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Extended Fall ?

Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

What a wonderful long stretch of mild weather we are having! No where near normal. I have a few dandelions blooming even. Not sure how this will affect outdoor plants so far but I am enjoying it indeed. Gene

Hobart, IN

Hey, Gene - how's your weather? Didn't see this thread since my home page doesn't update my watched forums. We got just a light dusting of snow the other day after all of the forecasts of 5 to 8 inches. Now it's basically bare ground and cold.

Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Hey, I am surviving. We had just one snow of 7", not too bad. Now it is very cold. My furnace quit on the weekend when it was below zero outside. OK now though. No snow in the forecast for a while = yeah! I can handle the cold easier than I can handle lots of snow. If this is global warming, I am a fan. Gene

Hobart, IN

Wow - sorry to hear about your furnace. Not a good thing with winter weather.
We finally got some snow - a couple of inches - and now it's cold. Funny that we're supposed to get rain by Thurs/Fri.
Banana tree is doing well. I think it's happy to be indoors for the winter actually. It's over 4 ft tall (inc pot) and slowly putting on new leaves to replace the shredded ones. I'm still struggling with my lemon tree though. I think I just don't get enough sun except in the summer to prevent it from dropping most of it's leaves in the winter. It did flower in the fall and I do have some tiny lemons but some of them are a sickly chartreuse color - maybe too chilly for it.

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