Looking for sorce for HARD to find Four o\'Clocks PLEASE

Carrollton, GA(Zone 7b)

I have always wanted a flower bed of different varieties of the Four 0'Clock plant. While some may not be suitable for my area, I would still love to give them a try! There were my Mom's favorite. She grew them for most of my life. Wishing I had some of her seed! :-) Sort of a "Memory Garden" for Mama. I have tried many sources online and just can not find these for sale, let alone trade. Someone has GOT to know a way for me to find these! Ideas? Referrals? Anything? Please? :-)

Winged Four O'Clock (Mirabilis alipes)

Hairy-Tuft Four O'Clock (Mirabilis comata)

Broadleaf Four O'Clock (Mirabilis decipiens)

Giant Four O'Clock (Mirabilis gigantea)

Flat-Top Four O'Clock (Mirabilis glabrifolia)

Bashful Four O'Clock (Mirabilis pudica)

Macfarlane's Four O'Clock (Mirabilis macfarlanei)

I think that is all. Just the impossible for me, I tell ya! lol

Also interest in any other of these that you might of knowledge of how to obtain.

Carrollton, GA(Zone 7b)

PS, I JUST realized that my email was severely out of date on this site. So sorry if I missed anyone's msg.

Aurora, CO

Hello BotanicalBoi--

Since it looks like you live in Georgia, four o'clocks will be perennials in your garden, as the roots will overwinter there. Just be aware that people seem to say that if you decide you don't like them they're hard to get rid of.

I have raised four o'clocks from seed in Colorado for several years, with great success. They are kind of a pain to re-grow every year, but you won't have that problem. I don't like most of the colors they come in but found a beautiful salmon-colored variety from Park Seed''"mirabilis Salmon Sunset." I start the seeds indoors.

One thing you do have to do if you want the plants to stay nice-looking all season is to DEADHEAD. I go out every day and pinch off the withered blossoms, making sure to get the seed capsule at the base of the flower. You can't just pull them off. If you don't do this, the plants go to seed and quickly start deteriorating. So don't plant more than you can maintain.

This is a rather long post--hope it's helpful. I love these plants and don't mind the upkeep, as they give you season-long beauty for just the cost of the seed.


Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

Gee, I have never noticed those names pertaining to the Four O'Clocks. I just ordered and received a fourth of a pound of white Four O'Clocks from American Meadows. I wanted the white ones for their fragrance. I have red Four O'Clocks that I saved seed from last fall that I intend to plant, come spring - as well. A garden of Four O'Clocks sounds really special - Memory Garden for your Mama. NICE!

debisimsons - That is an interesting tidbit about DEADHEADING the Four O'Clocks to keep them going. That is something that I would never have thought of doing.


Carrollton, GA(Zone 7b)

Thanks for all the advice guys. I have been growing the Jalapa variety for many years here. They are very easy. It is locating the other varieties that are so difficult. I have made some progress and now have most of my most wanted, minus a few of the ones that are deemed protected and wild. Still open to anyone that has any varieties other than Jalapa :-)

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