First freeze

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Well, tomorrow night is supposed to be our first freeze. Just want to wish everybody good luck getting all your plants prepared and I'm wondering what everyone is doing to prepare for this brief freeze? It's only supposed to last for 2 nights.

Dallas, TX

I'm digging out my frost 'blankets', getting the pins handy as well as the stakes. I do need to measure the perennial bed b/c it's grown and want to make sure I have enough frost cloth. Also will water and mulch, group some potted plants together and prob. wait too long to get started despite my good intentions. If time permits I'll put down some compost. Everytime I want to do this it starts raining.

Now that the ground isn't quite so muddy I ventured out to the perennial bed and much to my surprise one of my milkweed plants was starting to bloom again. (Guess that won't last.) Also the lantana is just getting started again. The 'black and blue' salvia still going strong as well as my 2 cedar (fall?) sages. Been wanting to dig up a flame acanthus and move it or at least pot it until I can figure out where to move it. Have 1 of the Duelbergs, always forget if it's Augusta or Henry, that's blooming like crazy since I pulled up the American Germander. So will see what happens and what I might have to cut back in a few days.

My Frostweed is setting seed. Should I collect some or leave them all for the birds? And speaking of birds, haven't seen any lately. Hope their just out eating seeds and stuff.

Arrggghhh. Acorns are driving me crazy! While I've been typing this a number of acorns have fallen so loudly that I'd swear they were in the house. Oops. Another one. I can hear the wind pick up, so guess I'll be hearing more acorns. Just hope it doesn't stay as windy as it is now b/c it sure will be hard getting the frost cloth down. Neighbors are out of town. Oh, and they want me to take some of their plants inside and water some others. Right.

Wish me luck with it all. Hope y'all have been more on top of your chores than I've been.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Not on top of these chores at all. I noticed yesterday that my China Blush Rose is starting to bloom, again and I have tons of Bluebonnet seedlings too. The ony things I'm really concerned about are my potted pepper plants which are on my back (south facing) deck. I don't want to haul them all in, if covering them wil be enough.

I have some unusual ones...guess we will see how the day goes. It's so windy ATM that I don't think a cover will stay on them.

Dallas, TX

Windy. That's putting it mildly. But the kicker is that I just looked at the hourly weather forecast online. Assuming it's right, it ain't gonna freeze.

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