Merino, Australia

Hello everyone. Time for a new thread..
Yes our Aussie broms are looking for summer, but most of you further north will already have the start of the hot weather.
Its not windy here today, but still quite cool. Yesterday was cold with the strong wind.

My broms are coloring and I see signs of new pups already.
I am off out again today so will just pop back to the old thread to leave a signpost to here and see you all later.

Forgot to add the old thread address..
we came from here...

Stay safe

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Christchurch, New Zealand

we had a wild & windy night last night - no decent rain which is a shame as we need it.
My golden lilies were blown over so I had to tie them up- shame I didn't do it sooner.
Hopefully they will be ok after I give them a good drink & firm the soil around them.

Have a great weekend every one
cheers - Teresa

shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone - Thanks for starting a new thread Jean, I certainly think it was about due. As you say, most of us up north are already seeing summer, but I would have preferred it to come on more gradually instead of with a sudden "bang".

Had a visit from the three youngest grandsons yesterday and two of them had a "sleep over" so once again no new pic's were taken or any brom work was done.

Teresa - Bad luck about your plants being blown over, but as you say, just firm the soil around them and if you have a bit of Seasol would also give them a "pick-me-up".

Anyway, the boys are awake so it's breakfast time and I'd better go.

All the best to everyone including Brian, Trish and Joe

All the best, Nev.

Christchurch, New Zealand

hmmm - I wonder why it posted my message twice?

the lilies look ok after being tied up.

My potted ones are finally going to show me flowers - as long as nothing happens to them in the mean time...
I saved the seed from my golden lily after pollinating it with Xmas lily.
Curious to see what I get.
It was a bit of an experiment to see if I could do it.
I'd love to buy a bunch of fancy lilies & use their pollen to see what came of it.

take care all - Teresa

Merino, Australia

Good morning.
Its a bit cool here with the wind, but the sun is lovely. The last week has been cloudy but very little rain. Time to get back to watering the plants in the garden bed again.
I have put a new lot of sugar cane mulch on everything as it does a great job at keeping things from drying out.

Teresa, I gave up on the liliums when I moved. Too much to have them in pots and looking empty for most of the year. They do better in the ground anyway. Hopefully the new owners of the old place will like them and care for them.
How is Miss MIschief going ?
Getting up to any new tricks ?
I hope the wind goes away for you. It can really ruin plants , but I guess we have to live with what mother Nature wants and not what we would like

Nev, I hope you are having a nice rest after having the grandsons over. Always nice to see them but I bet you like that rest
I am not looking forward to the really hot days as summer finally decides to arrive.
Usually though, its only a few days of very hot weather among more of the cooler days. It can get really cold too.
Still, its better being hot than cold for me.
My broms are all looking great as they get more & more sun each day.
I am pleased to see that after moving a few plants around, I can now spread the larger broms out a bit.
I can always squish them back together in a bit of shelter for the winter again.
Nothing new going on here. I am off to do a bit of shopping then I may spend some time sitting out in the sun with some of my craft work.

Hello to Brian and Trish..

some old pics of vrieseas...fosteriana rubra, Bobby, Elysian Kandy, Kiwi Cream.

take care

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone.

Have to rush today and besides there is nothing much to report from here but there is a bit of news on the Vriesea breeding front which was passed on by a friend in NZ.

It seems like Andrew and Ronda Maloy (Well-known N.Z. Vrieseas hybridists) have decided to give up breeding and growing Vriesea's. I’m told they have sold their property and are off around the world in a camper van.

The stock is being sold in three sales and my friend went to one and bought some really nice plants and he’s forwarded the pic’s to me to share with you all, so enjoy.

All the best, Nev.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Jean - I do hope the people who bought your old house appreciate all the plants they have inherited.
I know when hidden treasures popped up here - like the daffodils & peonies - I was thrilled.
Even a fairly common day lily had me excited :)

I won't tempt fate telling you that Miss Sugar is being good...
she certainly has her moments.

When the new lounge suite arrives we are going to try teaching her to keep off it...
be interesting to see how that goes.
I have a plan, but whether hubby can stick to it remains to be seen.

take care all

shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone - Although it looks like just you and me today Teresa.

I'm having to use my wife's computer this morning as the Google Chrome on mine seems to have had a "hissy fit" and refuses to work properly

It's most annoying because every time I try to open something via Google Chrome, when the screen comes up its being reduced in size to about half and pushed toward the bottom right corner of the screen.

This makes it impossible to access the - (minimise|) or x (close) buttons at the top right hand corner of the screen as they aren't visible but most importantly is the inability to access the scroll bar. Also I can't scroll using the little wheel in the middle of the mouse as that doesn't seem to be working either.

I've tried dragging the margins to return the screen to the normal size but that doesn't work either.

Can anyone offer any suggestions before I call in the "outside help"?

All the best, Nev.

Tascott, Australia

Hi all,

Good on you Jean for starting a new thread, Vr. Kiwi Cream looks good.

Teresa, my wife keeps blankets on our lounge to stop kids, dogs and dirty buggers coming home after work. I have forgotten what the thing looks like. Haha

Nev, our little Grandson moves out of our house on Friday and we are going to miss him being here.

Pic 1 large Till. growing nicely.
Pics 2 , 3 and 4. Put up an awning on the shadehouse after ' Skotaks Tiger' got burnt in the recent warm weather.
Pic 5 Neo. Royal Burgundy and no id.


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Merino, Australia

Good morning. A beautiful morning here. No wind and lots of sun. It wont last though as the forecast is for more cold weather next week.

Brian, I had to laugh at you putting up the awning on your shadehouse. Next thing will be another shadehouse or this one growing even bigger lol
We have all been through the same thing.
I was very sad to have to go the other way and get rid of a lot of my plants, but as one ages, you have to be realistic about what you can look after.
What I miss the most was being able to go around so many broms and see all the little changes in them over time.
Having only a few here, I see everything that happens with them every day, so its not as delightful wandering around and being surprised.
Your Royal Burgundy is very eye catching. The noid looks very much like a neo I had called

Teresa. I bet Baz doesnt stick to your training plan for
He will be sympathising with her when you tell her off...
Hope your weather is getting a snice as ours is today.

Nev, beautiful vrieseas. Lucky I am not anywhere near sales like that or I would be tempted...
I think vrieseas have the nicest foliage of all the broms and once I started collecting them it was hard to stop.
Not much news from here as nothing much goes on.

I hope Trish is okay and just busy.

I finally had the camera out this morning to catch a few pics of plants out in the sun.

Better go as I am off to the hairdressers.

pic 1... all the broms this morning ( most of them anyway, the vrieseas are out the front )

pic 2... my new flower on the epiphyllum Clown.

pic latest needle felting wool pic

pic 4...brugmansia Mango Cornet matches my new outdoor setting

pic 5... for Brian... this is neo Lila , so you cane see the similarities to your pretty noid..

take care

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Nev - so frustrating when technology doesn't do as it should.

Brian - your collection is looking good. Love the colour on Neo Royal Burgundy.

Jean the colour of your epi is stunning!
Nice work on the cockatoo felt art too.

Mango Cornet looks really good with the outdoor setting.

I had good news - my job is safe for now.

I'm frantically trying to put a team together to represent dog club for inter club - the entry needs to be in tomorrow & the person who was initially contacting people has resigned.

Have all but two places filled. Am tearing my hair out over the last two as I don't have contact numbers for all the people I need.

take care

shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – It seems that my second youngest grandson is the culprit for downsizing the computer screen on me. I let him use the computer as he likes to write a diary of what he does at Nanny and Poppy’s but apparently he must have accidently clicked and dragged on just the correct spot to alter the screen size, and didn’t know what he’d done, or how to fix it.

Anyway it’s all fixed now, and I felt a real “dill” when my son in law showed me how simple it was to fix. For anyone who doesn’t know, go right to the top of the screen just below the border and left click and hold. While you are holding you can drag the screen where ever you want to. When you get it where you want it, simply take you finger off the mouse and the screen will stay that size. To make the screen normal size again, just reverse the procedure by clicking and holding on the top of the page and moving it back to where it should be. Very simple, but very serious for me when I didn’t know how to fix it as I couldn’t use my emails. I’m told everyone does this to check something on the desktop when they are viewing another programme, everyone except me that is.

Brian – “I just put up an awning on the shade house after ' Skotak’s Tiger' got burnt in the recent warm weather”. That my friend is how it all starts, the next step is to just drop a wall down from the edge of the awning and “hey presto!” a larger shade house; we’ve all been there and done that. Don’t like to say “we told you so”.

Your ‘Royal Burgundy’ looks nice; it’s always a great plant when well grown and makes a great accent plant in amongst other colours. There is also a pink marginated form of Royal Burgundy called ‘Royal Burgundy Supreme’ and it’s a real eyeful, but not easy to find. I previously had one but unfortunately every pup it threw was a plain coloured one so I only got to enjoy it for a few years. The upside is that although I no longer have a ‘Royal Burgundy Supreme’, I now have plenty of plants of ‘Royal Burgundy’

Jean – I totally agree with you when you say, “but as one ages, you have to be realistic about what you can look after” and I’ve come to the same decision. It’s better to have just a few that are well grown than a yard full that are all overgrown and collectively screaming out for attention, that’s why I’ve decided to have a “downsizing sale” now while everything still looks good.

I’ll initially just invite the club members so they can have first pick and besides if I ever lose one of my better plants sometime in the future, I’ll know where I can always buy a replacement pup. Once the members have had their chance to “grab a bargain” I’ll then advertise it to the general public as a “one off sale”. I don’t like doing it but my health tells me it has to be done.

That’s a beautiful epiphyllum flower; even the Sulphur Crested Cocky is eyeing it off however he’s probably thinking of ways to destroy it as they like to do this with everything they come into contact with.

I don’t think you could have got a better colour match with your new setting and the Brugmansia even if you had taken a Brugmansia flower to the shop to match the colour tones; they were made to go together.

Teresa – That’s great news about your job; see I told you they wouldn’t let you go as you’re too valuable to the boss while ever you can do his work and free him up to do other things. The next thing will be a pay rise, but not just yet as it’s still a bit too soon.

I can imagine how frustrating it must be to have the members to be able to form a team and not being able to contact them by the deadline due to lack of contact numbers. I think I’d be tearing my hair out also (if I had any that is).

I’ll finish with a quick hello to Trish and Joe, don’t forget we’re all thinking about you and the girls and hope to hear from you soon.

Just a mix of pic’s to finish with; firstly as I’m always going on about the important role light plays with plant colour, the first two plants are the species Neo. kautskyi; Pic.1 is grown in my shade house here on the N.S.W. south coast, and Pic. 2 is grown by a lady in Queensland. Pic.3 is a NOID; I don't know what it is; I bought it at a market for $2, unnamed and not flowering and I just bought it because it "looked interesting". I suspect it's an Aechmea of some sort but that's where my knowledge of Aechmeas stops; maybe a species?? Pic.4 shows two different forms of Ae bromeliifolia; the one on the left is the dark leaf form (previously incorrectly called Rubra) and the plant on the right is Ae bromeliifolia var. albobracteata (Meaning white bracts). Finally Pic.5 which I thought Teresa could perhaps frame and give it to Baz for a “Chrissy present”.

All the best, Nev.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

lol - Nev, I do like the dog rules.
Our weasel sleeps on the bed but she doesn't want to be under the covers - not like my old girl that could burrow in & not wake me as she did it.

I had a water bed back then & she loved to lie between the mattress & timber side that enclosed the water filled bladder.

I stopped having her on the bed as her son was too restless & it wasn't fair to shut him out so they got their own bedroom & I got a good night's sleep.

take care all - Teresa

shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone - Well Teresa anyway. It seems this forum is getting away from bromeliads and more about dogs which leads me to the story about my last old dog Clyde.

Clyde was my son's dog which he got as a pup and I ashamed to say wasn't very well trained. It wasn't fair on the dog as my son lived with three other young blokes in a house near where they worked and being young blokes their main interest was girls and beer and the dog was left largely to his own devices.

Like all puppies, when not supervised he got up to all sorts of mischief and his main trick was stealing a sock from a pair and burying it. Young blokes as you can imagine weren't the tidiest of people and their clothes were always left where they took them off and consequently there were plenty of socks lying around for Clyde to bury and it wasn't long before everyone was wearing odd socks as there wasn't a matching pair to be found, unless you dug up the back yard.

As Clyde got older the boredom set in when the blokes were away at work all day and eventually he found he could get out of the yard and started to wander around the town. Search as they may, they could ever find where he was escaping from, but he always managed to be waiting in the front doorstep when they got home from work, and still they never found where he was getting out.

One afternoon when they go home from work Clyde wasn’t on the doorstep and subsequently a search was started. After the boys had been driving around the streets for a couple of hours trying to find him they had resigned themselves to the fact that possibly someone had picked him up or he’s been run over and killed. The only other avenue was the dog pound and as that was closed, the search was put on hold until the next day.

While they were eating dinner that night a young lady my son knew who lived right at the other side of town (abut 1.5kms away) rang and asked if his dog was missing; when he asked if she had seen him she answered, “yes, he’s sitting on the lounge with me eating McDonalds and watching television”. Although Clyde was a very intelligent dog (too intelligent for his own good sometimes), he had only been to that house once and that was in the car when my son drove the girl home from the station one day. How he knew to get to her house we’ll never know, maybe he had an inbuilt GPS tracking device.

One night a bloke came to their house, and he was one of those strange people who didn’t like dogs; without ever previously seeing him, Clyde started growling at him which was unusual as he was normally a friendly dog and got on with everyone (he was also a good judge of character).

This bloke took exception Clyde growling and kicked at him; Clyde in return bit him on the ankle and tore his good Nike running shoe, this made him very cranky and he kicked at the dog again even harder, before my son tossed him out of the house. Unfortunately, the damage was done; and after that night Clyde took a dislike to anyone wearing Nike footwear or anything that even looked like it. In the end, if anyone came to the house wearing this sort of footwear, Clyde would have to be put outside for fear he might bite them.

Eventually my son moved in with his present wife and they went to live further north and out of the city. The house backed onto the bush and it wasn’t long before Clyde found another escape route and continued his day trips while they were both at work, and as usual, he was always on the front door step when they came home.

One night the police came to the door to tell my son that a woman who had been jogging past the house reported that Clyde had run out and bitten her on the ankle which required hospital treatment. (as it turned out he hadn’t even drawn blood) and my son was served with a warrant to appear in court.

When the charge was read out this woman had described Clyde as a large light brown Bull Mastiff; the judge said as he had to protect members of the public from this type of large dog, he should recommend that Clyde be euthanized. My son explained, he wasn’t a large dog at all, he was only the size of a Foxie, and his colour was the only similarity between him and a Bull Mastiff . The judge did something most unusual, he adjourned the case until he had a vet’s report on the type of dog Clyde was.

When it came back to court, the judge admonished the woman for allowing everyone to believe from her evidence that Clyde was this large savage dog, however he did say he still had a duty to protect the public and if my son couldn’t contain Clyde in his yard other arrangement had to be made to contain him or else he would have to be destroyed.

In the end my son was fined and Clyde came to live with us and we never had any trouble from him again, as I’m sure like most dogs, he just wanted company. We still always put him out in the laundry if anyone came and they were wearing Nike’s or similar footwear just to be on the safe side.

Clyde turned out to be a great mate of mine and we had him for several years; wherever I went he was always two steps behind me and he was a wonderful faithful little mate and did everything I told him, in fact he was one of the most obedient dogs I ever had (Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks). As he grew older he became less agile and spent more and more time in his seat until one night he had a stroke and I had to call the vet who said he wouldn’t recover and advised he be put down.

Clyde’s now buried under the bench in the shade house where he liked to lie during the hot weather, and there’s not a time I walk past that bench without thinking of my faithful little mate.

Getting back to those dog rules I posted yesterday that started all of this story; when my son first brought Clyde to our house to live he said that he sleeps on the floor on his own bed and won’t be any trouble. That first night I hadn’t been asleep long when something woke me up and it was Clyde burrowing down under the bed covers between my wife and me. It seems either my son was telling ”porkies” or Clyde was just making himself comfortable and setting up the sleeping rules for the future. I must say, he was a good foot warmer on the cold winter’s nights though.

Hi also to Brian, Jean, Trish and Joe, looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Pic.1 Clyde with my eldest grandson and his friend, Pic.2 As Clyde got older and the arthritis troubled him, he would always back up to the heater during the cold winter nights. Pic.3 is what we found one cold morning after breakfast when Clyde wasn't to be found.

All the best, Nev.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning.
Well, after a very hot day yesterday, this morning is lovely and cool. Plenty of cloud and maybe the sun will stay hidden if it decides to get too hot.

Nev, dogs always seem to have great tales about the antics. I miss having a dog these days, but I know it is not suitable to have one here. I am not one for dogs being inside all the time , and thats what would have to be the rule here, as there are no fences and also busy roads. Some of the residents here do have small dogs and enjoy having them inside all the time.
Every one has their own ways of doing things.
Besides , I am lover more of bigger dogs which would probably make my small unit rather

Nev, my broms are gaining more color and I see a couple of new pups coming.
I was hoping to see a lot of color om the recurvatas, but they seem to be wanting to stay green this year. They are putting up pups , even though I have seen no flowers at all.

Love the pics showing the color difference in the neos Kautskyi.
Mine was under beige shadecloth and sort of a mix between your two pics.
I have added a pic but it was an early pic. The plant gained more color as it grew.

I am having a serious think about the plants I have here as I can now see how they have done in a full year.
I like to have lots of color and I am afraid that without the large garden full of so many different plants, I have more green here than I want.
I would like to have more broms with their gorgeous colors, but the small area available makes that a bit hard. I have to think of the long cold spell we get here and the warm to hot weather is relatively short.
I decide to buy a couple of coprosmas to insert a bit of bright color, so I'll see how they do.
With their shiny multi colored leaves, I may get the color I want .

Hello to Teresa, Brian and Trish.
I am off to water again after the heat yesterday.

more old pics today.. neos Aztec, Bill Morris, BirdRock, Kautskyi..

Take care

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – Well Jean anyway. I’ve finally heard from Trish; her and Joe are both OK but have had a lot of travelling after the death of her brother in law and they’ve had to arrange for a suitable “dog sitter” for the girls while they have been away and to top it all off, a 25 year old bloke ran into the back of their car and damaged it as well but fortunately no serious injuries. But wait for it; the excuse he gave as the cause was, he was fixing the tongue on his work boot ?????? And I thought I’d heard them all.

Anyway they have to go away again for the funeral and Trish asked me to ”say a BIG HELLO to all our DG Forum Brom Buddies and please let them know that I will be back on the forum hopefully in a couple of weeks roughly. I have so really missed chatting with everyone and am really looking forward to seeing how everyone is and what they have been up to”.

We had our annual Bromeliad Society Christmas Party yesterday and it was held at a private property which was once an old farm with the house over one hundred and fifty years old. Our ex-president’s daughter and son in law bought it and are restoring it with the idea of using it as a venue for wedding photography; and doing a magnificent job of it also.

The best bit is that it’s a farm I frequented often as a boy at Dunmore where I lived and spent many happy hours roaming around the area with the farmer’s son and a couple of other childhood mates as well. It really brought back some happy childhood memories and I was able to tell the new owner a lot about its past history and advise him about some of the out buildings and what they had been used for; I was even able to point out a wooden ceiling in an old shed where we used to hide and I had my first cigarette. So all in all it was a very nostalgic day for both of us as Ailsa also live at Dunmore and it was when she was ten years old that I first met her in the little post office store her parents owned and ran.

The party was also a great success as it was the first time our new trophy was presented (“The Catherine (Rena) Wainwright Memorial Award) which was named in honour of our dear old friend who just recently passed away, and it was lovely to have her daughter there to make the presentation. To top it off I was won by our ex-president who was also a very close friend of hers and I’m sure she would have been exceptionally pleased with the result.

We’re “babysitting” my eldest son’s two little dogs this weekend as he and his family have gone down the coast for a few days and their boys wouldn’t hear of anyone else minding their dogs except nanny and poppy, so it’s just like old times with dogs around the house again.

Jean – My recurvatas have been out and finished flowering a couple of months ago and the colour has almost now reverted back to green again.

Although I like the colours of both of the kautskyi plants in the pictures I posted, I do favour the yellow as it really makes a statement when mixed in with other colours, and besides there aren’t many that are that bright yellow colour.

What are Coprosmas? Is there a plain green version and is it perhaps what was commonly called a “shiny leaf hedge” here in N.S.W., if so I think I once also tried them to give a bit of colour in the garden but found them very slow growing, do you have any cultural tips?

Today’s pic’s are 1. Canistrum fosterianum, it usually only gives me one flower but the brilliant scarlet is a winner every time, 2 is Neo. ‘Allan’s Marbles’, 3 is Vr. ‘Angela’, 4 is Bill. macrocalyx, and 5 is quite a large plant called Neo ‘Gee Whiz’ (Rubra).

All the best, Nev.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning Nev.
Lovely to hear that Trish & Joe are okay, but sad about the death in the family.
I wish them well and hope that their Christmas has a lot of joy to make up for the recent sadness.

Its very warm here again after a scorcher yesterday. At least its cloudy which is so much better.
I do not do well in the excessive heat these days.
Gone are the years when I worked in such heat.My plants are all doing very well though. A little wilting in the day , but they perk up in the cooler evenings.
I have just given everything a dose of Seasol. I use it at least fortnightly .
More often on the brugmansias as they will swallow any amount of

Nev, coprosmas are often called mirror plants. I have the multi colored ones plus a green & cream one.
The little one I planted a few months ago in the garden bed is twice its size now.
They usually get to around a metre and are very hardy in both hot & cold weather.
I dont know about the ones you may have had. I know there is a plain green one and that they make a good small hedge.

This lot are going into large pots so I can have a bit of color all year round along the front of the unit where the garden bed doesnt reach.

Nice to hear that your Christmas party went well and how great to have had it where you had grown up.
I bet your house is full of fun with the dogs having a holiday with you.

I think , like you, I prefer the yellow in the kautskyis as it does make a statement as you say.

Love the neo Gee Whiz. Mine grew quite large so was not included in those I brought here.
I still have my vr Angela here. Isnt she just so lovely ?

Nothing much will be done here for a few days as the forecast is for more heat next week.
A good time for me to work on my wool pictures.

have added a pic of the latest one.... Tasmanian rosella... plus a couple of old brom pics ...
aechmeas... Malva, Burgundy, coelestis albo marginata.

Hello to Teresa, Brian and Trish.

Take care

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi all,

Nev - Clyde sounds like a real character.
Good thing the Judge wanted to know the truth about what sort of dog he was instead of just going with the complainant's story.
These days she probably would have called him a pit bull...

I've had one houdini dog & I asked all the neighbours to call dog control if they ever saw her loose in the street.
I was worried she might get hit by a car - or chase someone's cat if left to her own devices.
Paying a fine for a dog that strays is better than having it dead or causing harm. (she hated cats with a passion)

I was lucky that when she did her escape act my next door neighbour was home & just told her to get home - and she did. I got back from a day at work to see her sitting on the front door mat.

After that I put her inside the house during the day - and she learned to unlock & open a window to get out.
I came home & caught her trying to climb back in via the window - if the window sill had been a little lower she might have succeeded and I would have been none the wiser.

Jean - I have one coprosma - "Pride".
It is a mix of chocolatey tones, green, & yellow.
I have one cutting from it in a different location & it is really dark chocolate & reddish tones.

I like it because it stays fairly compact & had nice little leaves.

anyway my inlaws arrived in the wee small hours this morning so I best go spend some time with them, I had dog club first thing so haven't really had a chance to catch up.

cheers - Teresa

take care all -

shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – It’s a bit overcast here this morning and looks like it could rain so that’s good as we need some after the hot days.

More work to do this week as I get my plants ready for my down-sizing sale on Saturday where hopefully I’ll get rid of a lot and create some more space for those remaining.

Jean – I was thinking of getting a couple of Brugmansias for the front garden to perhaps offer a bit of shade for the brom’s during the hot summer months. Do you think that would work or do you think they would create too much shade?

Coprosmas do sound very much like what the neighbour had growing along our side fence; it seems they had been planted as a hedge many years ago and were quite tall when we moved here forty years ago, and not having been clipped since before we came, they were almost like small trees about ten feet high and overhanging the side fence. These are what he has just cut down as the bottom half was very woody and devoid of any greenery and a real “eyesore”, in fact the trucks were almost eighteen inches thick on the largest of them.

The problem was, the day after he cut them down was the real hot day we had and they were no longer there to offer protection for the brom’s and consequently many of them got burned. I can’t blame the neighbour for this though as he did offer to leave them until I could get some protection rigged up. But not expecting an out of season “scorcher”, I told him to go ahead and now have to pay the consequences.

I love the picture of the Tasmanian Rosella; you really have the skill of capturing the true colours of the Australian parrots. Have you thought about having a go at some of the beautiful Australian finches? I think the Gouldian would make a great subject as it has to be one of the most beautiful birds in the world with its beautiful purple chest contrasting with its red head, yellow belly and green back fading into the light cobalt blue on the back of the head.

Teresa – Yes Clyde was quite a character and it’s surprising he lived as long as he did considering some of the things he got up to as a young dog (and that’s just the things we knew about)

Unlike your dog, he was always very careful not to let anyone see how he got out until the neighbour caught him “mid escape” two days after the court case. Where my son lived at Bulli it was very steep and although there was a six foot paling fence on his side, it was about twelve feet to the ground on the downhill neighbour’s side as there was a six foot retaining wall on top of which the fence was built. Because of the height this had been dismissed as an escape route until the day he was spotted getting out. There was a six inch plastic storm-water pipe running along the inside of the retaining wall on the neighbour’s side which ran the full length of the block and drained into the bush behind.

It seems Clyde was climbing the paling fence (he was very good at this) and jumping over and down onto the storm-water pipe below. He walked along this to its end and then just jumped off into the bush a few feet below, and away he went for the day. The other fences were a problem for him as they were Colourbond and his claws couldn’t get a grip. Anyway it all came to an end when he came to live here as he never wanted to roam as he had company most if the time and became quite contented to stay at home with the “:oldies”. On the odd occasion we went out we would just lock him in the laundry.

Anyway, enjoy your time with the in-laws, as no doubt there’s plenty to talk about.

Sorry, no pic’s today.

All the best, Nev.

Merino, Australia

Hello Nev & Teresa.
Just a quick pop in this morning as I want to get my walk in before it gets too hot.

Nev, there are over 50 species of coprosmas and some do indeed get to tree size.
On average most get to around a metre or so. They are very hardy in heat & cold so I should have something pretty to look at even in winter.

In regard to growing brugmansias in your garden. They should do well up there , but be warned, they do get very limp in the heat and look like they are going to die...
They lik eto be watered often and are hungry feeders.
Of course they will probably survive without plenty of food, but you wont get the lovely spread of leaves and masses of flowers.
They can be trimmed to look like standards , which is what I do. This way you get the shade and the lovely umbrella look. Some will grow very tall , but I simply cut mine off each winter .
If grown from seed, it can take years to get flowers, but I think they are best grown from cuttings of wood from above the Y. This is the spot where the seedling has grown and makes that first branching Y . You will only get flowers on wood above this, but all cuttings taken from this above the Y wood will flower quickly and from then on every cutting you make from this area of the plant will flower as quickly.
I left a lot of my plants behind as they were in the ground and too large to move. I took cuttings as I said, from above that first Y. All these were potted and grew to about 1 metre in the first year and all flowered then too
If you would like to try a few, look around and see if any are growing in your area. Just ask for a good piece from above that Y. ( you will pick it easily , make sure to get sturdy pieces , not young tips .)
If you dont find any, I can send you pieces of mine. As with most plants, Spring is the best time, but I have taken cuttings any time and had them grow.
You can stand the cuttings in a bucket of water for quite long periods and you will the nubbies forming... these are what I call pre roots. As the nubbies get bigger the roots start coming.
Interesting to watch. Change the water often, though.
Remember, the whole plant is poison so care is needed like hand washing etc.
I often dont have my gloves on when just picking yellow leaves or dead flowers off and I just make sure I wash my hands after.
I love the plants but some people are paranoid about them with children & pets around.
I think children & pets have more brains than the adults sometimes and are more likely to spit out something that tastes bad. Adults are known to use the plant in the wrong way, so how stupid does that make them ?...... lol

Better go or it will be too hot to walk anywhere.
Keep cool and safe.

a few old bill pics today... Annies Joy, Carioca, hoelscheriana flowers


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

Good morning.

Looks like DG has a total new look.
I dont think I will be bothering too much as I dont see the point of coming on each day to find noone here.
I am going to maybe just pop in every now & then in case someone posts.
It seems that everyone now goes on FB , which I will not be doing.
Its been great forum, but with only a couple still interested , its a waste of time .
I have enjoyed coming on and making new friends, but I'll just keep looking after my few broms now and keep busy with my painting & craft stuff.
Sorry to desert you Nev, but I guess you know how I feel.

Hope all goes well with you all in the New Year,
Teresa, Brian, Nev and Trish.


Merino, Australia

Hello anyone still popping in. Trish, Brian and Teresa.
Nev has asked me to let you know that he has not been able to post since the new format was added .
I hope some of you are still looking in sometimes as it has been great chatting to everyone.


shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone - Is it just my computer or has this site undergone a complete makeover?

I hope it's not going to be a case of fixing it when it wasn't completely broke and buggering it up even more, especially the loading of pictures, anyway we'll soon know when I try and load some pic's for this post.

I won't be typing very long this morning as the peripheral nerve disease in my hands is giving me hell this last week and aching much more than normal so I'll just say thanks to Jean for her nice long post and the great info about Coprosmas and Brugmansias.

I have to agree with you about people's paranoia about poisonous plants. When I did ambulance work I took an interest in venomous creatures and poisonous plants as there was very little written about them in the first aid manuals. One of the reference books I bought was called “Toxic Plants and Animals - A guide for Australia”. It’s a book of 500 pages and if you were to read it and take everything out of context, you would rip out your gardens, concrete all of your yards and never touch a living animal again.

The thing is that many garden plants are toxic but the toxins have to be ingested, injected or absorbed in sufficient quantities to be harmful, which fortunately rarely happens for various reasons. Fortunately those at the higher end of the toxic scale are well known and people stay away from the toxic parts. I guess what I’m trying to say is that just because a plant is toxic there’s no reason to get rid of it; just be aware of the danger.

One of the most common toxic plants is the Oleander of which the following is written: “Oleander, also known as Nerium, is a poisonous evergreen shrub known for its clusters of white, pink, or red flowers. Although it's used as a decorative shrub in parks, schools, and backyards, it's one of the most poisonous of commonly grown garden plants. May 15, 2014.”

When I was a boy it was common to find it in school grounds and parks as well as gardens and even today it still exists in some parks; however even though it’s poisonous, I can’t ever remember anyone in our area being poisoned by it. This was largely due to parental teachings as a child from which we all learned of its poisonous qualities.

After reading this book I realised why there was never much written about these things in First Aid Manuals; it was just such an in depth complicated subject that it was impossible to be condensed to just a few pages.

There I go, “off topic” once again so now let’s talk bromeliads or more specifically bromeliad identification. Yesterday on another forum I looked at a pic of a plant named Neo ‘Margaret’. Immediately I thought, “That’s wrong, it’s Neo. ‘Pemiento’. I pulled out a pic of my plant of Neo ‘Pemiento’ for comparison and to my eyes they looked the almost the same. It turns out that Neo ‘Margaret’ has since been renamed as Neo.’Bullis Margaret’ (there were two plants called Margaret and this was done to avoid confusion) and although it looks the same in photo’s, ’Bullis Margaret’ is a much larger plant at sixty centimetres diameter compared to a maximum of forty centimetres (when grown in the topics) for Pemiento. The maximum diameter I have ever grown this plant is about twenty four centimetres, so you can see how the names of plants can easily get confused. He moral of this story is to always read the description as well and don’t just look at the picture as I did. A little bit more interesting reading can be found at:

Anyway time to go now, so Pic. 1 is Neo ‘Bullis Margaret’, Pic.2 Neo.’Pemiento’ Pic.3 Neo.’Mandarin Miss’, Pic.4 Neo.’Sarmentosa’ x ‘Cracker Jack’, Pic.5 Neo. ‘Thunderbird’ x Self.

All the best, Nev.

News flash: Everything was going well until I tried to post the message and I just keep getting a message to review my post. Each time I review t and try and post, the same message, I’m getting dizzy from going around in circles. I’ve contacted DG to see if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s the fault of the new site.

I did a test message and it worked so now I'll try and send the message I wanted to post a few days ago; here goes.

This message was edited Dec 12, 2015 11:24 PM

shellharbour, Australia

Hi again everyone (or no one) - I'll now try and attach the pic's that were meant to go with the above message and which I had so much trouble posting. Pic.1 and 2 are the ones mentioned above, Neo. 'Bullis Margaret',and Neo 'Pemiento', Pic.3 is Neo. 'Thunderbird' x Self, Pic.4 is Neo.'Sarmentosa' x 'Cracker Jack' and Pic.5 is Neo. 'Mandarin Miss'

All the best Nev.

Thumbnail by splinter1804 Thumbnail by splinter1804 Thumbnail by splinter1804 Thumbnail by splinter1804 Thumbnail by splinter1804
Christchurch, New Zealand

well that was a bit of a shock to log in and see a whole new format.
I have been so tied up with my in laws and dog club over the weekend I have barely had time to check email let alone pop in here.

Miss Sugar gave me a pleasant surprise by doing reasonably well in Rally Excellent - which is a higher class than she normally competes in.

But then she blew it all in the obedience by being so unfocused & not working...
then instead of fetching her dumbell she ran off out of the ring to the source of an enticing aroma - something revolting under the shrubbery, she proceeded to take off at a gallop toward the road.
I was envisioning how I would break it to baz that I wouldn't be bringing her home...
she must have heard my thoughts & turned away from the road & ran full tilt back to me.
Anyway hope every one is well,

take care - Teresa

Christchurch, New Zealand

we had visitors at the Air Force Museum across the road...

very handy for me as I could watch the helicopters without even leaving my desk.

Our dog club team all dressed up for the parade.
We might not have won any trophies but we got into the spirit of things.

Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre
Christchurch, New Zealand

oh dear - looks like DG has finally driven the loyal few away from here.

not overly impressed with the new look.
Didn't think there was anything much wrong with the old format.

I'm hoping for decent weather over the weekend so I can get some gardening done.

Had a good lot of rain over the last two days so the weeds will be even worse now.

take care all

shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone (wherever you are) - It seems like the demise of DG as we know it has finally happened and as Teresa says,"it looks like DG has finally driven the loyal few away" with the new changes..

I had trouble posting initially and then I couldn't attach pic's and when DG did get it sorted out for me I find almost everyone has gone.

I totally agree with Jean when she says, "Its been great forum, but with only a couple still interested , its a waste of time" .

It seems like Face Book has wrecked all of the brom forums except a couple which are still struggling along with just a couple of active members with irregular postings.

As a compulsive bromelophile who greatly enjoys the discussions about these wonderful plants I have to look further afield to be involved in these discussions with other growers and have decided, if I can't beat them, I'll join them and I've joined a group on Face Book started up by Tash (who was once a member here). It's a group called, "Bromeliads Buy Swap Sell Group Australia"

Although I have a definite dislike of Face Book in general with all its nastiness, bad language and insults flying back and forth, I've found that this site is well run and has very strict rules which are enforced and what's more, trouble makers aren't tolerated and below are the Group Rules.

Bromeliad Buy Swap Sell Group Australia. As the name suggests, this is an Australian Group only open to people who reside in Australia. Please Do NOT add friends to the group that do not live in Australia.

Also as the name suggests, it is purely about Bromeliads. Information, photos, knowledge, advice, help, buying, swapping and selling are all encouraged. Gossip and rudeness is NOT tolerated.

Common-sense should prevail, manners, courtesy and general respect for each other. Please remember that it can be hard to tell the 'tone' of a comment when there is no facial expression to go with it, it is easy for a comment to be taken out of context, please try to be mindful of this and keep it friendly.

No responsibility is taken by admin for bad transactions, always be wary and use common sense when buying swapping and selling. Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware.

This group has always been a good group, with lots of very knowledgeable members and a lot of valuable advice shared freely. Please do not ruin this group.

If any member blocks any admin, they will be removed.

Any pages shared to the group that admin is blocked from will be removed.

Any content shared to the group that admin cannot see or is blocked from will be removed.

No content is to be copied from this group to use elsewhere without permission from the owner of the content, i.e. photos, information etc. Please be aware this is Facebook and although I can state these as rules, any member can download anything from the group and use it elsewhere, admin has no control over that, and I can only ask that people abide by these rules out of respect for each other."

It's an interesting well run site with some very knowledgeable brom growers as members as well as many learners, so a good mix.There's lots of pic's and lots to learn.

Any Australians who feel like having a look (It's an Australian only site), send Tash an email at: [email protected] and ask her to join you up. I think this is necessary now that it's a closed site for the reason of better control and selection of members.

I'll probably just stay with D.G. until Trish gets back in the new year and then tell who's left I'll be giving it away as well. I've enjoyed the friendship and discussion of the DG members but find it's now time to move on.

Please don't forget if you want to have a yarn at any time or have a brom question, you can always email me at [email protected]

I haven't forgotten you either Teresa and although the site above is an all Australian site I've found there is an excellent N.Z. site as well and it's called "Kiwi Bromeliad Group" and as its an open site, anyone can join. It too is a very well run site with many of the great NZ growers regularly contributing.

I hope you continue to do well in the dog the shows and "Miss Michief" keeps improving. I also hope hubby eventually gets his plane in the sky for a look at N.Z from above.

Please have a great Christmas and prosperous new year and I wish you all the best for the future.


Tascott, Australia

Hi all,

Going to be a stinker here today and I volunteered to fill in for a cricket team, not the full quid.
Shame about the forum, will pop back in weekly to see if anything happening.

Nev, I have been buying plants from the Facebook site you mentioned for about 12 months and I have to say the people on it seem very nice. If there is any disrespect shown it is dealt with immediately.

Anyhow, hope you all have a nice Christmas and best of luck for the new year.


shellharbour, Australia

Hi Brian - (It looks like just you and me) today.

We've just finished the first of our family Christmas parties today and although it was hot, there was a nice north easterly sea breeze to take the edge off it. So a good time was had by all.

That Face Book site (Bromeliad Buy Swap Sell Group Australia) was started by Tash who used to be a regular on here for quite some time. She more or less out grew what knowledge we could provide on here and to quench her thirst to know more and more she started that Face Book site. Unlike other Face Book sites, that site is very well run and there's no nastiness.

There's a good cross section of members from learners to professionals and everyone freely shares their knowledge just like the forums of old.

Anyway, have a nice Christmas with your family and hopefully we'll catch up again either on here, Face Book or by email.

All the best to you and anyone else looking in.


Christchurch, New Zealand

well that's odd - I posted yesterday but no sign of it...

it was warm here today - officially 36C but probably hotter.

Not bad in the office with air con but in the store it was stifling.

cheers all,

shellharbour, Australia

Hi to any past or present members still looking in.

I just wanted to take this chance to wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year and hope that Santa is kind to you and brings you lots of nice brom's.

All the best, Nev.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Merry Xmas everyone

a blast from the past - Chita & Copper the spotty deermatians
& Sugar the spotty Xmas elf

This message was edited Dec 26, 2015 4:14 PM

Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre
Christchurch, New Zealand

Xmas lilies

my babies have finally flowered.

siblings opened a day apart & are quite different to each other.
pic 1 & 2 first to open on Xmas day
pic 3 & 4 opened today, boxing day
pic 5 the pot of lilies, third big bloom should open soon...
all seeds from a cross I mad of my Xmas lily & gold trumpet lily

Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre
shellharbour, Australia

Hi Teresa - Still no one else here so it looks like its "all over red rover".

I like your lilies; I don't think there's anything more satisfying than flowering a plant you've hybridized yourself, whether it's a lily, a brom or anything else. A nurseryman once told me that you can't really say you've grown a plant until you've grown it from seed, or even better, hybridized it as well.

All the best for the new year to you , hubby and "Miss Sugar".


Thumbnail by splinter1804
Christchurch, New Zealand

thanks Nev - I can see why you have gained so much pleasure from your broms over the years.

It's a bit like breeding dogs too - when you get a pup that improves on it's parents it is very satisfying.
I'd stick to plant breeding though, my one foray into Dalmatian breeding had mixed results & losing 2 pups was just too heartbreaking for me.

all the best for 2016
cheers - Teresa

Christchurch, New Zealand

Happy New Year to all my Aussie bromaholic friends.

wish you all good health & happiness for 2016

cheers - Teresa

Christchurch, New Zealand

Poor Sugar is feeling very sad & sorry for herself.
I took her in to the vet for her spay operation this morning.
I am a bit sad that there won't be any Sugar babies happening but her breeder was too tied up with her own girls to have Sugar as a house guest during the whelping process.
In hindsight I should have whelped a litter while I was unemployed, one thing new pups need is lots of hands on time spent with them.

But once I got my new job that went out the window.

Once she recovers from the anesthetic she will feel better.
I made sure to pay the extra & get pain relief over the next 3 days.

Hope everyone is doing ok & finding what they need on FaceBook.

take care

Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi all,

we have a new thread for the New Year...

hope you can join us there, share pics of broms & chat about broms, gardening & life in general with friends.
You won't find the same atmosphere on FB ;)

cheers - Teresa

Christchurch, New Zealand

well it is very sad that nobody is posting here anymore...

I have been kept busy with preparing for the dog club AGM.
I am standing down as president - but there is a lot to organise while I still hold the position.

hope everyone is fit & well & the broms are doing well

cheers - Teresa

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