldn't always use my phone with the speakers on. I finally realized I had a update I had not installed. I decided to install it and see what happened. Thank goodness that worked!!! I am always careful about my phone in my pocket around the toilet but this time it was in my back pocket where I don't usually carry it. You can believe I will be extra careful in the future!!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

My worst fear! I dropped my Blackberry (work provided) once when I was getting a pedicure. I went home and put it in a bowl of dry rice and it started working again in a couple of days. Whew, that was close! I've heard that works but never had to try it and hope I don't. You have an iphone Charlotte? They just pushed a new update yesterday, so you weren't too behind, lol! I just updated mine and my ipad. You might put it in the rice just to make sure.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yes I have an iphone6 plus. I did put it in a bag of rice. I was trying everything!!!LOL. I always do my updates so wasn't I lucky they did a new update yesterday!!!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I am with ya'll I HATE this new format! I had to look thru multiple pages to get to the end - and in the middle of Sandra's post about Cayla was an ad for KY! I know they want to make money but we pay for subscriptions - it shouldn't be like facebook which is free and you have to weed thru all the advertising!!

Charlotte, Jessica dropped her phone in the toilet over a year ago - maybe pushing two at this point. She jerked it out immediately, but she never had any problems with it. I was shocked because I figured it was a goner. I try to avoid carrying my phone in a back pocket for that reason. But, the other day when we were test driving cars I had on jeggings with no front pockets and no where to put my phone. I accidently left it in the back seat when we were test driving a car! Thankfully I remembered it in a few minutes and realized what I had done!

Sandra, so glad to hear that Cayla and Mammaw's procedures went well. Hope that by now Eli is feeling much better! Continuing to pray for Will and all the family....that is such a shock to everyone! How many times have we left someone in the family "not feeling well" to run to town or go to church or even work? We don't expect to find them dead when we return.

Charlotte, I just might do cash and one gift for them to open next year. I literally track what I buy for each kid so that I am spending pretty dang close to the same dollar amount on each one and then the same amount on the DILs. Giving a lump sum cash gift would make it a lot easier and then they could BUY what they want! LOL.... plus, a lot of it would be on sale! Although, I will say almost everything I have purchased this year I have waited and gotten at least 20% off and most things I have managed to pick up at 25 - 30% off so that has helped a lot. Cash would definitely help with wrapping and clean up too. :)

We went to Arkadelphia last night to take Jess her bday present and took her to eat supper. Today is her bday and she is 22 ! But, she has the final section of their multipart group test tomorrow in Pchem and they still don't have another section of problems finished that is part of the group test so I didn't think tonight would be a good night! My 'plan' is to get the rest of my ornaments on my tree and get all those boxes put away and get the boxes for the nativities put away etc. I managed to start wrapping gifts night before last..... I got 5 done so maybe with some luck I can get some more of those done as well.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Ripley, MS

Back home again and very tired, I don't like this either

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I dislike this format more and more!!!!!
Sandra glad you made it back safely.

Yes I've really gotten into a simplified Christmas! I remember when the kids were really small running around to toy stores trying to find stuff and then my dad would also want me to shop for him and he wanted the kids to get an actual gift to open from him! My mom died before Justin and Clint were born. Then I had to ship it all to CA! I remember one year I was late getting it all together and had to pay a ridiculous amount to ship it all. I tried to block the amount I paid out of my mind!
Kristi used to actually do a spread sheet on her computer listing what she had bought and the price for each kid. I don't think she does that anymore. They also gave the boys some money last year. She always buys them a lot of new clothes but she never actually picks it out herself. We usually all go to a mall in downtown San Francisco when we go in for our annual Christmas outing. She has them pick out what they need and want and leave it in piles and then they go outside and she pays for it. They are particular about what they wear and she doesn't want to buy stuff they will end up not wearing.
I've always spent the same amount on Kristi and as do on Jeff. I started that the first year they got married and have always done that. I don't ever give them cash/check together. Each one gets their own check to spend as they want. If they want to combine it that's up to them. I don't spend/give the same amount every year or for every birthday. I guess it just depends on whether I feel I can be more generous or if I need to watch what I'm spending. So it's always a surprise! LOL

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I really dislike this new format and for some reason can't seem to post. If this one goes into cyber space without posting I think I will scream!!! LOL!!

We have given money for years and then it's a big deal the day after Christmas to get in the craziness and buy their prizes at 1/2 price. Total insane but we love it!!! It has turned into our tradition. We do it all together except Jim. He refused to go!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Still hate this new format!! It's supposed to be better for iphone and tablets but sure can't see that that is the case. It takes longer to get to a new post on a phone than it does on a laptop!

My neighbors two houses to the south of me are moving the 17th. They are starting a new business building some new type house. They are building a model they are going to live in. They are having a big moving sale this weekend. Friday and Sat. I decided to tag along with the sale and just put a lot of stuff out in my driveway and see what happens. I didn't have to advertise or run around putting up signs. There was really good traffic all day and I sold a lot of stuff I really wanted to get rid of. The morning started off with a man and a woman getting into a big argument of two Razorback bag chairs!!! Crazy! She wanted to buy both of them but he had already handed me money for one of them. Lots of name calling!!! They ended up each getting one. I decided to pull out a bunch more stuff tonight. I hope a lot of it sales. If it doesn't at least I've gotten started cleaning stuff out. I got enough stuff out of the small bedroom that I will have a place to put the mattresses while I unbolt the daybed. I discovered I had another ironing board. I certainly don't need 2 of them!!

It has been really strange weather for almost the middle of Dec. It's going to be in the mid 70's tomorrow. The low tonight is only going to be around 60! I almost needed the air conditioning on last night for a while. Rain is coming in Sun. Can't remember if it's going to cool things down.

Ripley, MS

We are getting rain this morning, I hope it isn't raining on your sale. I have the format figured out now, but still wound up reading some things posted in 08 on another thread. I guess we all dislike change.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

If the new format would just take us to the end of the thread like it's suppose to when you hit skip to new.

Charlotte here I start my day with the heater on just to warm the house and then around 3:00 it's so muggy the a/c goes on and stays until the next morning when we start over. It's to be 80 here the next 3 days and tomorrow we are suppose to have high winds and some severe weather.

Glad you are getting some things moved out Charlotte. I just locked the door on the guest house last week after we found Mary and have not been back. I need to go at least empty out her refrigerator and clean it up. Just don't have the heart to do that yet or do anything with her clothes either.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Jeri I totally agree. Skip to new should take you to the newest post. And if this is supposed to be more iphone friendly, well it's not. I am on my phone now and have to hit 'read more' to get the whole post!!

Yes, we usually are resistant to change, but I don't mind it if it is positive. This isn't. I made some comments on the survey they sent out. Most of mine were how they could improve the home page, especially doing something about all that white space, and everything down the side. Didn't change a thing there except a couple of tabs at the top.

Rant over. Carry on.

Yes, it is way too warm here too. Rain and winds expected tomorrow night.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Totally agree!!! I'm on my iPhone and it's MUCH less friendly!!! I think this whole format change is just for them to get the paid advertising!!!!! They are just feeding us a bunch of hog wash about doing it to make it more iPhone friendly!!

I'm glad my neighbors are having the sale . I would have never done a garage sale myself. My traffic has been excellent! I' whiten rid of a bunch of stuff - still have a bunch of stuff!! I emptied my 2 two drawer file cabinets last night and sold them today. I forgot I had a bunch of duplicate yard tools but I'll get rid of them in the spring. Most of the stuff I have left over from this sale I'm going to just load in my truck and take straight to Goodwill!

I took all of Richard's clothes to Savers a couple of weeks ago. He had a whole bunch of really good Ralph Lauren long sleeve shirts and windbreakers. I decided to take those to one of my booths and have been selling those good.

Next task is going to be dismantling the day bed and selling it. One thing at a time! It will take me a year to get things all straighten out and in order.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

For a garage sell I did on the spur of the moment I did pretty good. I made a little of $400. There was a lot more stuff I could have brought out but I only spent one night pulling stuff out. I did add some more stuff to it for the second day. Also people would ask me if I had certain things and I would realize I did but hadn't thought to get it out. I didn't get anything out of the storage buildings in the back or out of the attic. I did get rid of a lot of stuff I didn't want to have to load up and haul somewhere. I had a big heavy duty office carpet mat. It was heavy and cumbersome. Some guy bought it and was going to cut it into three pieces to put upside down (real sharp on the back side) on his sofas to keep his cat off them. I had put that stuff out and picked it up for 2 days and I was tired by the end of the day Sat. I'm really glad I did it because I don't know how she advertised but we had people by all day both days. Usually by 10 am the crowd starts really thinning down and by 11 am you might as well shut down. I was taking up what I had left around 4 pm and people were still stopping by! I told them if they found anything they wanted it was half price. They dug through the boxes I had already packed up and bought out of it! Less for me to haul away.

What was really amazing during the garage sale was that Charlie didn't bark at all the commotion! He usually barks at any movement on the street. It goes on all day. But for some reason with me being outside he was quiet all day long! I don't know if he is protecting me when he barks or if he thought I was protecting things being outside. They always know it's me coming home and never bark when I'm coming in the house.

I hate having garage sales but need to do another one in the spring. My next door neighbor told me she would help me with it. I can't believe the amount of stuff I've hauled out of the house in the past month and there is still so much that needs to go!

It's still really warm here but raining today. I think it's going to drop some at night but the forecast is showing temperatures in the mid 70's through Christmas.

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Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Brooklyn & Peyton were in the Christmas program, It's a Tacky Christmas, at church. It was adorable!!! I'll try to post pictures on FB later.

That was great Charlotte!!! I'm glad the weather cooperated for your impromptu garage sale. You did better than well planed ones would go and way less stress. I have tons of stuff that I need to dispose of but have no idea what price to put on things.

It is very gloomy outside but no rain and very windy.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Well I will add my dislike to this format. Hard to get around. Harriet is home from hospital. Doing well but still has a lot to deal with.

I have been suffering with vertigo due to fluid on my ears for 3 weeks.. Had shots pills etc and still persisting. Please lift me up in prayer. I can't read my phone or iPad without getting a little nauseous . Anyway no Time to be sick. I have not shopped other than ordering a few items online. This is definitely going to be a cash year.
Hope everyone is in good health. Thinking of you Charlotte and Jeri .

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