#21 Practical Matters for Phsically Challenged Gardeners

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

(Sigh) I don't think I will copy and paste Armagia's usual introduction. Sorry folks. But I will say that this is volume 21 of the continuing adventures of a rag-tag band of gardeners, some of whom have physical challenges.

I can't believe I was laughing so hard at Jim's "physically challenged gardeners" that I made this thread be for "phsically challenged gardeners," Anyway....we came from here http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1404438/

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mulege, Mexico

The website "All Things Plants" has a thread called "Mutinay at DG." Lots of folks who don't like the changes made here or the way Admin is dealing with the complaints (I haven't seen any positive comments on the changes) are over there and being welcomed

Check it out.


Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I don't really care for ATP (I get their newsletter) and I (used to) like the website Dave's Garden more than the person of Dave. But maybe I will check it out....thanks Katie.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Katie, how do you find it? (One of the things I don't like about All Things Plants....I find it hard to navigate.)

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

I thought I, alone, found this new format a real PITA.

Thanks, carrie, for making this new thread.

and, katie, I wanna now how to get to that thread, too! (Not that I think anything will induce the Management to un-do their new format changes, but it never hurts to try!!)

mulege, Mexico

Go to the All Things Plants website. Go to the Sandbox forum and the "Mutiny at DG" thread is there. Hope to see you all there are I have not much interest in DG anymore. kb

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I think they are trying to improve the obvious problems (like not watching threads automatically).

SE/Gulf Coast Plains, AL(Zone 8b)

Amargia is testing this post here we are using Firefox. none of our posts so far have gone through. (Jim)

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Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

hmm...I'll see if THIS posts

The problem *I'm* having is when I click on "skip to new", it takes me to this "post a reply"

Casa Grande, AZ

I keep trying to get with you guys but this thing isn't let me post at all! Sent admin an e.mail but they haven't responded. I'll keep trying.

Casa Grande, AZ

Hi, DG admin still hasn't responded. Sigh...I'll try again.
Everytime I go to threads I watch this one is nowhere to be found. Only #20, the last one is. So I have to click onto that, go to where you left the link and get over here.
Let's see if this post.
I'm still with you guys in spirit if not in type.

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

If this, too, posts. . . . I'm using the most recent version of Firefox 'cause (when I firsrt joined) DG was saying to use Ff because the websitge wouildn't respond always/coprrectly with Chrome.

FYI I'm a Chrolme fan, so I have Ff ONLY to use this site.

Casa Grande, AZ


I'm going to try and experiment. I read on the getting longer complaint thread that if you type in 3-5 sentence paragraphs this thing will let you post. So I'll see what I can get going here. I'll try a few more sentences then I'll move on.

O.K. second paragraph. So aside from being aggravated, annoyed and irritated what has everyone really been up to? Me, nothing exciting. Just cover plants, uncover plants, cover plants, uncover the plants. Last night it was 26 degrees and only 52 in the day.

I'm going to stop and see if this posts.

Casa Grande, AZ

YIPPEEEEE!! Success. So I think I may have found the key. Short paragraphs and multiple posts. :D Aren't I smart and 'they' (you know who they are!) stupid!

So I've been at the plant thing and will be for the next 3 days. It's annoying. Since I have many and they're spread out all over the yard as opposed to being concentrated it looks insane and takes me about 40 minutes to cover everything with blankets, sheets, towels, bubble wrap, etc. Whatever is handy.

You wouldn't think cacti/Aloes/Agave freeze but they're quite frost sensitive and will die. I think my Madagascar Palms bit the dust. :( We'll see come Spring.
This freezing below 35 degrees (I give a few degrees leeway in case of a nighttime dip in temp) should stop in about 3 days. Above 36 I don't cover.

According to the weather forecast the deep freeze (ha-ha) should end by mid-late December. Jan is supposed to be above 37. We'll see. I know Feb we get back into the swing of things with our planting.

I've been stock piling my brick and looking forward to adding to my raised beds. I'm also planning on some new plants to add---closer together!

D.H. is fine. Today is his "Friday". Zoe is fine. Everyday is her "Friday". I've been fine (Knock on wood). My mother is insane. (Nothing new).
O.K. anxious to hear about others. I'll try posting a pic and see what happens.

Peace. Out.

Song For the day: "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones! Hey, in the spirit of the New DG could resist! :D

Thumbnail by Agavegirl1
Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Agave, I'm glad your posts went through. (Your posts are on the long end of normal, so that is something that separates yours from mine. One would think DG ought to be able to cope with any size post....but.) I used Firefox for a long time (mostly because of what Dave had said about it) but I kept having trouble with email, and Ray persuaded me to try Chrome. I tried it and never looked back. I've never noticed any difference between FF and Chrome for DG.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)


Agave, does that help at all?

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

I have some good news to share and some....well, I guess it's good news, too, now that I'm finally done~!

Have I told y'all my profound difficulty with all things mathematical? I made my Calculus tutor cry. . I told him my step-by-step calculations and resulting answer LOOKED like it was right! Math is difficult enough for me as it is, but trying to do math on meds is REALLY hard: I don't know how many times I forgot where I was and had to back=track. Am I aslone in this predicament, or do y'all know where=of I speak??

All the stuff that's good is related. I spent most of the day estimating and calculating for my 2016 flower beds: square footage, plants needed, seeds needed. . . AND I'M DONE!!!!! LET THE ORDERING BEGIN!! (I used to TRY to be patient or develop patience, but what the hay!!) This is where all my "window-shopping" and book-marking potential plants (seeds) finally paid off!! (And as long as my newly-revised back-0up doesn't fail me again, I'll just have to peruse new additions for each vendor).

BUT I just discovered that I need to start more seed than I have space in my DIY gro set=up. . . . or maybe not. I'll look at that another day. Besides, I don't think I've figure in putting TWO seeds per cell.

I'm exhausted, but happily looking forward to tomorrow: ordering seed, picking up seed. . . if only tomorrow WASN;T my day for weekly grocery shopping!

(What a buzz=kill! why couldn't I stop planning while I was ahead?)

Casa Grande, AZ

Let me see if this works. If not I'm back on #20. Come and play.

Casa Grande, AZ

Yippee....Yea! TTC is back.
O.K. got a lot to do tonight. Figured out I'll have to do my posts the above way OR do several post if I have anything worthwhile to say (ha-ha...LOL)

Peace. Out.

Song for the Day: Back In Black by AC/DC ...fitting tribute to my aggravating persistence to fade away!

Casa Grande, AZ

Good Morning gang, :D

Glad to see that I am posting BUT..the only way I can get here is by going to our old thread #20 and hitting that link to get here. This thread does not show up under 'threads being watched' for me. Number 20 does? Can we all go back to number 20 because eventually they're going to eliminate it and I won't be able to find you guys at all.

Up super early this morning. Sigh. Let's see, it's just been a dandy night.

Had a hot flash and night sweats. God I love middle age.
Husband wouldn't stop snoring despite my nudges, shoves, elbows and complaints.
The dog sleeps on her bed on the floor in our room. The dog had gas!

It is a fact that Greyhounds are notorious for their occasional overwhelmingly potent SBD flatulence and can clear a room! It did. I vacated quickly.

Their high metabolisms, years of a regimented high crude protein feeding program since puppy-hood track training and racing career and their 'fussy' very small stomachs are the reason.

You don't mess with switching their food once you've selected one.
You don't give them an overabundance of treats.
AND YOU NEVER give them people food...for any reason on the face of the Earth no matter who says peanut butter, cheese or meat scraps are o.k. Tried that once or twice. Uhmm...ask my yard. NO they're not o.k.!

So I have been up since 4:00a.m. dealing with everyone's personal 'issues'. There's 3 bedrooms in the house. I think it's time we start using them and stake our claim as to which one! Everyone can cope on their own in private.

To make matters worse I have to pay $55.00 to 'fix' something I did 2 days ago. This falls under the category of "You can't fix stupid." My hair always turns out perfect in terms of color. I had no problem this time. Came out perfect. Have a friend that owns a salon and comes to my house to do services at 1/2 the price and I let her pocket the cash tax free and it cost me 1/2 of what I'd pay in the salon.

She wasn't available to help me with something. Recommended a good kit. Gave me pointers.

Let's just say: 1) There are some things that one should never do at home, by themselves no matter how literate they are or how many times they read the instructions.
2.) They should take certain products off the shelves. They were not meant for you to use at home alone and there's a reason why people 'train' as professionals to do this stuff and why it costs $55.00.

You are not trained. You are not a professional. You get what you paid for. You paid, $16.00 at Wal-Mart for this product. Keep in mind she's a pro. She can make a $16.00 kit work. You are not a pro. If you could make a $16.00 kit work you wouldn't be needing her around or an emergency appointment somewhere else.

3.) Things like this inevitably without fail ALWAYS happen when your friend just left for vacation and can't come over to 'fix' your mess. You call around and everyone is booked.

You bribe saying you'll pay double. Suddenly they can squeeze you in.

You aren't paying double. Actually you're paying 5xs as much for your stupidity. The service will cost you 3xs as much as the kit you bought and 2xs what it should have cost originally in the salon if you had an appointment and a brain in your head.

4.) Fixing stupid costs money and time.

Soooo.....how's everybody else today? :D

Song for the Day: She's an Airhead by Thomas Dolby

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

LOL caqn we tell blonde jokes now??

To get thread #21 to show up on your home page:
= get to this threaed however you choose
= at the top of every thread are a 4 options, 2 on the right side (one is that "skip to new: and 2 on the left side (one toggles betweem "watch" and "unwatch")
=click on "watch"

Once you see this theread shjow up on your "watched threads" list:
= click on thread #20
= click on 'unwatch"

you can always find both threads by clicking on "Accessible Gardening " forum on your home page.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I hope they will get the site to automatically add threads to your "watched" list! (Fingers crossed.)

Agave, sorry about your hair! I had been dyeing my hair with store products since .... forever ... because I didn't like my natural color. A friend and I used to do each others hair; she would highlight mine and I would give her a perm. Used "warm brown" to over greys when they started; I used to cover greys with 6-8 week semi-permanent color and then they looked like high-lights as the color started to fade. I was overdue to refresh my color in 2012 when I had surgery; by the time I was discharged a week and a half later I was well on the way to not coloring my hair at all, and then the next week I was due to fly to Texas (where nobody had ever met me before) so then I just let my hair revert to silver/greying/whatever the natural color is. My husband had mostly grey hair when I met him, or serious salt and pepper at least, and he always told me it made him feel old to have me dye my hair. So now I still look younger than him, but it's my natural good looks (hehhehheh) not my hair color.

Casa Grande, AZ

Hi guys :D

Bets thanks,
Let's see if I can get it to work. I'll try. (eye roll...sigh)

Rock on Carrie!
I love salt and pepper hair. When I have enough grey I plan on having any remaining color taken out and leaving it all silver then weaving in some 'pepper'. NOT LIKE A SKUNK! I don't know who thought 'chunks' or big stripes of hair painted 3 shades different than your own were 'highlights' but they're not. Makes you look like a geriatric punk rocker.
Just foiling in some black with the silver and then the older I get, less and less and less black until it is all white.
At 47 I'm still too young to give up my natural (ahem) gorgeous red-brown. I love it as it never looks fake. People don't think I dye my hair. I use Framesi by the way. The are world renown for making the most natural, realistic and color fast reds and red tones...which is why it never looks fake or like Ronald McDonald, Peg Bundy or Sharon Osborne (Ozzie's wife) colored hair!

($8.00 a tube of color which lasts 3 uses, $17.00 for the developer. So for $25.00 I 'professionally' color my hair for 3 months. :D )

My husband has very little to no gray in his hair although he is 53. (Grrrrr...right ladies?) He just now is starting to get the faintest traces at the temples.

O.K. guess I was being a little too obtuse. Above said my hair came out just fine. I do it myself. Friend gets me the products she uses in the salon (not the drugstore crap) and I do it. Hair is still the same natural (ahem) red-brown as always. :D

Aside from cuts, manicures and pedicures which is what I pay her to come to my house for, there's another 'service' she offers me. As mentioned she didn't have time sooooo...Einstein here thought I'd do this at home. Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they should do this at home...

Really...really...really red face here but here's your best laugh ever!! Ready for it.....
I messed up a....bikini wax! (YIKES) Yep... a bikini wax.

My efforts achieved two things. One was lots of pain, and two was ...how do I say this...a 'look' I NEVER planned on!!!

When I explained to DH what happened and why I had to be rushed to the salon due to an 'emergency' he got all excited and was way to happy to take me in.

Being a 'typical guy' he thought this WAS his X-Mas present and let me know he liked it beat the new tennis shoes and round of golf I had planned on giving him.

I'm presently not speaking to him. Can't imagine why. I guess it is really funny though when you think about it.

I'm just waiting to see what he gets me for X-Mas or how he's going to top it! (ROFL)

So there's why fixing stupid is expensive and painful and now you know why there are just some things you NEVER do at home.

And yes...you can all laugh harder because Wise Cactus told me "Agave, remember when it comes to plants prickly pears are better than a burning bush. And you deserve any teasing your friends give you for being so stupid."

Live and learn!
Peace. Out.

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

hair...**sigh**. . . dying, salt-and-pepper, streaking, . . . BAH HUMBUG!!!

I'm jealous as all get out! My first driver's license photo clearly showed I was already rocking the Silver Fox look. At 16, matrons pushing baby strollers or with one or more in tow, would stop me while shopping and positivwely GUSH about how "natural" the str3eaking in my hair looked and asked for the name of my hairdresser - I'd growl "Mother Nature" and keep walking. By the time I was 21 and could LEGALLY get into bars and clubs, my hair had advanced to salt-and-pepper.

I've often considered just taking some hair clippers to it and shaving th4e whole mess off!


Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Me-me-me-me! I had the exact thing happen! I was getting my hair washed by a nurse's aide at the rehab hospital, and the aide was asking me where I got my frosting done, and I was thinking to myself "I wonder what in the world she is thinking of." When I looked in the mirror--it was my gray hair.

Casa Grande, AZ

Good morning gang, :D

I envy you guys. Truly I do. Your hair sounds lovely. Mine requires maintenance, regardless of how inexpensive and the fact that I can do it. As mentioned I look forward to the day I can enjoy what mother nature gives me and actually have it look good. I'm also at that 'funny tween' age---or maybe I'm to vain but I still like to think I'm a bit too young to just let my hair go.

There's no enough gray to look pretty but just enough to look 'old' and like I don't give a squat about how I or my hair looks one way or the other. There's enough gray that if I let it go it looks like I'm too lazy to color it or too lazy to maintain it so the gray really looks spectacular. AT this point that would involve 'stripping' all natural/artificial color from my hair and then seeing how much real gray is there and weaving in black to fill the 'colorless' strands.

Sigh...guys they're so lucky. They can get fat, old, bald and be hairy (LOL) and they get to go to a barber!

Don't you just hate them sometimes!! (Grrrrrr.)

I think I'm going to get a respite from our freezing cold temps at night this week. I've been covering the plants...uncovering the plants for the day....covering the plants...uncovering the plants for the day. I have plants spread out all over my yard so it isn't like they're in one easy clump/area to cover.

I've had to bring 2 more indoors. They're 2 of my favorites and I'm hoping they'll live. They really don't look well despite the fact they've been covered diligently by me. :(

We'll see how they turn out.

Peace. Out.

In the spirit of 'natural hair color and all things natural'
Song for the day: "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell

Casa Grande, AZ

Hi! So how is everyone doing today? Are we well?

Agave. :D

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

We are fine. I am trying to feel Christmassy. Just found out my 34 year old stepdaughter is *surprise* coming for Christmas. My 21 year old, youngest of six, has her own apartment, boyfriend, etc., still wants a stocking. I guess that means she has positive memories of stockings that I assembled but....sorry for being a Grinch.

Casa Grande, AZ

Don't sweat it. I'm not X-Masy either this year. Aside from a bow on the pole cacti and the Santa Hats I've used to cover my smaller plants there isn't a think holiday in sight in the TTC homestead. We didn't even put up the tree. So don't feel too bad.

That is nice your stepdaughter is coming for X-Mas even though your youngest isn't. You remember that age though, Your life and relationships always trumped what was going on at home or with mom & dad. It kind of stinks but I wouldn't take it to heart. You know she loves you. She's just 21 and in love (for now) and in love with her young life.

The fact she still has fond memories of your X-Mas stockings means they...AND YOU...have made a wonderful impression on her and of home. That's good. :D

I've just been trying to celebrate what I've got going on good, trying to not focus on what isn't and willfully ignoring the commercially manufactured holiday cheer and stereotypes of what a holiday is and how one should celebrate it!

It's your holiday. Celebrate as you please as long as you're happy...for real!

I forget who did it but it's an old R & B tune. Lyrics, "It's Your Thing. Do what you gotta do. It's your thing. I aint gonna tell you who to sock it to." :D

Peace. Out.

Casa Grande, AZ

The Isley Brothers...! "It's Your Thing"

Indeed it is. Have a good day and do your thing!

mulege, Mexico

And "You can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself." kb

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

Today is the longest night of the year.

It is also my birthday.


Embrace the darkness.

Casa Grande, AZ

Haaaaapppppy Birthday!!!!

:D :D :D

Wise Cactus says, "More hours of dark is just an excuse to stay out later and party longer!!!"

Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy every moment of it.

Song of the day for Bets: K.C. & the Sunshine Band, "Make a Little Love, Do a Little Dance and Get Down Tonight!"

Shake your money maker girl!!!

mulege, Mexico

Has everyone seens today's voting booth? I checked "other" and said I want the old DG. Things are going fine at ATP lots of DGers past and present. I hope all of you come over and at least check it out as I would miss all of you.

hugs, katie

mulege, Mexico

Has everyone seens today's voting booth? I checked "other" and said I want the old DG. Things are going fine at ATP lots of DGers past and present. I hope all of you come over and at least check it out as I would miss all of you.

hugs, katie

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Katie, I doubt that you're the only one who has that Christmas wish.

Casa Grande, AZ

Hi anyone out there? Bets have a nice b. day? What cha do fun?
Merry X-Mas all.
That IS our tree and our decorations this year

Thumbnail by Agavegirl1 Thumbnail by Agavegirl1
Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

To cut to the chase: I'm having a do-over of my birthday...NO one's invited!!

Tomorrow, the birthday present I bought for myself will be delivered. I've made reservations - for ONE - at a local steak house, for tomorrow. Yesterday, I went to WallyWorld and bought a cupcake and some candles for my dinner. After dinner, I might even go see that new Star Wars movie. .if I still feel up to it.

I intend to still carry and answer my cell phone - just not tell ANYONE where I am, what I'm doing or when I'll be home.

On another note, my Sunshine Wedding Ruffles hellebore has had a developing bud on it for almost a week! (a double yellow blossom) And still no bud yet from my Ice Follies hellebore - two blooms seen the day after Christmas last year.

My garden helper was brought home from the hospital yesterday, by ambulance. His doctors gave him a few days to live; they found his cancer too late. The neighborhood is reeling: he's so friendly and widely known and liked.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Oh. Wow. Even we know and like this garden helper person!

Casa Grande, AZ

Bets good for you and your have fun B-Day. Sounds great. At your table for one can your order two glasses of Scotch? One for yourself and one for Wise Cactus and I. We'll be there in spirit you know that! If you were here I'd throw you a Hell of a party...now you know that! How fun a bunch of complete strangers looking for an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. Plus the music is always good at my place.

I'd even take you for a special birthday photo. You can sit on the rock and have your photo taken with Wise Cactus! :D Who needs to sit on Santa's lap when you got a rock and Wise Cactus! I know W.C. would be tickled by visitors.

Poor garden helper. :( That is sad. Try to think of his happy life and as hard as it is remember he will be having the last laugh. He will be at rest, in peace, and pain free soon while the rest of us stumble, mumble and bumble our way along for who knows how much longer? In some ways he's got a better deal and will be smiling.

Hopefully he'll see X-Mas and maybe New Years. Are you all going to stop by to just say 'Hi' and give his hand a squeeze? I know he would like that. Maybe you could all go sing a few X-Mas carols for him? I belonged to a group that used to visit nursing homes and shut ins and do just that. We all sang abominably but they didn't care. They would sing along if they could. If not their eyes would just light up.
It was nice to see.

Maybe in the Spring you and your community can plant something just in honor of him. He probably would like that very much.

Hope you enjoy your b-day present. I'm sure it was exactly what you wanted and it will fit perfectly! Good for you.

BTW I got done ordering my X-Mas presents. DH and I don't shop for each other. If we are lucky enough to have any money to get gifts we just exchange credit cards, buy our own, say "Thank You, it was just what I wanted", and pay the bill when it gets here. Ahhhh...and they say romance is dead. (LOL)

If I don't talk to anyone tomorrow then have a great day and wonderful X-Mas.
BTW...where is Jim and Kay? I kind of miss them you know.

Peace. Out.

Arizona X-Mas song: "I'm dreaming of a white X-Mas" (LOL).

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