what have you bought.

Wigan, Landcashire, United Kingdom

Let us know what you have bought this winter, i have bought
Geoff Hamilton(a david austin rose)
Jacqueline du Pre(Harness)
The compass rose(Kordes)
Yvonne Rapier(old garden rose
Fragrant memories AKA Sebastian Knieb(Kordes
Octavia Hill-in the books classed as superior to Austin roses(Harkness)
These are only from November 2000-bought loads before-still waiting for
Another Sombreuil got 2 already
Ghislaine de Feligonde
I have now got over 100 roses.

(Zone 9a)

I got Reine de Violettes, Fairy and Cecile Brunner. I'm SO excited...can't wait for them to bloom! I'm just starting out, so I only have 8 roses now, but definitely going to get more. Lusting for Reine Victoria and Louise Odier :-D

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Oh. .. my favorite subject. I bought Madame Alfred Carriere, Reve d Or (sic), Jeanne D Arc, Bayse Purple this Spring.

I just received The Antique Rose Emporium catalog - and fell in love again, lol, Graham Thomas, I MUST have him.

Kunkletown, PA(Zone 6a)

Grits, I can send you cuttings of Graham Thomas, he's not patented, and I have a 4 year old J&P plant thats definately not virused. Also, if there's a home depot near you and they sell bagged Mea Roses if you can find one named 'Shylock' thats actually Graham Thomas, and a lower grade J&P rose, and you can get it for 3 bucks. Do you guys want to know what both my fall planting was and whats coming in on order? Geez, I gotta go find my list!!

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

I found my 2 roses came while I was out of town. I'm just bubbling over them! If they do well, then next year I plan to go crazy :) I'm already looking at the climbing roses for my trellis that Dave is hopefully going to build for me soon (hint, hint). I must admit, I'm very nervous, but can't wait to see if I actually have success. I'm so envious of all of you with your many many roses! Hopefully, I'll be right there with ya in a couple of years!!


Kunkletown, PA(Zone 6a)

Well, what did you get Trish?

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

OH! I guess that _was_ the point of this thread, now wasn't it!

I got the Sonia and Mr Lincoln from HF.


Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Marlowe - nearest home depot is 90 miles away, poo....

Will be on look out for Mea bagged ones.

Thanks!!! I could buy 4 @ $3 each and make a LLLLLarge grouping, lol.

Do you know who usually stocks Mea's?

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)


I'm so glad you're home - we missed you,


Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)


From Chamblee's:

Blush Noisette--light pink Noisette
Cramoisi Superior--Crimson China
Playboy--Red/orange/yellow floribunda
Trumpeter--orange-red floribunda
Fred Loads--orange-red shrub/climber
Reine des Violettes--violet hybrid perpetual
Maggie--red-purple found shrub, probably a Bourbon

From Michaels:

George Burns--a yellow/red striped floribunda
Louise Estes--white HT edged with pink
Westerland--apricot to orange shrub/climber

From Liggett's

Festival Fanfare--striped orange-red shrub/clumber(a sport of Fred Loads)
Marjorie Fair(Red Ballerina--red with a white eye hyb. musk
Priscila Burton--a reddish pink McGredy floribunda
Blanc de Vibert--a white Portland
Eugene de Beauharnais--a purple/red china
Mme. Alfred Carriere---A white Noisette (my second one)
Jaune Desprez--a cream/yellow/pinkish Noisette
Indigo--a purple/red Portland
Stanwell Perpetual--a white hybrid spinossima
Distant Drums--a Griffith Buck shrub that combines mauve and tan
Red Wand--a red Ralph Moore climbing mini

From local sources:

Touch of Class--pink HT
Circus-Yellow FL
Hansa-3-violet rugosa
Linda Campbell-3-red Ralph Moore hybrid rugosa
Carefree Beauty--6-- pink Griffith Buck shrub
Lagerfeld--mauve HT
Tamora--peach/pink Austin shrub
Summer Fashion--yellow/pink FL
SexyRexy--Pink McGredy FL
Intrigue--purple FL (in memory of Bill Hillman)


From Edmunds:

Brandenburg Gate--Red HT
Liverpool Remembers--orange/red HT
Secret--white with pink edge HT
Eye Paint--red with white eye McGredy FL
Stretch Johnson--orange-red handpainted shrub from McGredy
Barbra Streisand--a mauve HT
Brilliant Pink Iceberg--A pink "handpainted" sport of the FL Iceberg
Easy Going--a yellow FL

From Sam Kedem:

Amiga Mia--pink Griffith Buck shrub
Cornelia--pink/yellow hybrid musk
Martin Frobisher--pink hybrid rugosa
Mozart--yellow/white hybrid musk
Pierette Pavement--mauve hybrid rugosa
Nashville-a pink/red striped shrub--one of the new Poulsen landscape series

I'll also probalby cruise the discount stores and see if they have anything unusual. I'm getting close to 300 with these, and heck, why not go for a nice round number?

Ok this is June 1, and I just got in my order from Etera/Arena's. Manhatten, and Kent, the two Poulsen landscape roses, and a new Peace, to see if Arena has the superior budwood of that variety. My old one is virused.

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Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Sunflower: You must have a fulltime "on the payroll" gardener! You will be hospitalized if you plant all these yourself, lol.

Oh, how wonderful to have all those.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Does the Dainty Bess that i'm about to order count?


Kunkletown, PA(Zone 6a)

Of course it counts Kathleen! I gots my list, these are all new for this spring, but doesn't include trades I'm working on.

Baron Girod de l'Ain
Eugene de Beauharnais
Province Panachee
Gruss An Teplitz
General Washington
Comte de Chambord
Rose de Rescht
Mary Webb
Mary Rose
Boule de Neige
Claire Rose
Reine des Violettes
Great Maidens Blush
Cardinal de Richelieu
Paul Neyron
Don Juan
Golden Celebration
Geoff Hamilton
Teasing Georgia
William Morris
Elaine Gillet
Florence Delattre
Typhoo Tea
Claire Renaissance
Sophia Renaissance
Helena Renaissance
Isabel Renaissance
Julia Renaissance
Bella Renaissance
Bering Renaissance
Princess Alexandra Renaissance
El Catala
Jude the Obscure
Sophys Rose
Rosarium Ueterson
Gloire de Dijon
Mme Alfred Carriere

Some are in the ground, some are in a bucket soaking, and some aren't here yet, and I've already been prowling looking at the cheapies, its a sickness! I only know of HD having Mea's stuff up here, they only sell wholesale to the industry, I don't know of who esle might have them down south. Cheers!!!!

Wigan, Landcashire, United Kingdom

Marlowe, this is my first year with Geoff Hamilton-let me know how yours grows ok, congratulations on buying Sombreuil i have 2 and one on order, what a rose, what a climber.

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

OK, now my DH should be grateful, I thought I was a roseaholic. I BOW to you ladies! Some of you just ordered the number of my whole rose garden! Do you have a landscaper that plants these for you? I would have to have a sitter , so that I could attend to all those roses! I am just envious, I wish I could do that to that extent!
Well my little list. Is Leonidas (copper), Loves Promise, (David Austin, red ruffles.), Dainty Bess, single pink with maroon center, The Prince, also David Austin, said to have a deep crimson color like no other rose, and also can be a difficult rose , Cecill Brunner(I think I mispelled it) . And my neighbor just gave me (she was going to throw them away!!) Tropicanna, Henry Fonda, and an unidentified Rose.
And this brings me up to 25!
Sunflower, I really wanted to get the Reins de Violettes, That will be next year. Let me know how yours are doing.

Kunkletown, PA(Zone 6a)

You bet Sheila, I'm really looking forward to seeing just how disease resistant and what the 'bloomability' is on GH, both are supposed to be excellant! Michelle 'The Prince' is still my favourite austin, the color and fragrance is incredible, and mine really bloomed its little head off this year. The flowers start off this very deep dark red, then turn a royal purple as they age, really very beautiful. Not a very attractive shrub, rather upright and twiggy, and has some disease problems, so mine lives in the HT bed where it gets sprayed. I still really love it. I plant all my own stuff, wouldn't trust somebody esle, and either push the boy off on the man, or put him in the corral outside with me, although he can climb out now! And I got some more, some I forgot and some I picked up, I just got so jealous hearing everyone talk about their Mr Lincoln, my Mr Lincoln this, my Mr Lincoln that, I got Mr Lincoln, Trish finally pushed me over the edge so I got one! Actually Oklahoma(ML's sibling) is my favourite hybrid tea, extremely fragrant and has smutty black over dark dark red, makes it one of the darkest reds you can find. Here's the rest-

Mr Lincoln
Proud Land(also out of Chrysler Imperial)
Oklahoma(had to have another)
Gypsy Leonidas
Sunset Celebration

Wigan, Landcashire, United Kingdom

You want to give Othello a go, its one of his oldies but i love it and the smell is the best. Other David Austins i have got are,
Sweet Juliet(another smeller)
Winchester Cathredral
Gertrude Jekyll(my M.I.Ls name was Gertrude)
Jayne Austin
Graham Thomas
Also just got 3 standard rose trees Mary Rose-Bernard got these for me on Valentines day(been ordered before Xmas)

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

Sheila, where I live, Graham Thomas is a 12 foot monster! And, fairly succeptible to blackspot, too. I reluctantly shovel pruned him in favor of Golden Celebration which stays more manageble and is more disease resistant. My Gertrude Jekyll in only a once bloomer here, too. She might have a couple here and there later, but after that magnificent spring flush, she just sits. I tried doing a bit of trimming, and that didn't help. I'm trying pegging her this year, and if that fails, she is out of here too. Mary Rose is great! Almost as much bloom from her as from Tamora. And Winchester Cathedral being a sport of Mary Rose, is wonderful, too. You know a rose is really great when people from different climates rave about it.

Marlowe, you're as addicted as me! :*) I like that in a fellow rosarian! LOL! I admire you for trying the Leonidas. It's supposed to be one of the trickiest roses there are to be able to grow well, and none of the folks around here have been any of the successful ones. If you love those dark red fragrant roses like you have on your list, you might want to try Papa Meilland. Nice rose, but a slow repeat. Reminds me of my Mister Lincoln. I love my Tamora and Sunset Celebration! Non-stop bloomers!

Grits, no, no gardener will ever touch my roses! I don't trust 'em. I'm the sole grunt laborer, designer, maintaince person, and whatever other role may be necessary. You can see I've not been around much due to that! ;*) I also buy my ibuprofin at Costco in the 1000 tablet bottle size. LOL!

Michelle, my RdV has already put on about 6" of growth, and spring has just basically started. I hope we don't get one of those late spring cold snaps to set her back. I'm really looking forward to those purple blooms. I love purple roses. Your neighbor may have acted too hastily on Henry Fonda. Good thing you were there to take him in. He's a slow starter, but in the 3rd year, watch out! If I were you, I'd pot old Tropicana up, just in case. I'm afraid I agree with your neighbor's assessment of that one! A mildew magnet. ;*) Your milage may vary, of course.

I'm in the middle of re-doing part of the front landscaping to the house. I've ripped out some of the old boring junipers and am putting in some roses for color. The real garden is in the back, but I got so tired of the front looking the same as everyone else on the street that I snapped. LOL! Summer Fashion, Gene Boerner, Sexy Rexy, Angel Face, Iceberg, Circus, and Love Potion are all in big pots now to be arranged in the small corner bed by the driveway. This area was always getting vehicle traffic over the edge because we need to expand the width of the driveway in order to back the trailer properly, so the plants are in *movable* pots. I have a Cl.Candy Cane mini in a really big pot with a homemade teuteur as the focal point. I'm starting some Misty Lilac Wave petunias to place here and there to cascade over the edges of the pots, and I'll add some Silver Feather dusty miller. If I can get a pic of everything in bloom at once later this summer, I'll post it.

Lake Oswego, OR(Zone 8a)

I am adding roses to my cut flower business offerings this year. I have bought to following Romantica roses (3 of each):
Auguste Renoir
Frederic Mistral
Jean Giono
Johann Strauss
Peter Mayle
Yves Piaget

Wigan, Landcashire, United Kingdom

Love Eden climbing rose, i have got it ordered for next season.Is Frederic Mistral a striped rose? I think it is difficult to get these roses in England cos they do not suit our coolish weather. But giving Eden a try as David Austin sells it but sold out this season.

Kunkletown, PA(Zone 6a)

Sheila I would try Othello but I don't think I have enough room, I've heard horror stories of Othellos heavily armed 12 foot canes whipping about in the wind like a demented octopus! I have seen it in someone esles garden, its truly lovely, heavenly scent! PaPa Meilland is one I have not gotten because of its slow repeat, and I've heard its a little less disease resistant than ML or Oklahoma, thats one of my favourite things about Okla is how disease resistant it is. I'm also running out of red-room, I have a couple right now I'm at a loss as to where to put them. I'm glad to hear your so pleased with Sunset Celebration Sunflower, I picked it up on a whim and didn't know too much about it. Funny, I potted up my Tropicana and Snowfire this year, their going to live at my sisters. I did propagate Snowfire, going to try it own-root, figured if I could grow that disease magnet for 4 years Leonidas can't be all that tough! I very evilly picked up a few more, here they are!

Prince Napoleon
Golden Wings
Sally Holmes
Queen Nefertiti
Fair Bianca
Wise Portia
Lilian Austin
White Dawn
Queen Elizabeth
Jacques Cartier

Good luck to everyone in their planting, don't forget to lift with your knees and take a nice tea or wine break, cheers!!!

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New York, NY(Zone 6a)

That was a funny comment abt being hospitalized!! I was feeling the old familiar pain of planting roses yesterday...Nice to be back here again, and good to see there's no "faltering economy" among rose-lovers.

I lost quite a few roses this winter, which is my rationalization for these recent acquisitions, cheapest to most expensive:

From Walmart (bagged bareroot):
-Scandia (fragrant mauve HT)
-Climbing Pink Don Juan (I admit - the picture got me!)
-Karl Herbst (a Kordes rose, a/k/a 'Red Peace')
-Mirandy (fine old red, this is my 3rd attempt at growing it)
-Oklahoma (another great old red - 1st time I'm trying it)
-Don Juan (ditto)

From Home Depot (bagged bareroot):
-Mme Louis Leveque (old moss rose - rare)
-Mikado (unusual orange blend HT)
-Ole (a 1964 Armstrong orange HT)

From Jungs:
-Long Tall Sally (new, single, fragrant white)
-Golden Unicorn (a Buck rose, fragrant yellow)
-Stainless Steel (white/pale mauve)
-Fragrant Cloud (famously perfumed orange)

From Pickering in Ontario:
-Chanelle (white/yellow floribunda)
-Blue Moon (Kordes, lavender, a/k/a Mainzer Fastnacht)
-Empereur du Maroc (OGR, deep magenta)
-Felicite Parmentier (OGR, alba)
-Hippolyte (OGR, gallica, deep red)
-Charles de Mills (OGR, gallica, magenta)
-Soleil d'Or (the original yellow HT, Pernet-Ducher 1900)

From Carlton Roses:
-Leonidas (russet/carmel florist HT)
-Vendela (new fromTantau, ivory white florist HT)

From local garden centers (boxed bareroot):
-Michelangelo (Romantica, supposedly w/ lemon frag.)
-Black Magic (J&P deep red/black HT)
-White Lightnin' (Swim, 1980, very frag. white HT)
-Melody Parfumee (common pink HT, bought it for fragrance)
-Love's Promise (ditto, red, supposedly raspberry frag.)

There are a few more but I can't think of them right now. Anyway, this is enough to hospitalize me!

Wigan, Landcashire, United Kingdom

You have been on a spending spree Emily, although the only one i have got on your list is fragrant cloud but i am not into HTs but this was a present.

Aliso Viejo, CA(Zone 9b)

I've only gotten one rose this year and I'm trading many away. Not enough space for them anymore, I suppose. The one I got is 'Tumbling Waters'. A Towne & Country Rose bred by Poulsen's of Denmark. It can be gotten from Arena. Check the website for a picture. It's a white single-semidouble groundcover type. Fragrant.


Wigan, Landcashire, United Kingdom

Thanks Mike i am going to look at this one it has took my fancy too, do you like it another on i fancy is Surrey a groundcover by Kordes looks a smasher.

I have got those flower carpet roses but i dont think much of them but look at all that hype they got.

Sanbornton, NH(Zone 4a)

Hi I'm looking for a source for Zefphrim Drouim a white with pink climber to drape over an arch. I was working on a patient in the ER who recomended it. Now I have to find it.
She aso said to place a ripe banana under them when planted, is this right?

Wigan, Landcashire, United Kingdom

If you go to helpmefind.com they will tell you about the rose, i have got this rose too. They will tell you who sells them in your area too. yes it is good for the rose if you put banana skins in planting hole i think it is the potassium in them.

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

This year I bought
Fragrant Cloud Blue Girl
Sunsprite Mr. Lincoln
Climbing Josephs Coat
Great Century And started from cuttings 6
Climbing Peace unidentified.
Fourth of July
Eden Climber
Climbing America
Gene Boerner

I am just begginning so my list is not very impressive .

AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

I received today from Michael's Sombreuil and Zephrine Drouhin. I know the Sombreuil is not hardy in my zone but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. They arrived in excellent condition. This was the first time I'd ordered from Michaels. I planted both on either side of a trellis. They were in bloom when they arrived and when I opened the box....wow the perfume knocked me out. I think it was the Zephrine Drouhin that had the strongest perfume.

Grass Valley, CA(Zone 7a)

K-Mart has Martha Stuart 2-gallon Zephrine Drouhin as well as other old varieties...last weekend on sale for $5.99.

Howdy, y'all...
I did a web search for "Frederic Mistral Romantica rose" and
found this site, loved reading all your comments...and well,
obviously that's one of the ones I bought this year! I sort of stumbled on it at a half-price sale at Home Depot, and now reading this thread, I learn that HD is a great place to buy bargain roses!

I splurged on six there, $1.50 to $4.44, although the $1.50 Cecile Brunner didn't look big, grade 1 1/2, but she'll grow...the six are:

Frederic Mistral,
there's a gorgeous photo of it at
but people call the color mid pink, shell pink, apricot, etc,
so we'll just have to wait and see,
New Zealand,
New Day,
and Cecile Brunner,

swore I'd only grow super fragrant ones from now on but blew it with Sonia, she's only mild fragrance but so pretty!
Well, I'll tuck her in mixed bouquets & no one will notice!

went back to HD a week later to get
Fair Bianca, Sunsprite, and the other ones I'd started fantasizing about and regretting not buying, and they were all gone! Thank goodness, too, because I deep
planted twelve roses in one half day, without help!
You shallow planters only THINK you know pain! :)

But heh heh, there's still Wal-Mart and K-Mart for bargains, potted roses all summer, and a lot of mail-order nurseries still ship until June 15th! Roses Anonymous might be a good twelve step program for us to start...I can only pray my higher power will hold me back from buying too many...there are others, planted or still sitting in their plastic tubes,

Kordes Perfecta had its first flower and I feel I am already
fully paid back for buying and planting it, WOW! All a gorgeous true clear apricot color, not yellow, probably due to cool weather, and I was looking for the big red petal edges as in the photo on the plant, thought they were missing and I had a mislabelled rose, then I spotted it, hair-thin, only raspberry pink on the very edges of the petals, a faint picotee and the most beeyootiful thing I ever saw in the rose world, If this is an addiction, it's the best addiction we could ever possibly have!

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

I did buy 4 climbing Iceberg last month but it seems that with me moving house I have missed all the bargains - so all of you with more time on your hands...lol - joke! If you do see roses on sale would you please let me know. Want Cecile Brunner so badly!!!!

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Camilla, GA(Zone 8a)

This year, so far!! I have only bought a Zephrine Drouhin, for my front fence and several mini's to plant through-out my front flower beds.
Sugar Plum
Toy Clown
Orange Honey
Lavendar Lace
Sheri Ann
Rise & Shine
Green Ice
Start & Stripes

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