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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri you need to take care of yourself and go to the doctor if you're not drastically better in a day or two. I have 3 friends that have the cold/sore throat/cough that is going around. Two of them have had it for a month and are still very sick. One friend is in TN visiting her daughter and just never goes to the doctor for a cold and especially to one out of town. But she was so sick and not getting better she finally went to a walk in clinic and the doctor said she had a bacterial infection and required different type drugs. The other friend also has a bacterial infection according to her doctor. The third friend came down with it the Sat after Christmas and she is also has a sore throat and cough and is so sick she can't do anything but sleep. So it sounds like the same thing the others have.

I've been on a roll today. I got the daybed totally out of the room and in the garage. I managed to do it myself. The really heavy cumbersome part was the pop up trundle. I used zip ties to secure it really good before I attempted to get it down the stairs. I didn't want it to pop up in the middle of getting it down the stairs. I just took my time and thought it through before moving each piece. I've moved enough furniture I've gotten pretty good at figuring out leverage and angles. I moved a 4 drawer chest downstairs earlier today (small but very heavy). I just took all the drawers out and then let it slide down the stairs on its back. I had to make a turn but just uprighted it on the landing and slid it down the next section of steps. Then I used a towel to slide it across the hardwood in spots. Now I'm taking the popcorn off the ceiling in the room. Have about 3/4 of it done. I plan to repaint the room before I put it all back together.

Ripley, MS

Charlotte, you are really tempting that sciatica , please don't hurt yourself !
Jeri, I am so sorry you are sick, Marilyn said she and Al both have sore throats too.
Will Jim be going back to the same place 600 miles away ?
I found out today it will possibly be 2 weeks before we can get internet back again, they have had to order parts to fix it. I will have to be short and sweet on line, but all of you have my number if I need to know something, someone text me please.
I am hoping Kim goes to the hospital, I saw on FB last night she was thinking about it. She has been sick way too long !

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